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'Once Upon A Time'


What You Don't Know Can Hurt You”


Chapter 5: Saving Cinderella



“No, you've never mentioned it before.” You replied. You looked down at Henry as his smirked widened. He then waved for you to follow him and the both of you exited the building.


“Listen, Operation Cobra is a secret, basically it's a plan to help break the curse. Emma and I created it.” Henry said.


Your eyes shifted to Henry “So, like basically it's a secret operation to save everyone with, but why is it a secret?” You asked.


“My mom—the Evil Queen can't know about this. If she does, well, I don't know what she'll do.” Henry sounded very uneasy finishing that sentence. You felt for the kid at that moment. Something must of happened between Regina and Henry to make him feel this way.


It slightly angered you for some unknown reason. Henry should never feel this way. He should be loved and trust his mother. You took in a sharp breath, finally coming up with a conclusion; find out the real reason why Henry loathes his mom. Otherwise known as “Operation.....Rattle Snake.”


You grinned at this, feeling accomplished inside. You really liked the kid and felt as if you needed to protect him. Which, was strange for you because if you remembered correctly, you were never really fond of kids. To be honest, you detested kids. Just something about them made you never want to have any. Even when you were a child, your distaste was there.


“So, Henry, why are you telling me about this if it's a secret?” Which was an actual question you wanted to be answered. Why would he tell you this? What made you so different from others?


“I trust you, (Name). I feel like I can tell you anything. Almost like a strong connection. I think it has something to do with Emma, but I'm not sure. Plus, I know you believe me.”

He stopped suddenly and you followed suit. You looked at him skeptically.


“I know it for sure. You are the Vanguard, you will help Emma to break the curse, and you will be a hero. That's your destiny and I know deep down, you know it as well.” You stared back at him, unsure of what to say. You wanted to deny any belief over his theory, because that's just it, it's a theory that makes no sense. Just some child with a wild imagination.


You wanted to say that to him, but when you looked at him directly, your brain slugged. There was an overpowering feeling telling you to agree with Henry, and believe everything he is saying. This side was telling you that this was truth. That what you are refusing to believe is blinding you.


Henry smiled at you as your eyes clouded slightly in thought. He knew he was getting to you and making you think hard. Henry was not crazy or trying to make anything up. He knew what he was talking about and he was willing to prove it.




“Please.” Henry pleaded.


“Henry I...have to think about it.” Your gaze shifted away from Henry in thought. Henry frowned at this. He hoped you would come around quickly and back him up, but he thought wrong. It seemed you needed more time than necessary. He just hoped you wouldn't take too long.


He then smiled “Hey, follow me!” He said with excitement, he moved his hand and hooked onto your sleeve and then he proceeded to drag you down the street.


“Henry where are we going?”


“To Emma! We have to go before she leaves.”


“But she said she didn't want you to come.” You pointed out.


Henry shrugged, not really willing to give a reply. By the time he was done dragging you, the both of you caught up to Emma, who was about to enter Granny's diner.


The both of you followed in closely behind Emma. Emma turned around, finally noticing that she was followed.


“Henry?” Henry smiled as Emma scolded him, saying she had important business and that she couldn't hang out with him. Then she turned to you and she questioned you as to why you were here as well. To which you chuckled nervously then pointed to the kid.


“Honestly, you guys...” Emma sighed deeply.


“Sorry Emma. I tried.” You replied back, hoping to soothe the irritated blonde. She waved you off and then walked towards Ruby. The three of you started to talk to her about this Ashley that Emma told you about earlier today.


From what you heard earlier from Emma, Ashley, who happened to be pregnant planned to give away her child shortly after giving birth. She was scared and wasn't sure if she could deal with the stress of having a child. Emma was able to talk to her about her options. She disappeared after that and hasn't been seen since.


While Emma and Henry were doing the talking, Ruby's car was being dropped off by a tow truck. “So, this boyfriend of hers. You don't think he was involved in her disappearance?” Emma asked Ruby. Ruby looked at her, perplexed.


“Uh, that would mean he was involved with her at all, which he isn't. He left her in the lurch, right after they found out they were expecting. Hasn't spoken to her since. Like I said-” Ruby's car was dropped abruptly and the wolf charm hanging on her mirror almost breaks.


“Hey! Hey! Hey! Billy, be careful! You almost shattered my wolf thing. Billy, it's good luck.” She said, a bit upset her wolf charm was almost broken by carelessness.


“I'm sorry, Ruby. But look- It's fine.” Billy replied, sounding quite apologetic.


“Um, Ruby. What about her family?” Emma cut in.


“Oh, um, she's got a step mom and two stepsisters that she doesn't talk to.” You looked at Ruby almost alarmed. Step mom and two step sisters. Sounds like Cinderella.


'But, that's impossible...' You thought.


The corners of Henry's mouth started to lift into a knowing smile. This was proof that he could use.


“Wait. Step mom, stepsisters, and she's a maid?” Henry asked, trying to confirm something. You looked at him wondering if he thought the same thing.


“Henry. Not now.” Emma said. Emma just wanted to get some information on Ashley and help her. She didn't have time for this fairy tale crap. Emma mentally groaned at the thought. It sounded too cliché, but she wouldn't admit that out loud. Not in front of her son.


“Look. I don't know what you've heard, but it's wrong. Everyone thinks she's not ready to have this kid, she's trying. Taking night classes, trying to better herself.... Trying to get her life together. Can you understand that?” Ruby sounded desperate. She had a strong connection to Ashley and only wanted the best for her. Any complications were unnecessary and Ruby wanted to avoid those as much as possible.


“I think so.”


“Then maybe you should just stay out of it. She's been through enough already.” Ruby finished, ready to end the conversation. She said her peace already, feeling enough has been said and done.


Emma looked Ruby in the eyes, she leaned forward, the strength of her voice slowly smoothing out. “I've been through it too, Ruby, and I can help her.”


Ruby returned her look “Then try her ex.”


“Where can I find him?”


“He lives with his dad.”




Emma knocks on the door of Ashley's ex. You stand behind Emma. The two of you wait patiently for the door to open. Emma mentally prepared herself for what was to come and you steeled quickly with a facade.


Then, a car pulls up in the driveway. The car is parked and a man emerges from the drivers seat.


Another man opens the door “Can I help you?”


“Sean Herman?” Emma inquires.


“Yeah. Who are you?”


“I'm Emma Swan and this is (Name). We're looking for Ashley Boyd. She's in trouble. Just thought maybe she came to see you.”


The other man from before walks up the porch steps. “My son doesn’t have anything to do with that girl anymore. So, whatever trouble she’s in, I am sorry for her, but there’s nothing we can do to help you.” Emma turned around to face the man who happened to be Sean's father.


Your face scrunched up in irritation at the man in front of you. You kept your lips pressed tightly together to keep from sneering at him.


“You’re the reason he broke up with her.” Emma stated almost monotone.


“Absolutely. I’m not going to let my son throw away his entire life over a mistake.” He tried to sound justified in what he said, but it only just made you slowly seethe. Almost to the point of boiling over.


“You know, it takes two to tango?” A rhetorical question slipped from your lips. You hid your anger quite well when you spoke. Even then though, it sounded strangely threatening to his ears. His gaze left Emma and went to you, a glare was apparent on his features. You were about to return it when Emma placed a hand on your shoulder, slowly bringing your anger down.


“So you just told him to leave her?” Emma questioned.


“Well, what are they going to do? Raise the child in the backseat of a car?” You tensed, but then quickly relaxed when Emma squeezed your shoulder.


“Some people only have the backseat of a car.” Emma retorted back. You smiled at this.


“Well, they’re to be pitied. I’m not letting that happen to my son.”


“Dad, maybe we should help her look.” Sean finally spoke up, to which you mentally sighed. Finally, he was saying something instead of sitting there.


“It’s a waste, Sean.” 'The nerve of this man.' Emma thought to herself.


Emma looked at Sean “Sean, if you want to come, come. Stop letting other people make decisions for you. If Ashley runs away with this baby, she’s going to be in some serious trouble.”


“She’s running away with the baby?” He asked, surprise and concern was shown clearly on his face.




