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Scotland x Country! Reader

“Global Warming is bad, dudes and dudettes! So I have a plan, 'cause I’m the hero! Blah-Blah! Blah blah blah” You droned out the rest of America's speech. You found it unconventional to listen to his plans anyways. His plans never solved matters, and only lead to him losing money and him looking like an idiot.

You sighed. You hated these damn meetings. Though, you were required to go to them every month, you still found them unnecessary. Nothing ever got done, world problems were never solved, and these meetings always ending with everyone arguing about whats right, wrong, and whether France's perfume was too expensive. Either way, even though they were pointless, you still went.

You then proceeded to lean back in your chair, starting to zone out the conversations and arguments between France and England. You looked to your left and saw that Germany's temper was flaring up. Oh, bad. You started to inch slowly to your right, trying to avoid possible ear damage. You mentally whisper for England, America, and France to shut up before you could go deaf.

After a while sitting there, waiting for Germany to explode, you turned your attention back to the meeting. You tried you best to concentrate. You really did, but when Italy started shouting to everyone about his love for pasta, you started to get annoyed. Irritation flared through your system as the buzzing of voices ran through your ears and vibrated into your skull. You 'tsked', then pushed your chair back enough to get up. Causing a scarping sound loud enough for everyone to hear, making everyone look at you. You sent a dark, threatening glare towards the other country's then sped walked towards the door. Opening it wide enough for you to creep through, you slammed the door behind you.


As you stepped outside, you felt a cold breeze blow pass you. Making your nerves relax. You leaned on the ledge near the door of the building. Reaching into your pocket, you grabbed your leftover pack of cigarettes. You took one out and placed it in your mouth. Quickly grabbing your lighter from your other pocket, you lit the cigarette, in haling slightly, feeling your tongue shutter at the familiar taste.

You breathed out a puff of smoke from your cigarette. Letting the smoke drift lazily in front of you. Holding it's form for a few seconds then disappearing into the cold air.

“I didn't know yo' smoke.” A thick Scottish accent said. You turned around to see a man with red hair, green eyes, and creaming skin. “Scotland.” You breathed out. “You shouldn't sneak up on people.” You stated.

“I thought yo' 'eard me closin' the door.” He simply replied back. You smiled slightly. “No, I didn't. Try giving me a warning next time.” He nodded and then walked towards a spot next to you on the ledge. “So...'hat yah doin' out here, lass?” He asked. You sighed for the umpteenth time today.

“I had to get away from thoughs idiots for a while. They are mildly annoying and I actually felt I was losing brain cells just being in the room with them.” You explained, leaning into him. You took a whiff of his scent while being next to him, hoping he didn't mind.

“Aye, I understand 'ow yah feel, (Country Name), they can be real idiots sometimes.” He responded back. You nodded, taking another whiff of your cig.

Scotland turned his attention to you. “Do yah 'ave any more 'f thous?” He asked. You looked at your box and noticed there was no more. “No, this is the last one. Here.” You gave him the cigarette. He smiled at you and took it into his mouth, then releasing smoke from his nostrils.

“Thanks.” He said appreciatively. You nodded, leaning more into his warmth. Then a cold wind blew past you. It was brittle, as the smell of winter moved through it. You shivered. “Mind if I hold onto you for a bit? It's getting pretty cold.” You requested. “Sure, go 'head” He said in a soft tone. You smiled and then placed your arms around him. He moved his arm and snaked it around your waist.

Content with the warmth he gave off, you started to hum to yourself. The silence was filled with your soft humming, which seemed to make Scotland relax a bit more. He finished the cigarette and then mashed the burnt end on the concrete ledge, then throwing it over board.

“What yah humming, lass?” Scotland inquired. You stopped humming to answer. “A tune from my Country.” “Are there any words for it?” You stood there, happy he took interest in the tune. “No, it's just instrumental. It uses one of my Country's instrument. It's beautiful once you get to hear it.” You explained. He hummed, content with your answer.

A few more minutes passed and you felt the growing need to do something. That something required Scotland. You tried hard to push back this need, but it kept coming back. Buzzing in the back of your head. Repetitively repeating to do it.

You mentally sighed, giving in. 'Fine brain, you win.'

“Hey, Scotty, mind if I try something with you?” You asked, hoping he would say no. Your stomach started doing flips. Calm down (Country Name).

