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Journal History


'Once Upon a Time'


'What You Don't Know Can Hurt You'


Chapter 7: One Step at a Time


After the incident with the mine, things were settling down. Not much was happening around Storybrooke and everything seemed to go back into a boring routine. The excitement simmered down and you were stuck with finding something to do. To much of your regret, you found that it was time to get a job. You went through newspapers to see if people were hiring; which was no help to you because it seems they haven't had a job opening since 1987.


Now it was time to actually go to places and talk to people to get more info. You went everywhere in town to see if they were hiring. Luck was not on your side. Every spot was full. Granny's didn't need an extra waitress or cook, Graham already had a Deputy, Gold didn't seem to get much business so you didn't bother with him. Leroy didn't seem to need an extra hand and the Rabbit Hole had enough workers and didn't require your help.


The only place left on the map in this town was City Hall. Aka; Regina's Domain. You shivered at the thought of barking up on her door. It's not that you were scared of her-no it wasn't that... Well-she did intimidate you some. Besides that, you'd rather not get involved with her. She seemed like someone who enjoyed power over people; enjoyed their fear for her. You've dealt with people like that before, you'd rather not be involved with it again.


Then, you remembered the school and felt as if there was some light to the situation. You went to the school to see if they needed assistance, but found that they only had one spot open; which was for a teacher. Then, you faltered. You didn't major in teaching in collage, so the school would be no help. A sudden wave of dread hit you as you felt your options narrow. City Hall it was.

You decided to dress nicely for this event. A business suit-type dress clung to your bodice. Over it was a gray vintage coat, for shoes you wore simple two inch heeled black boots that stopped before your knees. Underneath was black stockings. Overall, you looked presentable enough to not be turned down. Probably.


Standing outside the building which the Mayor of the town resided in was intimidating to say the least. Even though you were not in front of her; you still felt the need to hide. You sighed heavily and starting walking up the marble stairs. You made it up the stairs without tripping over your own feet; which was a start. You opened the large door and immediate warmth embraced you. Your eyes caught sight of a clerk's desk. You sniffled and shuffled over to the front desk. The woman at the front desk was playing with her pen before you came, and you coughed to gain her attention. She looked startled, but quickly recovered and looked up and smiled.


“Hi, I'm here to see Mayor Mills.” You spoke clearly.


“Do you have an appointment?” She asked.


'Shit, I forgot to make an appointment. I'm so stupid.' “, but—I-I really need to see her. I promise- I'll be quick.” You couldn't be turned down again. You needed this job.


“Ma’am, I'm afraid that if you do not have an appointment you can't see Mayor Mills.” The desk clerk replied, then gave you an apologetic smile.


“I swear I'll be quick. I promise, this is important.” 'This is embarrassing. I'm so stupid.'


“I'm sorry, you can't see her today, but I'm sure if you make an appointment; you will be able to see her when she is available.” You sighed, you were not planning on getting rejected again. You were going to fight for this.


“Look, I can't wait any longer. I need this job!” You raised your voice, then moved towards the stairs and ran. It was a stupid on your part, but you were desperate. The desk clerk hollered for you to stop, but you didn't listen and tuned her out. You reached the second floor and figured she probably wasn't there. It was a guess, but you thought she would be on the third floor and decided to take the next set of stairs.


There were so many doors to choose from it made you falter. Which one was the right one? Where was she?


You ran down the hall, checking each room; each one of them empty. You ended up at the last one which was a white door with a glass window. On the bottom of the window it had a small sign that read, “Mayor's office”. You rolled your eyes at your stupidity and realized you should have looked at the signs on the doors in the hall. You took some time to fix your hair and outfit before knocking on the door. You heard a faint 'come in' and you took that as your cue to enter.


“Miss Cas—What are you doing here?” Regina looked irritated upon your arrival. You gulped and closed the door behind you.


“I'm here to talk.” You said. You then looked around the rather large Mayor's office and almost gasped at the size. It was huge! Not only that, but the interior was amazing. The floor beneath you was marbled and had a tile look with black and white patterns. The whole room had a similar style; black and white. It was quite nice to look at. Then, you remembered why you were here and averted your attention to Regina.


“You didn't make an appointment. I have no clarification that you want to see me today, plus I'm busy. Good bye.” She stated rudely and went back to her work. You watched her go back to work and pretend you were not there. You scoffed as you felt your patience wear thin. You were tired of being pushed around by this woman and decided to walked forward. Your heels clanged loudly on the marble floors and you cleared your throat.