“Sean. Inside. Now.” Sean obeys and he goes back inside the house.


'Way to be a tool.' You sneered.


“Look. Believe me, if I knew where she was, I would tell you. I went to a lot of trouble to get her that deal.” Sean's father said in the most sincere way he could.


“Deal? Wait a second, what deal?” You piped in, now genuinely confused on what's happening.


“I never heard about any deal...” Emma murmured. Emma looked to see if the man was lying, but sadly, he was not.


“You don’t know? Ashley agreed to give up the child. And she’s being paid very well to do so.” He replied. Your jaw dropped a little.


“No...please don't tell me...” You trailed off.


“She sold the baby?” Emma asked.


“Oh, you make it sound so crass. I found someone who’s going to find that child a good and proper home.” Your throat turned dry as you tried to comprehend his words. Shock appeared on Emma's face, but as soon as it came it vanished. Concern now highlighted her features.


Then the blonde became irritated with Sean's father “And who are you to judge whether Ashley is capable of providing that?”


“Look at her. She’s a teenager. She’s never shown any evidence of being responsible. How could she possibly know how to be a mother?”


“Maybe she’s changing her life.”


“Everybody says that. Now, look. I found someone who’s going to pay Ashley extremely well. Someone who’s going to see to it that everybody’s happy.” You frowned at this. Can't this man see Ashley's trying to change?


“Mr. Gold.” Emma finished. You looked at Emma quizzically “Mr. Gold?” She nodded.


“Well, isn’t that why you were hired? To bring him the baby?”




Emma, Henry, and you were back in Emma's bug driving back to Granny's diner. After the little confrontation with Sean and his father, Emma decided that it would do some good to 'talk' to Ruby again.


“You can’t make her double cross Gold. No one’s ever broken a deal with him.” Henry brought up. You rose an eyebrow at this.


“And why is that, Henry?” You asked.


“Because no one breaks a deal with him, ever. Bad things happen when you break a deal with Gold.”


“Well, I’m happy to be the first. If Ashley wants to have this baby, she should have it. Anyone who wants to be a mother, should damn well be allowed to be one.” Emma responded. You looked at Emma and smiled. 'She's determined to help her...'


Emma drives up in front of Granny's and parks. After parking, the three of you exit the car and then enter the diner. Emma then approaches Ruby.


“Why didn’t you tell me she sold the baby?”


Ruby tried to cover up her shock at Emma's question “Because I didn’t think it was important.” You were about to sneer at her, but you stopped. Then you shook your head and waited patiently for a reply.


“Really? Considering that’s why she’s running away.”


“Look, Ashley’s my friend. I don’t like the idea of people judging her.” She's only trying to protect her friend.


Emma notices the wolf charm on the counter.


“Ruby, where’s your car?” Then it hit the blonde like a pound of bricks.


“You didn’t send me to Sean to find her. You sent me there to give her a head start.”


Ruby stood her ground and didn't look willing to give up “Look, I’m only trying to help her.”


“Yes, so am I. Ashley’s in more trouble than you know, Ruby. Where is she? Don’t make her deal with Gold without me.” Emma said. She needed to help this girl before something bad happens to her, or worse, Gold gets to her.


Ruby sighs, she was contemplating giving up. Emma did give a good point, and if she was really willing to help, then she might as well let her. Ruby then looked at Henry.


“I can’t talk in front of him. He’s the Mayor’s kid.”


“Hey! I’m on your side.” Henry said, and you just placed a hand on his shoulder to let him know it's okay.


“Henry, I need to find this woman. And in order to do that, I need you to go home, okay? So please listen to me. Seriously. She’s not going to tell me anything if you’re around.” You sighed at this, you felt sorry for Henry.


“Okay.” He replied dolefully. He then left the diner. “Emma, I'll walk him home, okay. I'll see you later.” You said quickly, then sped-walked after Henry.



“Henry!” You shouted, looking around the outside of the diner. He couldn't have gotten far, but it seems he has.


Then you heard a voice on the other side of Emma''s bug. “Over here!” It was more like a whisper. You got the jist and walked over to the other side of the bug and found Henry crouched down. You followed suit.


“Why are you still here, kid?” You whispered.


“I'm going with Emma.” He said, determined. You considered telling him no and then taking him home, but then changed your mind.


“Alright, I’m coming with you.” Henry smiled at you and then opened the back door of the bug.


“She forgot to lock it.” He stated simply. You shrugged and entered in behind him then continued to crouch behind the seat.


“Now we wait.”




Emma enters the car a couple minutes later and then turns on the engine. She has not noticed you or Henry yet, to which you smirked at. The both of you waited until Emma started driving to reveal yourselves.


“What’d she tell you?” Henry asked. Emma looked startled and you just smiled at her. You leaned forward and perched your arm on the passenger seats edge.


“Henry! (Name)! What the hell? I’m going to Boston. You can’t come with me.” Emma argued.


“You can’t go to Boston! She can’t leave. Bad things happen to anyone who does.” You looked at Henry and wondered if that was part of his curse theory. Though, it would make sense, the curse keeps anyone whose in it from leaving and anyone who does, something bad happens to them.


“I don’t have time to argue with you over the curse. I’ve got to get you home.”


You decided to stand up for Henry “Emma, we do not have time for that. That Ashley girl is in trouble. We've got to get to her before she leaves town.” You hoped your words would get to her.


Henry decided to add to your statement “We have to stop her before she gets hurt! We’re wasting time! If you drop me off, we’ll never catch up to her.”


“..Henry.” Emma trailed off. Her thoughts were starting to crumble at Henry's new resolve. Plus, you were there, which made things harder to say no to.

“And then Mr. Gold will call the police, and he’ll have her sent to jail.” Henry finished.


Emma sighed and gave up “…Buckle up.” Henry smiled then put on his seat belt. You relaxed in the back next to him, you mentally prepared yourself for what was soon to come.


Emma shook her head “Ashley, what did you get yourself into?”




To Be Continued!

What You Don't Know Can Hurt You Chapter 5
Author's Note:

So, this one was pretty slow and shorter than the other ones. I felt as if I needed a bit more plot added to the mix, so sorry if nothing interesting is happening this chapter. Hopefully, you enjoyed it! Also, I was not able to update as soon as I usually do because I was extremely busy. That's all for now!


Chapter 4:…
Chapter 6: Coming Soon!

'Once Upon A Time'


What You Don't Know Can Hurt You”


Chapter 4: A Book of Fairy Tales




Remember, It's your destiny to help the savior. Do not fail me...


I will not, Mother.


Your eyes snapped open in surprise. Which you regretted greatly, you closed your eyes away from the blinding light from your window.


“Ugh...” Your head pounded in pain which was the only thing that assaulted your senses. “Why did I drink that...?” You questioned aloud.


You opened your eyes again slowly, allowing them to adjust to the light. Black spots scattered throughout your vision and your eyes burned. You squinted and looked around.


“And how did I end up here...?” You looked around your bedroom, wondering how you ended up there. Then it hit you.


“Ah! Emma!”


You smiled to yourself, happy your friend was there to help you last night. Then in the corner of your peripheral vision you saw a glass of water and a note on your dresser. Out of curiosity, you left your bed and padded over to the small dresser.


On the dresser was indeed a note and a glass of water. Also, two tablets of aspirin. The corners of your mouth lifted slightly as you took the aspirin and swallowed it along with the glass of water. Placing the now empty glass on the dresser, you took the note, seeing as your vision was still a bit blurry.


'If you're wondering how you ended up back at your house, it was I who took you there. You passed out on your porch step in front of your apartment. So, you may not remember much. Well, I know you will have a headache in the morning so I left some aspirin. Take it as a token of my thanks for helping find John Doe yesterday.


Also...Thank you for inviting me out yesterday. I enjoyed your company.






P.S. I happened to take your offer on staying with Mary Margaret. See you soon!'


You grinned, happy that Emma took your advice on staying with Mary. Seeing as Mary Margaret needed all the company she could get, after what happened yesterday, she was probably depressed.