“Sure.” You mentally cursed. Okay time to do this. You turned him to face you. Then you froze. 'Okay, what next?'

You swallowed, hoping this wouldn't ruin your friendship and possibly your treaty, you moved forward. You carefully placed your lips on his. That’s when your face grew red, which you blamed on the cold. You started to kiss him, hoping he would kiss back, but he didn't. You felt panic course through your veins. 'Oh shit!'

Scotland then started moving his lips with yours, making your nerves calm. You smiled into the kiss. He then turned his head, deepening the kiss. Mental high five!

You then released his lips and took in a big gulp of air. “That was nice.” You said, excited. He licked his lips and agreed. “So...what does this mean?” You asked, looking at him. “I 'on't know. I'm not really into relationships, y'know?” He responded. You nodded, agreeing with him. “....but if it's 'ith yo'...'ell, I may just break 'hat rule.” You smirked.

“'Kay then. Don't expect this to be one of thoughs cliche love stories. I'm not going to say 'Oh, I love you Scotland! Let's make babies!'” You joked. He chuckled. You continued.

“Though, I will start with 'I like you, let's go out on a date.'” Batting your eyelids for effect. Scotland hummed in acknowledgment.

“Well, then. 'll just 'ave to reply with a 'I like yo' too. 'ets go catch a movie on Saturday.'” He replied, smirking.

“Then I'll say 'yes' and peck you on the cheek, then leave a piece of paper in your pocket with my number on it.” You winked, then walked towards Scotland and pecked him on the cheek while sliding a piece of paper in his pocket. You then swiveled around him and walked away without saying goodbye.

There was no reason to say goodbye, because you will see him again.

'This is only the beginning, dear.' You whispered. 

:Cigarettes: Scotland x Country! Reader
Warning! Contains a trigger!

Requested by: Eden

I do not own the picture, Scotland, or Hetalia, please respect the original owners and their work.


Duel Me!”

Abridged! Yami Bakura x Reader

“Oi!” You yelled from across the street, pointing your finger accusingly at the white haired man. He didn't seem to hear you, and if he did, he didn't reply or show any sign of recognition. You growled under your breath, feeling heated rage form being ignored.

“Hey, you! White-haired limey! Answer me!” That's when he turned around with his eye-brow twitching and a scowl marrying his masculine face. “What do you want? Bastard.” He asked in a strained voice. Almost seething in angry and what you believed to be hatred. Good, feel the burning hate. Give into the darkness.

You smirked in turn, you placed your hand on your waist, leaning most of your weight to your left. “I wanna duel you. You in?” You asked confidently. You then waited for his reply. “Now why would you think I would want to duel you?” The white-haired man asked, curiosity leaking into his voice. “Well, I know you need a challenge. I saw you duel that kid back there, you were way out of his league, not to mention advanced. Way too advance for a beginner. So, I thought, I could be that challenge. Besides, I'm bored and have nothing to do, so yeah.” You stated in a matter-of-fact tone.

His scowl then turned into a smirk. “Oh, so you think you could be that 'challenge'? You sound just like Marik. Alright, I'll duel you, so be prepared to face my wrath.” He asserted. You chuckled in reply, slowly examining him. “So....What's your name?”

Bakura.” He remarked. “Bakura, huh? Weird name for a British person.” You retorted, snorting at your own joke, which was pretty lame by the way.

I'm not British, I'm just---” You cut him off. “Yeah-yeah, whatever, let's just get to the duel.” He growled in return, muttering a 'fine'.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~HURHURHUR TOO LAZY TO WRITE THE DUEL, SORRY~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Okay, I'll admit, you're pretty good.” Bakura muttered. You grinned. “What did you say? I couldn't hear you.” You cooed, cupping your hand to your ear, leaning in towards Bakura. Bakura flushed slightly, his eye twitching again. “I said.....You're okay at this, not bad not good!” He exclaimed, slightly embarrassed. Your grin faltered. “Oh, come on, now I know that’s not what you said! Don't be a sore loser Bakura!” You started to pout. Which Bakura had to admit was kind of cute.

He grunted, getting slightly frustrated and even more embarrassed. His face felt like it was on fire and his heart wouldn't stop pounding. You started to get closer to him. His eyes widened, feeling his stomach do flips. 'What is this feeling?'