“It's important Re---Mayor Mills.”


Regina stopped her work and lifted her head. She gave you a heated glare; which made you shiver, but you didn't back down or move away. You stood your ground. “And what-pray tell, is so important that you had to come into my office unannounced and disturb me from my work?”


“Yeah, sorry about that. I came here to see if you had any openings, ya' know, job offers?” Your tone revealed that you were nervous, but you didn't care, all you hoped for was that she would say yes.


“I know what you mean, and no we do not. Please leave.” She husked. Her scowl was prominent on her pretty face as she looked at you with obvious displeasure.


You seemed almost at a lost. Your gaze met hers and you leaned over her desk. “Please, I'll do anything. I'll clean up your file cabinets and order them alphabetically, I'll answer phones calls, arrange papers, clean the officer, whatever. I'll do it! I-I can be your assistant!” You tried to pull out the puppy dog eyes, “Please...”


Regina's jaw tightened at your insubordination. She really just wanted you to leave her alone, but you wouldn't budge. Her mind ran over ways to dispose of you quietly without anyone noticing, but that was risky. People would notice you were gone and there would be panic. She groaned internally and slowly mulled over your offer; figuring it was the best way to get you off her back.


She sighed deeply as she rolled her eyes. “Alright, Miss (Name). You have the job as my personal assistant.” You grinned happily and bit back a squeal. “Thank you, Regina! I will do my best!” You noticed you slipped up on calling her Regina, but she didn't seem to notice as she was too deep in thought. She nodded and continued her work. You turned to leave the office until she stopped you.


“Be here by tomorrow 6 am sharp with coffee. Do not be tardy.” She said. You nodded before exiting the room.

After you left the building, you made a mad dash to the nearest clothing store in town. You needed good attire for this job because you figured Regina would not like you turning up in a flannel and skinny jeans. You opened the glass door to the clothing store and entered inside. You were then greeted by a nice tall man, who said to call him Jerry. You smiled and shifted your gaze to a stock line of business attire.


Your eyes scanned through dozens of formal suits, undershirts, jackets, dresses and pants. Your eyes connected with a gray dress. It was a simple one, with a V-cut. A brown belt went across the middle below the breast. You went through the sizes and picked one that suited you best before going to another rack to pick out something else. You found a darker gray blazer which had a cute little breast pocket.


Then, you figured your going to have to pick up clothing for more than just one day and decided to go about in the store and look around until you were satisfied. You grabbed random outfits, which you guessed would be work appropriate along with a couple pairs of flats and three pairs of pumps. All in all, you ended up spending 200 bucks in that store which was to be expected, but it still made you cry internally at the emptiness of your wallet.


Stepping outside in the cold fall, almost winter air made you shiver. You were still wearing a dress which didn't cover much sadly. You clutched the shopping bags tighter as you walked down the lonely sidewalk. You were alone to your thoughts.


'I wonder what Emma's doing. Probably deputy stuff.' The corners of your mouth lifted. 'I wonder if she gets to keep a gun. Haha, imagine her rolling around shooting people like in Call of Duty. That would be cool.'


“I'm Deputy Emma, and your under arrest.” You said, trying to inmate Emma's voice. “Oh, no don't arrest me Deputy Emma, I'm just a small town----”


“Is that what you really think of me when I'm not around?” Emma stated with deep sarcasm. You jumped, then turned around with a startled look.


“Emma. Don't. Do. That.” You said catching your breath. You almost felt your heart beat out of your chest from shock. Emma grinned and caught up to you.


“Sorry, I just had too.” The blonde's green eyes lit up with humor and you warmed up. “It's fine. So, how's everything?”


“Same old, I guess.” She said nonchalantly as she walked with you. Her eyes then gazed down at the bags you were holding.


“Went on a shopping spree?” You laughed and shook your head.


“Sort of. I just got a new job so now I gotta dress the part.” Emma perked up. “Oh, really? Where are you working at?”


“City Hall as Regina's Assistant.” Emma almost stopped walking. She voiced her worry for you, but you calmed her down.


“Emma, it's fine. I just need the money, okay? Nothing big.”


“She's bad news, (Name).”


You sighed deeply; steam came from your mouth and stilled in the cold air, straying a bit then disappearing altogether.