You got yourself together and took a shower, got dressed, fixed your hair, and headed out the door. You decided to head down to Granny's, hoping that Emma or Mary Margaret was going to be there. When you headed outside you remembered that you left your car outside of Granny's.


“Shit..” You weren't really in the mood to walk, but you didn't have a choice. You locked your door behind you and started to walk. On your way passing Main street, you saw Emma enter Granny's. You picked up your pace and stopped the door with your foot before it closed.




Emma turns around and smiles.


“Hey, (name). How are you?” She asked her smile widens, she is quite ecstatic to see you.


“Eh, I'm fine. Thanks for what you did last night. My headache's almost gone.” She nodded and the both of you sat at a table near the door. Ruby came by and gave Emma hot chocolate and you an iced coffee with whipped cream. You smiled at her and thanked her, she nodded and went back to cleaning the bar counter.


“So, Henry's at school, right?” You asked.


“Yeah, I just walked him to the bus.” You raised an eye brow at that.


“Regina allowed you to do that?”


“No, but who cares what she thinks. He's my son, I should be able to walk him to the bus stop if I so well please.” You snicked at this.


“She's getting to be a pain, isn't she?”


“Am I now, Miss (Last Name)?” A voice said. Your head snapped towards the voice and your eyes widened. You looked like a deer in head lights at the moment.


“Shit....” You cursed under your breath. Regina walked over to where Emma and you were sitting and sat down next to you, which made you recline back in your seat.


“How was your walk with Henry? That's right-- I know everything. But relax. I don't mind.” She said rather calmly. You blinked, soon realizing you weren't in the conversation.


“You don't?” Emma asked, her face twisting in confusion.


“No. Because you no longer worry me, Miss Swan. You see, I did a little digging into who you are. And what I found is quite soothing. It all comes down to the number seven.”


“Seven?” You both asked in unison. What does seven have to do with anything? What was Regina trying to get at?


“It's the number of addresses you've had in the last decade. Your longest in anywhere was two years. Really, what did you enjoy so much about Tallahassee?”


“If you're wondering, I did find a place here in town.” Emma replied, finally seeing where she was getting at. You were still sort of confused as to what was going on. You had a vague idea, but was still not sure how Regina was trying to get dirt on Emma.


“I know. With Miss Blanchard. How long is your lease? Oh, wait. You don't have one. You see my point? In order for something to grow, Miss Swan, it needs roots. And you? Don't have any. People don't change. They only fool themselves into believing they can.”


You finally connected the dots on what Regina was talking about. She's talking about Henry. You felt a wave of anger wash over you. How dare she? She doesn't know Emma! How would she know anything about her?


Then it hit you. You don't know much about Emma either. Ever since you've met her a few days ago, you only had a little bit of info on her. Everything else she kept locked and hidden from the world, never to be seen or heard. You knew nothing of her past except that she gave up Henry, but only to give him his best chance. That's it.


“You don't know me.” Emma rebutted. You sat there and gulped. You wished you could back Emma up, but you were pushed into a corner. You didn't know much about her to help her. Even if you did try to help her blindly, you would be making a fool of yourself.


“No, I think I do. All I ask, is as you carry on your transient life, you think of Henry and what's best for him. Perhaps consider a clean break. It's going to happen anyway. Enjoy your cocoa.”


Regina gets up and leaves the diner. Emma goes to stand up and spills her cocoa over her shirt. You stand up and place your coffee to the side.


“You okay?” You asked with genuine concern. What Regina said back there was uncalled for. It makes you mad for not standing up for Emma. Regina thinks she can just say what she pleases, almost as if shes the Queen and everyone else are just peasants. You sneer at the thought.


“Yeah, I'm fine.” Ruby comes over and hands her a cloth.


“Do you have a laundry room I can use?”


“Mmhmm.” Ruby replied.


Emma turned around to face you.


“Sorry about that. I'll be right back.” You waved her off “It's fine, take your time.” She nodded and walked around back to the laundry room.


After Emma left, Ruby sat down in front of you.


“Hey.” She said.




“We never really get a chance to talk before. So, how are you?”


“I'm fine.” You replied simply, then you took a sip of your coffee. “This is really good, did you make this?”


Ruby smiled at you “Yes, I made it specially for you, (Name).” She winked, then you heard a voice scream from behind the bar counter.


“Ruby, get back to work and stop flirting with the customers!” An old women, who you suspected was Granny, the one who owned the diner, shrieked. Ruby groaned and then got up. “Talk to you later?” She asked.


“Sure” You shrugged.


Emma then came from the back five minutes later. “Sorry I took so long.”


“It's cool. So, I was wondering,” Emma sat down in front of you, finally getting comfortable. “How was Mary Margaret?” Curiosity over took you. Emma looked you in the eye and could see a sense of worry. For some reason, Emma's heart ached at the sight.


“Well, she's better. Though, she's hiding her hurt pretty well, I think this will blow over though.” You nodded, the concern was still there. You then pulled out your phone and quickly opened your contacts.


“Do you know her cell? I wish to call her later.” Emma stared for a second then 'hm'ed in reply. You handed her your phone and she quickly added the number of Mary Margaret to your phone.


You mumbled a thanks and put your phone away. You then stared at Emma, a question suddenly came to mind. It buzzed and rattled around your brain and you wondered if it was alright to ask the question. You didn't want to pry in Emma's business, but you were extremely curious.


Emma looked at you noticing the sudden change in your behavior. She raised an eyebrow at your behavior, waiting patiently for you to say something. This was your cue to pry.


“So, you were gone for quite a while. I knew you weren't just looking for a shirt back there. What happened? Or do you just not want to hang out with me?” The last part was joking but Emma took it to heart.


“No, no. It's not that. I was back there with this girl named Ashley” Emma paused and you shook your head for her to continue.



Regina was putting on her lipstick whilst looking at herself in the mirror. Just a few feet away, Henry was sitting at a small table reading a comic book.


“I know you think otherwise, but I don't enjoy these Saturday city council meetings. Sometimes, they're unavoidable. Now, you know the rules.”


“Yes on homework, no on TV, and stay inside.” Henry replied calmly.


“Good boy. Under no circumstances do you leave this house.”


“You mean, don't see my mom.” Henry replied back knowingly.


Regina frowned “She's not your mother. She's just a women passing through. Now, do as I say, or there will be consequences. I'll be back at five sharp.” Regina leaves the room and exits the house.


As soon as she pulls out of the driveway, Henry grabs his backpack and leaves the house.



You were taking a stroll in town. The cold air stilled with no wind to pass through it. You were glad it was not windy because you were not in the mood for wearing a heavy coat. As you walked around town, you tried to memorize as many shops as you could. You wanted to get more acquainted in the small town.


“(Name)!” A small voice yelled from across the street. You stopped your musings and turned around. It was Henry!


“Henry! How are you?” You asked as he walked across the street.


“I am fine, how are you?”


“Surprisingly well.” You replied. He then waved you over to the nearest bench. “I have to talk to you about something important.” He said seriously. Or, well, as serious as a ten year old can get. You just nodded and followed.


You both sat down and then Henry pulled out a book from his bag. The title was 'Once Upon a Time'. You looked at him confused.


“So, had Emma told you about this?” He asked.


“Well, yeah, but only a brief explanation.” You replied smoothly.


“So, she told you about the curse and how she's supposed to break it?”




“Alright, well, there's more to it than what it seems.” Henry flipped to the first page of the book. “As you already know, everyone in this town is a fairy tale character trapped under a curse.”


He then flipped to a random page. On the page it showed a women that looked like Mary Margaret and a man holding her who happened to look like John Doe. Henry pointed to them. “These two are Snow White and Prince Charming aka Mary Margaret and John Doe.”


“Yeah, I kind of figured that.”


He then flipped to another page. On the page it showed a women in all black who happened to look like Regina “This is the evil queen, otherwise known as Regina. She's the one who casted the curse.”


“Wait-wait, you think Regina was the one who casted the curse?” You asked. You were quite confused as to why he thought his mother, well his adopted mother-- but still mother, was the Evil Queen who casted the curse.


“I don't think, I know she did it. She's evil!” He accused. You flinched when he said evil. You wondered why Henry would think that way. Regina was rude, and well, mean, and quite terrifying, but she was still his mom.