Fine....You're pretty good at this. I'll admit, at the beginning I wasn't so sure, but now I know you speak of the truth.” He croaked, feeling his palms get sweaty. Your grin returned, feeling pride grow in the pit of your stomach.

I knew it! You do think I’m good at this! Haha, I knew you couldn't resist.” You asserted.

Whatever!” Bakura barked. He turned around and started to walk away. Hoping to get far away from this girl as fast as he could. You started to follow him quietly, not feeling fully satisfied. You wanted more than confirmation. Something....else. You swallowed, praying that this would work.

Half way through walking home, Bakura noticed that he wasn't alone. He turned around and saw you following him. “What are you doing? Stay away from me woman!” He shouted, feeling flushed again. Your heart pounded within your chest, you continued to walk towards Bakura. Bakura blinked, noticing you moving closer to him. “W-what?” He muttered.

Just shut up for a second!” You yelled. You got close enough to him to feel his body heat. 'It's now or never.' You then proceeded to move forward and placed your lips on his cheek. Then, you moved back, feeling your face heat up. “T-thanks for dueling me! I had fun! B-bye Bakura!” You squeaked, then turned around and sprinted away.

Bakura blinked once....Twice....and a third time. His cheeks burned, especially the spot you kissed.

Kissed....You just kissed him. He took a deep breath, ready to switch with his hikari. He let his hikari take over, so he could think.

Huh....?” Ryou looked around, then at his hands. Wait, why did his Yami switch back with him willingly? 'Yami...are you in there? Whats wrong?' There was silence for a bit, then Bakura finally replied. 'Nothing is wrong. Go hang out with your friends or something! Stop bothering me, hikari!'

'Oh, well, I don't have any of those. So, I have time. Now, tell me! Is it because of that girl you dueled?' He asked curiously. There was silence again. Ryou waited and waited. Bakura's silence told him everything. He then decided to add his input. 'You like her, don't you? 'Bout bloody time you found someone. Well, I can tell she likes you back, so stop sulking!' 'I'm not sulking, shut it!' 'Fine, no need to be mean.' Ryou left his Yami to his thoughts, figuring this wasn't the right time to talk to him. When is the right time to talk to him? Ryou shrugged, and then started to walk home.


Bakura was lost in his thoughts. He was thinking about what Ryou had said to him earlier.

'So she likes me back, huh?'” Bakura asked himself.


He didn't know why, but Bakura found himself smiling at the fact. 


:Duel Me: Abridged! Yami Bakura x Reader
Author's Note: 

Requested by: 

So, this took a while. No excuses. Sorry I'm taking forever to update. I'll try harder! 

Enjoy please! Bye!

I do not own the picture, Bakura, Yami Bakura, or Yugioh. All these things belong to their rightful owners.



Naga! England x Kidnapped! Reader :Sequel:

It's been about a month since you met Arthur. Since then, you and Arthur have been getting to know each other.

On the first week, everything was awkward. It was a weird adjustment for you. Living in a cave was one thing, but living in a cave with a snake-like man was even weirder. You were sort of tense around him as well. It's not that you didn't like Arthur, it was just...he was so different. Not in a bad way either.

On the second week, you finally warmed up to the snake man. He was kind and thought of you first before himself. The selfless man was quite cute as well. Like, when you cuddled up next to him to get warm during the cold nights, he tensed slightly and started to blush a bright red. You've enjoyed your time with him, but deep down you started to get homesick. That's when you remember something.

'Iggy!' You clutched your shirt in panic. 'Oh no, oh no, no no no no. I left him at home! ' Arthur started to notice your panicked state and became curious.  

“Love, what's wrong?” He asked politely. “My cat! I left my cat at home! I'm sorry Arthur, but I have to leave.” You replied, your anxiety started to rise. You turned around to face the snake man, only to see him slouching slightly. You looked at him sadly, feeling a bit guilty. You walked towards him and brought your hand to his cheek.

“Hey, I'll still visit you, I just need to go and check up on him. I promise to visit you everyday.” You smiled sadly. He raised his head slightly. Then he nodded in understanding. “I understand. You got to do what you gotta do, right?” You smiled brightly at him and then leaned forward to kiss him on the nose. “I will see you again.” You whispered, then turned around and exited the cave.