“I know, but I have no choice. No other place is hiring and I'm not planning on working out of town. Did you know that the nearest town from here is three hours away? I am not working three hours away from home.”


“Yeah, I guess that is too much to ask, Isn't it?”


“A bit, but thanks for worrying.”


Emma smiled at you; her eyes had a strange spark to them when she looked at you. You starred at her, feeling an unusual warmth settling in your chest. Your mouth went dry and your cheeks flushed. You felt embarrassed at the unnecessary attention she was giving you. It was making you feel weird, like a strange fuzzy feeling.


“Ummm, how's Mary Margaret?” You blurted out to avert her attention away from you. She hummed in thought, “She doing fine—ehh, sort of. You know David...she has a thing for him still.”


“But he's married.”


“That's what I said.”


You smiled at the thought, “Hope she finds what she's looking for. It seems sort of sad that she has to go through this.” The blonde nodded and looked ahead at the nearing apartment complex. The rest of the walk was silent and before you knew it, you ended up at your home.


“Uh, do you wanna come inside?” You asked as you jammed your key in the key hole.


“---I don't want to intrude...”


“You're not.” You turned around to face her. She froze and looked at you. Your gaze pierced through the blonde.


“Please Emma...?”


The blonde's thoughts became muddled as she starred into your big, glossy eyes. “Uh, yeah...Sure.” She said numbly. She trudged up the porch steps, her legs feeling like lead all of a sudden. Her actions were against her will. Her mind was barely processing what was happening, but her heart pounded in anticipation.


You tossed your keys to the side and dropped your coat on a nearby hanger. You turned around and offered to take Emma's jacket, which she agreed to. You showed her how much progress you had on the apartment. She was impressed at the new furniture that filled the crevasses of the home, making it more warm and inviting.


You both ended up huddled on the sofa in the living room chatting about different things. Like what was going on the past week, Henry's well-being, Mary Margaret, Graham, etc. After chatting for a bit, you offered to watch some TV and she agreed.


“I don't have my Blu-ray player yet so we can't watch Netflix. Normal TV sounds alright to you?”


“Yeah, TV's fine.” You grabbed the remote and flipped the television on then flipped to a random channel. You eventually leaned back into the sofa and relaxed. A comfortable silence settled between the both of you as you became involved in the current show.


Emma was only able to focus on the show for so long. Her attention averted to the petite woman next to her. Her green eyes examined you thoroughly taking in your features. 'Beautiful.' She thought as she bit her lip. Her heart hammered in her chest again and she felt nervous being around you. 'Does she notice?' Emma hoped not. She didn't want to look stupid in front of her friend.


You felt the familiar feeling of someone starring at you and you turned your head to look at Emma. As soon as you turned, her gaze averted to the TV. You looked at her, questioning yourself as to why she was starring at you before turning back to the TV. Emma almost sighed as she felt your gaze leave her. She felt as if she would almost die.


She looked at you again and starred at you with an airy look, 'Oh, if only you knew...'

“Two coffee's to go please.” You said impatiently. Ruby nodded and went around back to get your coffee. You were feeling a bit nervous. Today was the day you were going to start working for Regina, and you were anxious, almost queasy. You weren't sure if you could do this because the woman made you feel uneasy. She was powerful and witty. Nothing gets past her, so you knew you couldn't screw up. Screwing up could result in you losing your job. Your hands were shaking and you felt light-headed. You clenched your fists; today was going to be a long day.


“So, why are you in a hurry?” Ruby asked.


“Well, I just started this new job and the person who hired me wants me to be on time. Personally, I'd rather be on time as well...I'd rather not deal with them..If you know what I mean.” You replied.


Ruby hummed in agreement, “So, what job did you get.” You sighed at her question.


“Sorry, am I being too nosy?”


“No, you're fine. I'm just thinking about something, but I'll tell you. I'm an assistant...for the mayor.” You hoped Ruby wouldn't have the same reaction that Emma had.


Ruby was silent and didn't reply back, which made you anxious. This was exactly what you feared.


Ruby came around to the bar counter and handed you the coffee's with a smile. You smiled worriedly at her and handed the money to the brunette. “Thank you.” She waved, “No problem. You should probably get going though, the mayor doesn't like tardiness.”


“Right, thanks again.... Have a good day, Ruby.” You left Granny's and went straight to your car. You place the two hot coffee's in the cup holders and started up your car. You reversed out of parking and drove off to Town Hall. While you were driving, you were doing some breathing exercises to calm your nerves. It wasn't really working, but at least it was something to do.