“That doesn't make any sense, Henry--” You were cut off.


“Just look! You have to believe me, (nickname).” He huffed, getting slightly irritated that you didn't believe him.


“Okay, okay. Calm down, I didn't say I didn't believe. I just think calling someone evil is a bit far-fetched. Just continue.” You said trying to calm down the upset boy.


“--Right, Sorry. I just want you to know the reason why I am telling you this.”


“And what is that?”


“...You're in the book.” He paused, Henry contemplated on whether he should go further or just give you the book to read for yourself.


“Wait! I am? But how-- I'm not a fairy tale character...”


“Well, you're right. You're just like Emma, though. You're mentioned in the book. You have something important to do, to save this town along with Emma.” Henry flipped to a page with Snow White holding her baby. The baby was wrapped in a white blanket and on the side the name 'Emma' was stitched. You looked at Henry slightly confused.


“You are the guide of the savior or otherwise known as a Vanguard. Your destiny is to help and guide Emma to her destiny.”


“A Vanguard?”


“Yes, your job was assigned by the fairies. You were chosen at birth to protect and guide Emma. Make sure she stays on the path chosen for her.”


That was a lot to take in. Henry understood that, but he also knew that it was time for you to know what you were supposed to do. That was the main reason for you to be in StoryBrooke. To make sure Emma breaks the curse.


“By the fairies...birth..protect...I-I—Henry...This is too much to take in.” You said almost exasperated. He sighed, then handed you the book.


“Here, I want you to take this with you. I want you to read it to help you better understand whats going on. Also, don't just read your part either, read all of the stories in this book.”


Your mind went blank for a second as the book was placed in your hands. Then all of a sudden you felt a sudden wave of images flash in your mind. Your head ached and pounded loudly as the images stopped. Questions raced in your mind and your hands started to shake in anxiety. Henry looked at you almost alarmed.


“(Name)! Are you okay?” He asked worriedly. He wondered if this was too much to tell you at once. Your chest rose quickly and your pupils dilated. Another imaged flashed in your mind.


'”Remember, It's your destiny to help the savior. Do not fail me...” A women said. The image of her was blurred, but you could make out her clothing. It was old, almost Elizabethan era looking. You could tell she was wearing a fancy dress that had ruffles and suave designs. A smaller, pixie looking women was next to her. Her face was also blurred. She wore a blue dress that hugged her small figure. She floated in the air and on her back were small wings. Her whole body glowed a light blue aura.


A child bowed in front of both of them, her head lifted up to look at them. Her features were blurred, but not as much. She looked...almost like you. Except younger. Her clothing was a short dark green summer dress, brown combat boots and a black cloak hung around her neck.


I will not, Mother.” The child replied back confidently. Her voice was strong for a child and sounded similar, almost like how you sounded as a child. Her words were clear, so she must have been older than five, yet younger than ten.'


The vision faded and your eyesight cleared. Your surroundings became clear and you felt the shaking of your body. Someone was shaking you.


“(Name!)” A voice called out.


'Who is that?' You wondered. The voice was unfamiliar, but you could tell it was a young boy calling out your name.


“(Name)! Please answer me! You're scaring me!” The voice called out again.


' name. My name is (Name).'




You blinked, finally coming back to reality.


“Henry...” You said in a daze. You stared at the boy in front of you. His chocolate brown eyes were clouded with tears and concern.


'Concern for you.'


You suddenly felt something hard in your hands. Your gaze shifted downwards. It was a book.


“Book of Fairy Tales...” was all you said. Henry looked at you confused. What's going on?

'Once Upon a Time'.




Then it hit you.


“Henry!” You shouted. The boy next to you jumped in surprise.


“Oh, Henry, I'm so sorry I scared you.” You went closer to him and hugged him tightly. “I...just...actually, I don't know what happened back there. But, I'm sorry. I never meant to frighten you.”


He nodded, hugging you just as tight. “It's okay. I was a bit afraid that I may have given you an overload.” You smiled and then let the boy go.


“Henry, I'm going to take this book home with me and read it. I will let you know after wards what I think, okay?” You said.


He rubbed his eyes and then grinned. “Okay!” You grinned even more.


“Hey, I'm going to take you to Mary Margaret’s, that sound cool to you?” He nodded excitedly. You then took his hand in yours.


“Let's go!”



Henry and you entered the building MM lived in. You both walked upstairs and saw that the door was open. Henry walked in and you followed closely behind him.


“Hey Emma, I was thinking we-” Henry stopped in the middle of his sentence. A man stood in the middle of the room, as you figured he was probably conversing with Emma. You looked at Henry and saw the expression he was wearing. He looked slightly unease.


“Hey, Henry. How are you?” The man asked.


“Okay?” He answered, unsure.


Then the older mans vision shifted to you. He examined you keenly which made you feel uncomfortable. You shifted awkwardly under his gaze.


“It seems we've never met before. I'm Mr. Gold, I own the pawn shop a few blocks from here.” Mr. Gold introduced himself.


“I'm (Name). I just moved here a few days ago.” You said then held out your hand for him to shake. He took it.


“Well, Miss (Name), If you even need anything antique or furniture wise, you can always stop at my shop.” He said. You nodded and then thanked him quietly.


He turned to Emma “Good luck, Miss Swan.” Then he turned to leave, but then stopped at the door “Also, give my regards to your mother, Henry.” Then he left.


“Do you know who that is?” Henry asked Emma.


“Yes, of course I do.”


“Who? Cause I'm still trying to figure it out.”


“Oh. I meant in reality.” Emma pointed out. You twitched slightly at the word reality which caused Emma to look at you strangely.


Henry looked at a box in the room. “Is that all you brought?”


“So, wait! You are staying.” You said happily. Emma nodded towards you.


“Henry, What are you doing here?”


“My mom's gone 'til five. I thought we could hang out.” You looked at the both of them and took this as a sign to leave.


You turned and started to leave but was yanked back by a tug at your coat sleeve.


“You too, (nickname).” Henry said.


“Kid...I can't really hang out right now. There's something I've got to do.” Emma said. Henry sighed, but secretly he was not willing to leave and give up.


Emma left the house leaving you and Henry behind. Henry turned to you and smirked.


“Hey, (Name). Did I tell you about 'Operation Cobra'?”



To Be Continued!

What You Don't Know Can Hurt You Chapter 4
This chapters all over the place to be honest. Hardest one I had to write. So, basically, you know about who you are, though not all the information is here. You'll just have to wait a few more chapters to get more answers. The pairings are still the same, I'm not changing them until future chapters. Now if you are wondering about when Regina and you will get a time where you are not hating her, it will happen soon. I just needed to get some character development in. That's all. Any questions, you can comment and ask.


Chapter 3:…
Chapter 5:…

'Once Upon A Time'

What You Don't Know Can Hurt You”

Chapter 3: Prince Charming on the Run

Henry thinks all the people in the town are Fairy Tale characters.” Emma whispered, sticking behind Mary Margaret. The four of you entered the hospital, you stuck closely by Emma, listening intently to what she was saying.

So, everyone in this town is a character?” You repeated what she said to you. She nodded. “Are you a character?” You asked quite intrigued with the idea. The idea was fascinating in it's own, but also very strange. Henry's imagination was bigger than you thought.

No, apparently I'm some sort of savior whose supposed to break the curse on the town.” Breaking a curse? That's very unusual. Emma looked at you almost exasperated at the idea. Her eyes then flickered over to Henry then back to you.

Yeah, I'll admit, that's a bit far fetched, but isn't it an interesting view of life?” You inquired. You wanted to sound hopeful in a way. You didn't know why. Maybe it's because you were younger than everyone in the group being only 22? 'Perhaps' You thought.

What do you mean?” Emma asked. You waved her off, finally reaching the destination of 'Prince Charming's' Room. Outside of it was the police officer you met a day ago. Graham was it?

You're right-- he's waking up.” Henry declared. Graham moved in front of Henry. You looked around, confused as to why Graham was here. 'Did something happen?'