Arthur sat on the cold ground, staring at his hands in thought.

'I just hope you keep your promise.'


It's been a few days since you've returned back to your cozy home. You kept your promise and visited Arthur everyday.


When you came home a few days ago, the house was a mess. Claw marks were scattered throughout the house, and food matted the carpet. You ignored the mess and smell and tried to look around for your cat. Your heart ached. This was all your fault.

“Iggy!” You called out as you searched through your mess of a home. You sighed, you went upstairs to check if he was in your room, or maybe in the bathroom sink. You just hoped that he was still in the house.

You ran down the hallway to check the bathroom. You opened the door and sighed in relief to see Iggy huddled in the sink. You then started to tear up. “Iggy...” Your cat opened his emerald eyes, then moved his head in your direction. His ears twitched. All of a sudden he pounced on you. Meowing and licking at your hands, you moved your hands to pet the top of his head.

“I'm sorry I left you for so long, I'm a terrible master. I'm so sorry.” You then started to notice his fur was a bit dirty. “Okay, first order of business! Let's get you cleaned up and then feed you, kay?”


You never forgave yourself for what you did to Iggy. It still bugs you from time to time, like a gnawing feeling in the back of your brain. You wanted to punch yourself a million times over. Though, even after all the things that happened, Iggy never showed ill feelings towards you. That you were grateful for.

“Iggy, I have your food ready!” You hollered. You placed a food tray on the kitchen floor and waited to see green-eyed cat prance into the kitchen. Once you saw him come into the kitchen and started to gobble at the tuna, you turned to leave. You were going to visit Arthur like you promised, but this time, you made sure Iggy was okay. You also set up a time to return, and decided that leaving for a long time would not be good, even if you were only visiting Arthur. A few hours should be good enough.

“I'll be back later, Iggy, be a good cat while I'm gone.” You said. Iggy meowed in replied, then returned to his meal. You smiled, then went to grab your coat on the coat rack. After, putting on the coat you grabbed your keys from the coffee table in the living room, then headed out the back door. A cold breeze rolled around, blowing your hair out of your face, causing you to shiver.

“Cold out tonight, isn't it?” A voice asked. You turned around to find Arthur leaning against your porch fence. “Arthur....” You breathed out. He smiled at you, eyes glimmering in the new found moonlight.

“'Ello, Love.”

You smiled back, happy to see your green-eyed friend again. “Hey, It's been a while.” He nodded “12 hours to be exact.” You chuckled. “How are you?” He asked. “I've been fine, recently. You?” He replied, feeling the same.

You both talked for a while and before you knew it, 2 hours have rolled by. The moon was now arched high in the sky, shinning a shimmery light. It reflected a bluish glow that seemed to shine on your Boyfriend. His dirty blonde hair seemed almost white under this light. Not to mention his eyes had almost a gem-like glow. Your eyes roamed all over Arthur, a pleased look was apparent on your features.

Arthur took notice to your roaming eyes and started to feel a burning feeling in the pit of his stomach. His heart started to race.

He started to smirk as naughty thoughts started to run through his mind.

“Do you like what you see?” He purred. He slithered closer towards you. You blanked out of your gaze and started to blush. “I-I....N-no!” You stammered. You gulped, noticing that he was getting closer to you. You back away, feeling your heart pounding against your ribcage. Then you noticed, you were backed into a wall.

“No need to feel embarrassed. I love your attention.” He murmured. You were stunned. What's happening? Was he....flirting? No way! That thought only made you blush even more. “Arthur...w-what are you doing?” You stuttered. Your heart pounded even harder into your chest as he moved closer to you until he was a mere few inches away from you.

He didn't answer you, all he did was move closer, until his lips were hovering above yours. “A-rthur...I-I,” You felt his hot breath on your face. Your lips started to quiver, having a strange need to kiss the snake man. You moved your gaze upwards and finally meet his eyes, which made your breath hitch. His eyes are the most beautiful thing ever. You could see the same need that you had which encouraged you to close the distance between the both of you.

The feelings that were swirling in your stomach were abnormal. Like a bunch of sparks and electricity going off, sending a shiver down your spine.