Sooner than later, you ended up at City Hall. You bit your lip, then grabbed a hand mirror to look at your face for the fifteenth time in a row. Your hair was up in a fancy bun and your bangs were covering most of your forehead, along with two strands on the side to frame your face. Your makeup was not smudging, surprisingly. Everything was in place and you relaxed. You then scooped up the coffee and exited the car.


Walking up the marble stairs, you thought of things you would have to say to her as a formal greeting. She probably wanted you to act polite and formal, which was the exact opposite of who you were. 'Hello' was too robotic for you and 'Hi' was too casual. 'Hey' was also casual. You didn't know what to say to her and decided to wing it.


You passed by the secretary's desk and headed up the stairs. Finally reaching the third floor, you remembered where Regina's office was from last time and picked up your pace. When you got to the front of her door, you stopped. Taking a deep breath, you placed the other coffee to your other hand, holding it with your arm. You knocked on the door and waited to hear her say something.


Come in.” You heard and you opened the door. You then took your time to close it behind you before facing her. Your face remained neutral and any signs of nervousness was gone.


“Good morning, Madam Mayor. I've brought your coffee.” She looked up from her work and examined you. You wore the gray dress you picked up yesterday. It complimented you well and Regina showed her approval. You almost smiled. Almost.


You walked forward and placed the coffee on the desk in front of her, careful to avoid her paper work. “I wasn't sure what you wanted with your coffee so I only got you cream. Is that alright?”


“That is fine, thank you, Miss (Name). You may sit down.” You nodded and sat down. Crossing your legs, you started to sip on your coffee. There was silence between the both of you. It wasn't comfortable either; nothing like you and Emma where the both of you would stay silent and enjoy each others company. No, this one was intimidating. You were on edge. You wanted to please her, you wanted to show her you could do this job. You were not incompetent or lower than her.


You waited for her to tell you what you could do, but she said nothing. She was just writing things on paper, reading over things, and drinking her coffee. Before you knew it; it was lunch time already. Regina sighed and looked up at the time, then she stood up. You sighed shakily.


“Well, it's my lunch break. Care to join me, Miss (Name)?” She asked while taking her purse and slinging it around her shoulder. You studied her carefully, trying to read her.


“Uhh, are you sure?”


“If I wasn't sure, then would I ask you?” She snapped at you and you almost jumped.


“No, Ma'am. I-it would be a pleasure to join you at lunch.” You answered quickly. You didn't expect her to snap so easily, then again, you didn't expect her to ask you to lunch either. She was full of surprises.


To Be Continued!

What You Don't Know Can Hurt You Chapter 7
Author's Note:

Sorry it took so long to upload this chapter. I have been going through a lot of things lately. My father recently passed away and he happened to be the most important person in my life. I'm still suffering from my loss, but I'm holding it together.

Anyways, about the story....I'm changing the POV. I am starting to get annoyed by the reader's point of view. The repetitive words that keep popping up are giving me a headache, so I'm changing it.

Everything else will be the same don't worry. Thank you for sticking with me this long! Bye now! :)


Elsa/Fem! Reader

'Let Down Your Walls'

The ice castle gleamed bright from the reflecting sun. It was almost midday. The air was crisp, absolutely freezing to say. There was a strong wind that threw fresh snow around in the air, creating a misty cover. The small, unfortunate woman who happened to be walking in this storm ignored the icy flurries and continued to climb up the mountain. Her feet stuck into the snow, keeping her from falling as she moved her arms forward to keep balance. The mountain was steep and the snow was slippery, but she put that in the back of her mind. She had somewhere to be, no snow storm would change that.


Another harsh breeze blew past her, chilling her through her thick coat; making her shiver. Her breath eventually came out in puffs. The air was getting thinner from the altitude. The woman stopped for a second to catch her breath. She was feeling a bit light headed. Her mind became blank for a second before it came back to her task at hand.


'Elsa.' She thought.


Her quest was to find the Queen. Not because she had to, but because she wanted to. She was worried for the blonde. She found that Elsa was distraught yesterday when her powers were shown to everyone by accident. Her ice powers that were kept hidden for all these years, and now everyone knows about it. The woman felt a pang of sadness at the way Elsa looked at everyone. Her face showed fear and hurt. The woman wanted to go over to the blonde and talk to her, tell her everything was going to be alright, but after her supposed 'slip up', she made a run for it. Leaving her younger sister, Anna, to chase after her.