Henry, you should stay back.” Graham said, blocking the rest of the path. You stayed behind Henry and looked around Graham. The bedroom behind him was empty. Except for one person.

Mary Margaret decided to speak up “What's going on? Is it John Doe? Is he okay?” Graham looked over to her “He's missing.” The four of you noticed that Regina's in John Doe's room. Regina notices you as well, and she approaches.

What the hell are you doing here?” She pauses shortly then looks at Henry “And you-- I thought you were at the arcade. Now you're lying to me?”

Mary Margaret ignored her “What happened to John Doe? Did someone take him?”

We don't know yet. His IV's were ripped out but there's no sign for sure there's a struggle.” Graham replied.

What did you do?” Henry looked at Regina accusingly.

You think I had something to do with this?”

It is curious that the Mayor is here.” Emma spoke up, she felt a swell of pride well up in her chest. You turned to look at Emma, and nodded. She did have a point. This wasn't something a Mayor would usually get involved in.

I'm here because I'm his emergency contact.” Regina's gaze hardened on Emma and the tension in the air grew thick, but Emma stood her ground not backing away. Regina didn't scare her. Emma dealt with people like her before, she knew what they really were deep down.

You know him?” Mary Margaret spoke up.

I found him on the side of the road years ago with no ID. I brought him here.” Your eyes narrowed, trying to find a flaw with her story. Something wasn't right. You knew something was up, but you didn't want to bring bad blood with the Mayor. After all, you did just move here. So, instead you stayed silent.

Mayor Mills saved his life.” The doctor added. You saw a name tag on his coat that read 'Dr. Whales'.

Will he be okay.” MM asked, she silently hoped that the John Doe she made a connection with would be okay and that nothing would happen. It would tear her up inside if it did.

Okay? That man's been on feeding tubes for years on constant supervision. He needs to get back here right away or, quite honestly, 'okay' might be a pipe dream.” MM's hope sank with that being said. You sent her a sincere look, hoping that maybe that would comfort her in some way. You didn't expect much, though.

Well then, let's quit yapping and start looking.” Emma announced. Your attention snapped to her. “Yes, let's do it. You in Mary?” You asked in a soft tone.

She was about to reply, but Regina interrupted “That's what were doing? Just stay out of this, dear. And since I clearly can't keep you away from my son, I guess I'm going to have to keep my son away from you. Enjoy my shirt, because that's all you're getting. Sheriff, find John Doe. You heard Dr. Whale. Time is precious.” Regina sneered at Emma, then she took Henry by the arm and walked away.

That wasn't very nice.” You whispered more to yourself than the others.

Doctor, how long between your rounds since you last saw him?” Graham asked Dr. Whale.

Twelve hours or so.”

Then that's what we need to account for.”


Everyone headed over to the security room. Two men are standing by waiting. Graham interrogated them somewhat, finding out that they didn't find a thing about John Doe's disappearance.

Did anyone walk by?” Emma asked.

I didn't see nothin'” Leroy replied lazily.

Miss Blanchard, was there anything unusual you saw during your trip with your class?” Graham asked.

I don't think so.” answered Mary Margaret, shaking her head.

Were looking at the wrong tape. This is the ward where Henry's class put up decorations. If this was really the tape from last night, we'd see banners the kids hung.” Emma pointed out at the recording. You stood behind her looking at the security footage, seeing that she was right.

Tch, you fell asleep again.” Leroy chided.

You selling me out?” Walter grunted in disdain. You rolled your eyes. “That's not what's important guys.” You reminded. They ignored you though “I ain't getting fired for this.” Leroy sneered at Walter. “At least I don't drink on the job.” Oh, burn.

Graham broke up their prattle “Gentlemen, enough. Where's the real tape?”

They grumbled and then switched the tape. On the screen, it showed John Doe in his room. It then showed that he got up and then walked out of the door. Mary Margaret sighed in relief.

He walked out alone. He's okay.”

Four hours ago. Where does this door lead?” Emma asked.

The woods.” Leroy replied.


Emma, Graham, Mary Margaret and you are out in the woods searching for John Doe.

What is it?” Emma asks, turning to Graham.

The trail runs out here.”

You sure? Because I thought tracking was one of your skills.”

Just give me a second. This is my world. I got it.”

Right, sorry.” Emma backed off.

Emma.” You came up next to her. She turned her attention to you. “I was wondering, after all of this is done, maybe we could go grab a drink at Granny's?” You asked with a smile. She smiled back, feeling a bit more hopeful now that she has something to look forward to when they get back. “Sure.”

MM came up next to Emma and you “So, what does he mean, 'His world'? Isn't finding people your thing, too?” She asked inquisitively.

Sure. Just, people I find usually run to places like Vegas. Not a lot hit the woods.”

That's an interesting job-- finding people. How'd you fall into that?”

Looking for people is just what I’ve done. As long as I can remember.” There was a hidden meaning behind her words. That much is what could be told. You weren't going to pry though.

What made you start? Your parents? Henry told me that your.... Th-that you were from a similar situation to his own. Did you ever find them?” MM asked hesitantly.

Depends on who you ask.” was her reply. Then you heard a crack from behind. The three of you turn around to find Henry running down the hill.

Henry!” MM shouted. You grinned at the sight of the kid and waved. He waved back.

Did you find him yet?” He asked.

No, not yet. You shouldn't be here.” Your grin turned into a scowl as you tried to push out a more mature you.

Yeah, Henry, this is very reckless of you. What would your mother think? We could get in trouble.” You said in a scolding tone that your parents used to use on you.

That's the thing.”

Huh?” You asked.

My mom doesn't know.” He said nonchalantly and then shrugged. You sighed, not even bothering to argue with that.

And anyways, I can help. I know where he's going.”

And where is that?” MM replied.

He's looking for you.”


Henry, are you sure?” Okay, maybe he was taking this fairy tale thing a bit too far.

Yes, I'm sure. She's the one who woke him up. She's the last one he saw. He wants to find you, Mary Margaret!”

Henry, it's not about me. I just... I think he's lost and confused. He's been in a coma for a long time.” Mary Margaret replied with doubt.

But he loves you! You need to stop chasing him, and let him find you.” You loved Henry and all, but this sounded too good to be true. It was almost cringe-worthy. You didn't want to say anything though to ruin his moment.

Kid. You need to go home. Where's your mom? She's going to kill me, then you....then me again.” Emma said, not really liking the idea of getting chewed out by Regina again.

She dropped me at the house. Then, went right out.”

Well, we need to get you back immediately.”


Guys!” You heard Graham holler out.

You ran over to where Graham was and spotted something red. Your eyes widened in surprise and fright. It was John Doe's hospital bracelet, cloaked in blood.

What the hell...” You muttered.

Is that...” Mary trailed off.

Blood.” Emma finished, leaving a sour taste in the back of her throat.


The five of you were still searching the woods looking for John Doe in a hurry now since you found the bloodied hospital bracelet. The search then lead to the Toll Bridge.

Where is he? Can you see him?” Mary Margaret asked in fright.

The trail dies at the water line.” Graham replied.

You looked around for a little bit, letting your gaze drift over the river. Then your eyes caught something.

Hey! In the water!” You shouted, alerting the others.

Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god!” Mary said, scared out of her wits. Graham grabbed his communication device and called for help. You along with Emma and Mary Margaret went over to John Doe and pulled him out of the water and onto the shore.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no! I found you!” She said mainly to herself. You really felt for her in this moment. She seemed really distraught.

Is he going to be okay?” Emma asked Graham.

Help's coming.” Was all he said.

Is he okay?” Henry inquired.

Henry...” Emma trailed off.

Is he going to be okay?” Henry repeated.

Henry, don't look. Okay? Don't look.”

You heard Mary Margaret start to sob. Your heart clenched at this. You wished you could do something, but you didn't know what.

Come back to us. Come back to me.”

Mary Margaret started CPR. When she put her mouth on John Doe's, he starts breathing again and then he started to cough up water. Your eyes widened at this and Emma looked over at her, surprised.

It was almost as if she woke him up with a kiss....” You muttered under your breath. Henry's head snapped in alert, he heard you and he smiled.

You saved me.” John Doe said, looking into Mary's eyes.