The kiss grew more heated as you suddenly felt warmth grow in your limbs. His tongue was pressed to your lips, you quickly obliged and opened your mouth. His tongue was snake-like, but still soft like a humans. Your tongue swirled with his, lips moving feverishly against each other, stealing short breaths. You grabbed his soft hair needily, trying to deepen the kiss as much as you could. He moved his hands down from your waist to your bum, squeezing slightly. This made you moan. Then,you both broke apart for air leaving a trail of saliva sliding down your lips.

Breathing heavily, he didn't stop there. He started to move towards your ear, blowing hot air into the shell of your ear. Moaning quietly, you moved your hands to his neck and grasped it comfortably. He latched his teeth onto the tip of your ear, nibbling it. You flushed, biting your lip to hold back a moan.

“So, does this mean that I'm your boyfriend now?” He whispered into your ear. Your mind was still a bit hazy from the kiss, but you understood what he meant. You nodded. He smiled, then moved towards your lips again. Capturing your bruised lips in a searing kiss. It was short, but it was still enough to make you weak in the knees. “Same time tomorrow?” Arthur asked. You smiled at him. “Yes, same time.”

You hugged Arthur and kissed him goodbye. Tonight ended up differently than you expected, but that’s not a bad thing. You ended with a boyfriend by the end of the day, and you couldn't be happier.

“Goodnight, Arthur” You cooed, giving your boyfriend a dazzling smile. He returned the smile.

Goodnight, love.”


**Author's Note**

Hello everyone!

It's been a while, I know. No excuses. Here's the final part everyone's been looking for! It took me forever to get the idea's together and also to find time to type it, but it's finally done. I'm quite proud of how it turned out. I noticed that I grew as a writer and I'm happy.

Though, I wish I had more time to write, but school tends to rear it's ugly head at me. If you've all noticed, I have a few titles up on my story board. Those titles are going to be the ones I'm going to write(Update I mean). I did not put them in order, so don't get excited. All the other ones will be coming up soon, some need to be proof read, etc.

Hopefully, you'll like this story. Sequel to “A Chance” I hope it lives up to the first one. Leave comments below and tell me how I did!

Cheers! :)

 Hello, it's me. This is an update sort of. 

 New information on myself and the stories; As you all know, school has already started a while back for me, as for almost everyone. School is alright so far....It has taken most of my free time though with all the homework and my extra circulars. It's saddened me, I was planning on finishing most of my one shots, but have been unable to do so. I am hindered as well. I have recently caught a horrible cold that has been spreading through my school. In turn, has made it harder for my to concentrate on school and other things as well. 

  Now, I've been thinking about making a plan for myself. I could try and upload all of the one-shots, but putting off Hetalia x Demon! Reader series for a while longer.....or maybe update 'Forever in Darkness' and then put off the one-shots for a while. I haven't made a decision yet, if you would like to put some input, I will gladly accept it. 

I honestly cannot wait for the holidays. I will have more free time to do things and I am just excited. MORE TIME TO WORK ON ONE-SHOTS AND MY SERIES, YAY!

That's all for now, I will update again.

Goodbye for now!
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Well, I heard that Robin Williams passed today. I'm quite shocked and heartbroken. Williams was part of my childhood and he tended to make me laugh, a lot. I could go on and on about how much he means to me and my family, but I won't because then I'll start breaking down.

RIP Robin Williams


Also, if you are ever in need of help. Depression and suicide hotlines are right here.

Website link here:…

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 Hello, it's me. This is an update sort of. 

 New information on myself and the stories; As you all know, school has already started a while back for me, as for almost everyone. School is alright so far....It has taken most of my free time though with all the homework and my extra circulars. It's saddened me, I was planning on finishing most of my one shots, but have been unable to do so. I am hindered as well. I have recently caught a horrible cold that has been spreading through my school. In turn, has made it harder for my to concentrate on school and other things as well. 

  Now, I've been thinking about making a plan for myself. I could try and upload all of the one-shots, but putting off Hetalia x Demon! Reader series for a while longer.....or maybe update 'Forever in Darkness' and then put off the one-shots for a while. I haven't made a decision yet, if you would like to put some input, I will gladly accept it. 

I honestly cannot wait for the holidays. I will have more free time to do things and I am just excited. MORE TIME TO WORK ON ONE-SHOTS AND MY SERIES, YAY!

That's all for now, I will update again.

Goodbye for now!
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