The ice castle came more into view as the woman got closer. It was just a few meters away. There was a trail of ice stairs. They looked sturdy enough, so she decided to take them. The woman felt almost relieved at being closer to her destination. She felt a spark of hope. She was almost there.


She made it to the double doors of the ice fortress and stood still for a bit. Her mind raced at what she would do when she entered inside. What would she say to Elsa? Would she ask her to come back to Arendelle? Was that wise? The woman's eyes showed sorrow.


“Does she even want to see me?” She asked herself. She felt her excitement slowly drift away, and was soon replaced with anxiety and uncertainty. She clutched her hands into a fist and gripped tightly and her breathing became ragged once again. A voice in her head told her to just go inside and talk to Elsa, but she felt as if she didn't want to. The feeling of being unwanted was too much at the moment. She then closed her eyes and tried to relax. Her nerves were on edge, but she knew she need to calm down. She closed her eyes and counted backwards from 10.














She relaxed her fists and lifted her hands up and placed them on the icy door. The door was smooth and cold. The edifice of the doors were detailed and the woman soon became awed with the look. She pushed the doors open and stepped inside the icy fortress.


As soon as she entered, she felt even more impressed with the inside. It was just as beautiful as the outside, maybe even more so. The walls were extremely tall. There were arched doorways on the side that lead to what she believed were more hallways. She walked towards the middle of the foyer. She tilted her head upwards and saw a large chandelier. It was the most beautiful thing shes ever seen. It was made entirely out of ice. It was different and unique in its own way. Her eyes then glanced at a stairway nearby that lead all the way to the second floor. She moved forward towards the stairway. She assumed that Elsa was probably upstairs and then climbed up the stairs. When she made it past the staircase, there was a large hallway. She followed down the hallway where it cut off to a large room. The woman scanned the room before her eyes landed on a balcony. There stood the woman she was looking for. Her back was turned to her; Elsa must have not noticed that she had arrived. The woman sighed almost inaudibly and decided to make her presence known.


“Elsa.” She called out. The Queen flinched, then turned around. Her face flushed red in shock, then changed to worry.


“What are you doing here?” Elsa asked.


The woman thought about her answer before replying, “I'm here to see you.” Elsa rose an eyebrow, now curious.


“And why is that?”


The woman moved closer to Elsa, “Well, I wanted to see if you were alright. You left quite early yesterday.” Elsa was silent, then slowly started to inch away from the woman. The woman starred at her, and started to move closer, but not too close. She did not want to scare away the blonde. She just wanted to talk.


“Elsa...” She trailed off. The air around them became heavy as the silence thickened.


“Look, I'm not here to do anything to you, if that is what you're worried about.” She then said. Elsa avoided looking at her face. She inched away even more until her back hit the railing. Her hands clutched the railing tightly.


“That means you know.” She replied after a short while.


The woman sighed and her posture stiffened, “Yes, it does.”


“And that means you know to stay away from me, (Name).” (Name) did not flinch away when Elsa raised her voice. She stood her ground and starred Elsa down. Her concern grew for the blonde.


“Elsa, I'm not going to stay away from you.” Elsa looked frightened by those words. Snow started to shimmer around them. It was light, but it was a sign that Elsa was panicking.


“You must, for your safety!” (Name) moved an inch closer.


“I'm not going to do that. Do you know why?”


Elsa shook her head, her face showed disdain as she tried to keep her powers in check.


“Because I don't think you're dangerous, Elsa. I just're confused on what to do. I would be too.” (Name) said. Her words did not come out the way she wanted to. Her thoughts were scrambled, as she had so much to say, but it was not coming out right. She felt frustrated and worn.


“Look, what I'm trying to say is....that you're not alone on this. I'm here to help. You don't have to hide yourself from me, Elsa. I'm your friend. We could do this together.” Then, (Name) moved to reach out for her. Elsa pressed into the railing as she saw (Name) move closer to her, reaching out for her. She felt fear. Fear for (Name)'s safety.


“No, stay back...” (Name) lifted her hand.


“Please stay back!” Elsa pushed back in fear, her magic coiled around them and the snow became heavier. Unnoticed to Elsa, the railing started to crack from the pressure of her magic. It was a thin railing, which could barely withstand the harsh snow and ice.