She did it. She did it! She woke him up!” Henry announced happily.

Yeah, kid. She did.” Emma replied in wonder. With out your control, you patted Henry's shoulder. He looked up at you with a knowing look. You kept your gaze forward though.

Your mind buzzed with the conversation from earlier. The one with Emma about Henry's wild imagination. How everyone in this town is a Fairy Tale character. How Mary Margaret is Snow White and John Doe is Prince Charming. The idea almost clicked with your mind when you saw the connection between Mary Margaret and John Doe.

Maybe...there is a possibility that Henry’s theory is correct. You were open minded to a lot of things. This also wasn't as far fetched as one might think. In a way, this could be true. There were many strange things in this world that are left unexplained by science and maybe this was one of those things.

You looked at Emma who was right next to you who was looking at the scene in front of her. 'So, she's the savior? The one whose supposed to make everyone remember?'

You pursed your lips. Honestly, all of this talk about Fairy Tale characters coming to life was starting to make your brain hurt. Now's probably not the time to think about that. More important things are at hand.

Who are you?” Mary Margaret asked.

...I don't know.” He replied honestly.

It's okay, you're going to be okay.”


I can't believe he has a wife.” You said, almost exasperated. Emma nodded, then took a swig of her soda. “I mean-- that's so unexpected. Did you see the connection Mary had with that guy? Like, seriously.”

Yeah, I knew it was too good to be true.” Emma replied. You stopped short when she said that. In a way she was correct, but also, was it too hard to be a little hopeful?

Eh, yeah. I'm just sorry for Mary Margaret. Like she had this in the bag until Regina showed up with his wife.”

Sort of like she planned it?” She asked you.

Oh, yeah, yeah!” You agreed. You sipped your soda, feeling the cool sensation of fizz run down your throat.

I don't know but Regina seems to be up to something.” You said, trying to carefully choose your words.

I don't know. She said that David would murmur in his sleep and that's how she found out he had a wife.”

Seems to me that she pulled that out of her ass.” You mumbled. Emma laughed and you joined her. Then you called Ruby over.

Hey, can you put some alcohol in this?” You asked her. You felt you need to treat yourself after what happened tonight.

Alcohol? What kind?” You shrugged. “Whatever you got.” She took your glass with the soda and went inside the kitchen.

Getting alcohol with soda?” Emma questioned, her eye brow raised in a comedic way. You grinned at her “Oh, don't look at me like that.”

Have you ever tried that before?”

Nope.” You replied simply. “You?”

She shook her head.

Well, I'm always up for new experiences!” You jested. Emma shook her head knowingly at you. Ruby came back from the kitchen and placed your cup back on the table. She smiled at you “Enjoy.”

Will do!” You looked at Emma before taking a swig. You could taste a strong bitterness in the soda which burned the back of your throat.


Uh, you okay?” You nodded waving a hand at her not to worry.

It's just....really strong.”

Do you need a ride?”

Nah, it's just one cup.”

Yeah, but it's a strong liquor and by the looks of it, it seems you won't be able to handle something so strong.” You rolled your eyes, but agreed with Emma. You then quickly downed the cup and grabbed your coat.

You live downtown right?”


Okay.” You both went over to Emma's bug. Emma went over to your side first and held open the door. You hopped in the car and she closed the door. She then went into the drivers side and started her car.

Emma, you got anywhere to stay?” You asked as she drove down the quiet streets.

....No, not really.” You were about to offer her a place to stay but an idea came to mind.

Hey, you should go stay at Mary's place.” You offered.

Hm, why?”

'Cause she needs the company.” You said simply. It was true. Mary was probably moping around her apartment and honestly, you didn't want her to mope alone. Emma would be good company for her to be around anyways.

Emma sighed “Fine.” The rest of the ride was quiet. In a few minutes, you both pulled up in front of your apartment.

Emma, you are the best, you know that?” You said cheekily. The alcohol was muddling your brain slowly. It was sort of hard to think and control your actions.

Yes, I know. Now do you need help getting inside?”

Nah, I got this. Thanks a lot, savior. You know what....Henry may be right about the savior stuff—I-I think your a savior, Em.” You started to slur your words. Emma looked at you with a questioning look. “Uh, maybe I should help you inside.”

She got out of the car and came over to the passenger side, she opened the door, unbuckled the seat belt and scooped you up in her arms.

Wow, Em, yo-o so strong. Do you l-ike work out?” You giggled at the end, and she sighed in reply.

Where are your keys, (nickname)?” She asked you patiently, she walked towards your front door and waited your reply.


Which one?”

I dunno.”

She sighed again. She put you down on the porch step and reached inside one of your jacket pockets. Luckily, that pocket had the keys in side. Emma walked over to your door and unlocked it and then lightly kicked it open. She walked to where you were sitting, well, now slowly dozing off.

She picked you up bridle style and then walked inside, closing the door behind her with her heel.

She walked past the kitchen and walked down a short hallway. She kicked open the first door on the left and found your bedroom, the master bedroom.

Emma sat you down on the bed and took off your coat and your shoes. She tucked you into bed and then went into the bathroom. Emma went through your cabinet and found some aspirin. She then went into the kitchen and grabbed a cup and filled it up with water. She entered your room again and placed the cup, and aspirin on the dresser in your room. Before Emma left, she left a note for you to find in the morning. You were left in your room, tucked in bed, with a small smile on your face.

To Be Continued!

What You Don't Know Can Hurt You Chapter 3

So, basically if you're wondering what the pairings are and also what the reader's sexuality is well here's all the info.
The reader is Female. She is Bisexual, so there is a chance she could end up with either boy or girl in this. Pairings are undecided as of now. Though, moment's will be shared a lot with certain characters. Does not mean they will ultimately end up together, I just like seeing them have moments. Though the reader will still have 'moments' with other characters, she will have more so with some. So far the pairings are:

Emma x fem! reader
Regina x fem! reader
Graham x fem! reader
Ruby x fem! reader
Dr. Whale x fem! reader

These are the moments were getting so far. Since it's season one, we will not get to other characters until the other seasons so be patient. I will try and pick up the pace though and try to get through season 1. That's all for now! Bye!

Chapter 2: What You Don't Know Can Hurt You Chapter 2
Chapter 4:…



'Once Upon A Time'

What You Don't Know Can Hurt You”

Chapter 2: Madam Mayor


You sighed, placing another box down in the corner of your apartment.

That’s the last one. Thanks for helping me, Leroy.” You glanced at him, then walked over to your bag which happened to be on top of one of the boxes. You heard Leroy mumble a 'Welcome' behind you. You smiled slightly. He's a bit grumpy, but you can deal.

You grabbed a 20 dollar bill and then turned around and handed it to him. Then, you heard the slight chime of your doorbell. Your face twisted in confusion, as did Leroy's, but he tried to cover it.

You walked over to the door, then opened it.

In front of you was a woman. She was tall, maybe around 5'5, 5'6. Her hair was black, curled slightly, and short. It framed her face quite well. Her eyes were a chocolate brown and her lids were lined with coal eyeliner and matching shadow. She wore a business attire that screamed “Fancy”.

Overall, she was drop dead gorgeous. Which made you cautious. The air around her was formal, and almost stiff. You gulped, starting to feel nervous.

Hello, may I help you...?” You asked with uncertainty. You were getting so many visitors today, it was quite unnerving.

No, but I heard you just moved in and I just wanted to give you a warm welcome.” She finished with a smile. It looked sort of fake. You returned the smile to be polite.

Oh, thank you. Um, what is your name?”

My apologies, my name is Regina Mills, I'm the Mayor of this town.” Wow, she's the mayor. Honestly, you've never heard of a mayor that would greet new comer's personally. You heard a grunt behind you and awkward shuffling. Then Leroy came up next to you.

I'm going to head out, uh, good luck, sister.” He said quickly then left. Your eye twitched. 'He left me for dead. Thank you Leroy! You coward!'

Regina cleared her throat and your attention snapped towards her. “May I come in?” She asked politely. Suddenly, you felt a cold shiver go down your back. You smiled sheepishly.

Uh, my place isn't really...decent at the moment.” You tried really hard for her to leave, but she insisted that it was fine with her and that she didn't mind if the place was a mess. You sighed in defeat and then opened the door more so she could come in.

The click of her heels echo throughout the house. They tapped on the wooden floor as she walked inside. You closed the door behind you and then turned to face her.

So, uh, have question, Miss Mayor--”

Call me Regina.” You looked at her mouth slightly a gap. You then quickly fixed that “--Right, R-regina. I have a question,” She gave a nod for you to continue “Why are you here? Not to be rude or anything, but I've never heard a mayor greet a new comer personally.” You hoped she wouldn't get offended.

Well, I tend to keep file of everyone here. When I heard around town that we have a new visitor I was baffled. You see, Miss (Name), we don't get a lot of visitors here in Storybrooke. I just wanted to make sure that everything was alright.” You listened to her intently. You've heard so many times that Storybrooke practically gets little to no visitants. You started to wonder why. Why is it that it's so rare here? Also, why is it such a big fuss? You wanted to ask Regina all these questions, but you felt as if you would be intruding.

Maybe it's best not to know?


Sighing heavily as the door closed behind Regina. You sank to the floor, letting your thoughts run wild with accusations and questions. This place is strange. The town is strange. The mayor is strange. Everything is f***king weird!

Groaning as you stood up, you left the apartment. Hunger started to gnaw at your stomach. You needed food, now.

If your memory serves right, you past by a diner on your way here. Walking outside, you hopped inside the car and drove off to find said diner. It didn't take long. You pulled up to the diner, parked your car outside of it, and stepped outside. You examined the diner exterior before going inside.

You opened the door and heard a chime of a bell from above. Everyone inside the diner turned away from what they were doing and stared at you. This only unnerved you slightly. You walked over towards the bar counter and ignored all the stares.

A waitress came up next to you. Her hair was black hair with red streaks, a shirt the reached her midriff and an extremely short skirt. Not like you were going to judge anyways.

Hey, my names Ruby. What can I get for you, hun?” She introduced herself with a smile. You smiled back, happy to meet someone nice in this town.

Yeah, um, I'll take one of your specials today and a coke on the side.”

Alright, I'll be back with your meal.” She winked then left you to your thoughts. You sighed. You looked around the diner. It was nice and cozy. You had a feeling you would be coming here often.

Your gaze shifted to your side and you noticed a women two seats down from you. She was playing with her nails, not really paying attention to anything. Her hair was a light blonde and she wore a red leather jacket the made her stand out, a lot.

Scooting closer, you wanted to talk to her. She seemed a bit frustrated. Maybe you could brighten up her day?

Hey.” You said. Her gaze broke from her nails and turned her head to look at you.

Uh...Hey.” She replied back awkwardly.

My names (Name), I'm new here. To StoryBrooke.” She nodded “I'm Emma...Emma Swan. I'm not....staying here. Just visiting.” The tension around her seemed to build up. You wanted to break the ice.

So, you're visiting? That's nice. Who are you visiting?” Ruby came from the kitchen and set your food and drink down next to you. You waved her a 'thanks', giving her a sign not to interrupt. She understood and went to her next customer.

She frowned at your question and you felt your stomach clench nervously. 'Seems I've over stepped my boundaries.'

I-I'm sorry, I shouldn't have asked that---”

-No, no. It's okay.” She put her hands up to show that everything was alright. Though it did nothing to calm your nerves, you tried nodding in understanding.

I- well. I'm here to see my son.” You blinked in surprise “Your son...does that mean--”

Yes, It does.” She shook her head. “The mother doesn't want me here. So, yeah. That's why I'm planning to leave soon.” You patted her shoulder awkwardly trying to comfort her.

What's his name?”



A day has passed since you've been at StoryBrooke and you've settled in nicely. You hadn't had any disruptions so you started to unpack and shuffle things in the right spot. You were glad the apartment already had enough furnishing such as a bed and dresser in both rooms.

You placed your clothes in the correct places, made up your bed with your own sheets and comforters, stocked up the kitchen and plugged up your laptop. You decided that next week would be the time to buy a desk and couches. The apartment started to feel like home and your were happy.

You headed to Granny's again during brunch. When you entered, you spotted Emma and a boy in a booth. They were both conversing about something until the bell rang above you, signaling their attention to you. Emma smiled and waved over to you. You returned the smile and walked over and sat next to the boy.

I hope I'm not interrupting anything.”

Oh, no. You weren't. (Nickname), this is---”

Her son.” He spoke up. He turned to you and smiled.

So you must be the Henry I've been hearing about. It's finally nice to meet you.” He nodded holding out his hand for you to shake. You were about to presented yourself but he interrupted.

And you must be (Name). Emma talks about you a lot.” The boy was grinning from ear to ear. You then heard another chime of the bell.

She's here.” Henry announced.

Hey, don't get your hopes up. We're just getting started, okay?” Emma said.

A woman walked over to the booth and sat next to Emma. She was about to say something before her eyes landed on you.

Oh, hello. We've never met before.” You nodded “I'm new here, I just moved in the apartments downtown.”

I'm Mary-Mary Margaret.”

(Name). And can I just call you Mary?”

Uh, yeah, sure.”

How'd it go?” Henry asked. Mary Margaret snapped her attention back to Henry, her thoughts reeled back to the situation and the reasons why she was here.

He woke up.” Emma looked at her shocked.


Henry looked at them with a knowing look “I knew it.”

I mean, he didn't 'wake up' wake up, but he grabbed my hand.” She corrected.

He's remembering!”

Emma looked at Mary “What did the doctor say?” Mary sighed, thinking back to what the doctor said “That I imagined it, but I’m not crazy. I know it happened.”

We have to go back. You have to read to him again.” Henry concluded. Mary Margaret agreed “Let's go.” You looked at them with a confused look. You didn't know what was going on, but you also wanted to come out of curiosity.

Can I come?” You asked. Henry smiled at you “ That would be awesome.” You returned the smile.

Emma looked at the three of you confused “Wait, wait what?”

If I got through to him , if we made a connection.”

You don't believe....”

That he's Prince Charming? Of course not. Somehow, some way, I touched him.”

They walked out of the diner with you following closely behind. “Emma, can you tell me what's going on?” She sighed “Yeah, I guess I'll fill you in since your coming.”

To Be Continued!

'Once Upon A Time'


What You Don't Know Can Hurt You”


Chapter 1: Another Stranger in Town








Mornings are the worst. Yes, it's debatable amongst people, some like it, some don't. You were sort of in between. Mornings aren't exactly bad.....but not exactly good either. It's hard to decipher whether a morning will be bad or good, it really all depends on how you slept the night before.


Surprisingly, it wasn't one of those mornings. You woke up well rested and spirits high. It was almost an alien feeling. Its been a while since you've felt this way because being a college student in the past has left you fatigue all the time with barely any time to fully rest.


After waking up and getting dressed, you sprang into action by putting on a jacket and scarf, then started loading your car with your boxes. You didn't have a lot of things, so you didn't need a moving truck. Though, since you were moving into a bigger apartment, you supposed you would have to buy more things to fill up the empty spaces. Also, find a job and such, but that would all come later.


You've saved enough money, plus your parents sent down a couple thousand dollars to help you move. That money will last you a while, luckily.


It was one in the afternoon by the time you finished loading your car. You took a short break and walked towards the gas station near you to get some snacks and a soda. You walked back to your small, empty apartment and sat on the floor. You didn't like eating in your car, so you just ate inside your apartment.


After eating your snacks and chugging your soda down, you cleaned the area you ate at, and scoped your apartment for anything that needed cleaning before you left. Five minutes past and you decided to leave and hit the road. Stopping at the leasing office and dropping off your keys, you felt a wave of excitement. You were finally starting your adventure.







Getting to Maine wasn't a problem, though it was taxing, it was simple. You stopped at a few rest stops, bought some gas, re-cooperated with coffee, some late lunch, and a little bathroom break, then the road. It was almost a cycle for the next two stops.


You have been on the road for a day now, you convinced yourself to not stop so much and tried to make it to Maine at 8 pm or less.


When you reached Maine, it was around 7:46 pm. You stopped at a fast food restaurant and called your parents. You kept them updated on your trip. At the end of your call, they requested pictures of Maine and your new apartment, to which you complied.


You went inside the restaurant to get some dinner and then you left to check out a hotel. Even though Storybrooke probably wasn't that far away, you really just wanted to sleep. Being on the road for two days was very tiring and all you wanted was rest. You had a feeling tomorrow was going to be stressful, with the moving in and all, then getting acquainted with the people and the town.


You sighed as your head hit the pillow. Your thoughts were starting to become fuzzy and incorrigible. The day settled on your mind and your eyes closed for what felt like five minutes. Then, they snapped open, but only to close again because of the bright light blinding them.


You groaned, flipping on your side, away from the light. You felt like you've slept for only five minutes. You also felt tired yet not. It was strange.


You got up slowly. Your eyes quickly adjusted to the blinding light. You yawned and sat there for a few minutes, planning your day.


“Alright. First things, first, take a shower because I smell like ass. I probably look like ass, too. Then.....” You sighed as your brain struggled to come up with precise thoughts.


“Then, I'll get back on the road again. I'll probably skip breakfast and just grab some coffee.... Finding this Storybrooke place is my main priority....Then after I find it, contact the leasing office of that apartment building let them know I'm there. And Bam! I'm in!” You mentally cheered, your brain was finally starting to work. You got up from your bed and went into the bathroom. You showered then got dressed. You grabbed your clothes and toiletries and then packed your bag again and left the hotel.


You did what you planned and stopped at a nearby coffee shop and grabbed a latte then left. You rustled inside of your bag before you left and grabbed the card. You read its contents, trying to memorize them and then drove off.







It took you 3 hours, which was longer than expected to find the place. It was extremely hard. It was almost like the place was hidden on purpose.


You passed a green sign that says 'Welcome to StoryBrooke'. You smiled, finally finding it. Your stomach did flips at the sight of a new place to settle at. You wondered what it's like here and how the people of Maine acted. So far, it wasn't too bad. And as requested by your parents, you have been taking pictures of what you past by so far.


It was a long road with a green forest on the side of the road. You looked around in amazement. No wonder you couldn't find this place. This whole area was covered by thick greenery. It was different from what you were used to, being a city girl and all. You would certainly miss the noise, and the closeness of stores and small shops the city brought.


You past the long deserted road and finally entered the town.


You smiled. “Wow, it's so different here. And small... Yeah, this will definitely take some getting used to.” As you drove down the street, you got stares from the people you passed. They were staring as if they've never gotten a visitor before. Your accusation was probably right. This place was so hard to find that they probably haven't had any visitors. You shrugged your shoulders. They'll get used to it.









You came up to the apartment complex further downtown. This place was surprisingly bigger than you thought. You parked in the small parking lot for guest and got out of the car. You got out and stretched out the kinks in your back. You moaned, feeling better now that you've stretched.


You walked inside the small leasing office, closing the door behind you. You were greeted by wooden floors, tacky wallpaper from what looked like the 80's, a small sitting area, and a bored woman dozing off at her desk in the edge of the room.


Walking up to her, you smiled “Hello, I'm here for the 2 bed 2 bath apartment you have here.” The woman startled awake and looked at you with wide eyes.


“...Um, who are you?” She asked, slightly confused. You tilted your head to the side.


“Yes, sorry about that. I'm (First and Last name), nice to meet you--”




“--Ms. Angelica.” She nodded. “Yes, I heard about you, a man called in for you. He said you were looking for somewhere to stay for a while. Your (name), you said? I'll go get the leasing papers.” She excused herself and went to the back room of the building. You waited patiently for her to come back. Angelica came back two minutes later with a bunch of papers and two folders.


“Okay, I’m going to need you to sign this with your name. This is the contract, it gets renewed every year. Also, I have a paper where you can read our terms, just sign your name at the bottom. I'm also going to need your ID and Driver's license, also a credit card.” You nodded, taking out your wallet from your bag and handing her the things she requested. Then, you took the papers and a pen, and sat down at the sitting area to read over the papers while she looked over your ID.


You finished everything and then received your things back along with your keys to the apartment. You gave Angelica a smile then left the building. As you exited the building, you heard a siren coming towards you. You gulped, knowing the familiar sound of a police siren.


A police car pulled up to the parking lot and parked. You stood there frozen, wondering why the police were here. A man exited the car. A tall one at that. He turned to you and walked towards you.


'So, they're here for me?' You wondered. You didn't do anything wrong. You literally just came to this town! You sighed, waiting for whatever was going to happen, happen.


He came up to you, finally and spoke. “Good day, ma'am. My name if Sheriff Graham. I just came to check out if everything is alright.” You looked up at him strangely. Then nodded “Yes, everything is alright. I don't understand though...I just came here, why are you here?” Sheriff Graham started to speak “Well, this is a small town as you know. We don't get a lot of visitors around here, so it's sort of strange seeing you here.”


You understood that. Finally dismissing the oddity of his visit, you relaxed slightly. You both conversed for a while before he decided to head off. “Well, then, you have a good day--”


“(Name).” You finished.


He nodded, then walked back to his car, then drove off. You slouched after he left, feeling much better now that he was gone. You had a peculiar feeling that he would irate you later on. You dismissed that feeling and finally went inside of your apartment. You looked around your apartment, a pleased feeling welled up inside of you. The place wasn't bad looking at all. There were already appliances in the kitchen, a washer and dryer in your own home, a huge master bathroom and connected bedroom. The guest bedroom and bath wasn't bad at all either.


“Now time to load all my things inside and unpack. Yay....” Thoughts rambled inside your head, with a sudden idea, you took off running.


You entered the leasing building again, then walking towards the desk Angelica sat at.


“Hey, sorry to bother you. Do you know anyone willing enough to unload the stuff from my car for me. It's a bit of stuff and I'm just too tired to do it on my own.”


“Yeah, I think I know someone who is willing to do it, but there is a price.” You nodded, reaching into your bag to get some money.


She waved her hands in front of her “No, no, not me, hun. The person you want to unload your car. You have to pay him for him to help you. He doesn't really like to....volunteer.” She confirmed. “Oh, okay, then. I guess that's fine.” You shrugged.


Angelica went to the side of her desk and pulled open a drawer. She grabbed a white card and a pen. You saw her write down a name and phone number then hand it to you.


“Call this number, and affirm you want him to help you. Make sure you say it clearly and in a firm tone or he won't really take you seriously.” Glancing at the card in her hand, you then glanced at her, confused. She sighed “Just do it.” You took the card and thanked her. You walked towards your apartment and sat on top of your counter in the kitchen.


You took out your I phone from your bag and dialed the number. You waited for the line to connect.


Hello?” A gruff voice called out.


“Yes, hello. Is this Leroy? My name is (Name). I have a job for you.”








“So, do you know who it is?” A woman asked. She looked up at the man in front of her. A passive expression on her beautiful features.


“Her name is (Name). She's new to town, she just moved to the Jamel apartments downtown.” The man informed. The woman looked at him in thought. “Is that all you have to inform me?” He replied with a 'yes'.


“She isn't a threat, is she?” She asked. “I do not think so. I think she is just a girl who is curious. She's quite young, too.”


“Well, then, you can go back to your duty, Graham.” She stated, then walked across her office to grab a small jacket. Graham blinked at her “Where are you going?” He asked.


“I'm going to pay Miss (Name) a visit.” The woman smirked, then exited the room, leaving a confused Graham to look after her.







End Of Chapter 1

What You Don't Know Can Hurt You Chapter 1

Another chapter coming to an end. So, let me explain what's going on.

Basically, this all takes place in Season 1 right after episode 1 and 2. I'm going to follow the plot, but only slightly. This is an AU. It will only follow the plot a little bit. There will be changes, but not extreme one's. If you're wondering if the reader is from the Enchanted Forest, you'll just have to wait and see. :) 

That's all for now! Thanks for reading!

Prologue: What You Don't Know Can Hurt You *Prologue*
Chapter 2: What You Don't Know Can Hurt You Chapter 2



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