(Name) looked around worried. Elsa's magic was getting out of hand and now she could hardly see because of the snow. The wind around her became strong and hit her face violently. She held up her arms to shield her face, and then began to move forward again.


Elsa tried to control her emotions, trying to avoid getting out of relation. Her magic soon became more furious, and her attention became void. She panicked and the wind became stronger. (Name) felt her weight lift a little from the wind and she crouched slightly to keep her weight on the balcony. It was harder to walk now.


The balcony was not big, so it was frustrating to hold her weight down so she wouldn't fly off the mountain side.


“Elsa!” She called out.


There was no answer, but (Name) was desperate at the moment and decided to continue.


“Elsa, you have to gain control of your power!”


“I-I can't!” She heard Elsa shout.


“You have to! If you don't, we'll be blown off the mountain! Elsa, you can't let this power control you! You have to find control! You own this power, not the other way around!” (Name) heard a struggled cry from Elsa.


“You have to promise me, you'll try to gain control! You have to try!” There was a muffled sob and the sound of heavy breathing before she got her answer.


“A-alright, I'll try!” (Name) would smile at this if it weren't a life or death situation.


Elsa felt her tears run down her cheeks as she closed her eyes and tried to calm down. She imagined what would happen if she didn't gain control of her power. What would happen to (Name) if this continued on. They would both die and it would be all her fault. (Name) was right, she needed to control this.


She took a few deep breaths and imagined the storm slowly coming to a stop. She imagined that she controlled this storm. She imagined that she could stop it as well. Her emotions would not come in the way of that. She thought of having complete power in wielding ice, and snow.


She then opened her eyes and held out her hands. A blue glow came from them and covered her palms. Her fingers flexed in a winded motion and the snow and ice floated in the air, slowing their rampage; the ice followed her movements. The wind simmered down and then she lifted her hands to the air. The snow then dissipated into the air with a white and blue light. As soon as it was gone, Elsa took a deep breath. She now felt as if she was in control, but also exhausted.


(Name) looked at the blonde happily and scooted closer. Elsa shared her look and gazed back at her.


“I knew you could do it.” (Name) breathed. Elsa's blue eyes shimmered as tears clouded her vision. (Name) looked at her, startled. “Oh, no I'm sorry Elsa! Did I do something wrong?” She moved forward to hold the Queen's hand.


Elsa giggled at her friends overreaction. “No, no you're fine. It's just said you believed in me.” She paused and looked at (Name)'s hand, which happened to hold hers in it. She blushed at the contact, feeling the warmth that (Name)'s hand gave her. It made something inside her blossom.


“When you said that—I-I felt happy. Like, I felt warm for once.” (Name) starred at Elsa, blush now prominent as well.


“R-really? I just said that I knew you could do it. I mean—you could have done this yourself, cause you're strong enough to.” (Name) started to ramble on and Elsa tightened her grip on (Name)'s hand. “I understand, but I really couldn't do it without you. I felt as if you gave me that push I needed. For that I am thankful.”


(Name) blushed even more at Elsa's kind words and scratched the back of her head nervously, “Umm, Thanks. I would do it over again Elsa, if I needed to. You're my best friend.” She took a shaky breath, she felt slightly embarrassed by Elsa's words. They were so bold and kind, (Name) did not know what to say.


Her eyes settled on Elsa's face. Her train of thought was muddled. With only one thought in mind she felt her heartbeat quicken. She starred. Elsa's lips were full and probably soft. (Name) licked her own lips tentatively. She wondered how it would feel to have the blonde's lips on hers, pressed softly into a kiss. She then bit down on her bottom lip to prevent her from kissing the Queen.


Elsa noticed (Name)'s attention was directly on her. She felt nervous but also happy. Excited even. Her blue eyes gleamed and her cheeks grew warm.


“(Name)...” She whispered. Said woman acknowledged her name being said and hummed in response. “There's something I want to tell you.” Elsa looked unsure of herself before changing her expression to something that could be made out entirely of something that resembled love. She moved to grab (Name)'s other hand. She took both her hands and covered them with her own and held them close. (Name) eyes widened at Elsa's bold actions, her breath hitched.


“Yes, what is it?” (Name) asked curiously.


Elsa bit her lip, still running over her idea to tell (Name) how she felt. She already has her attention, she might as well tell her. There was nothing to lose at this point and Elsa had a strong feeling that (Name) felt the same way.


“You're my friend. We have been friends for a very long time, but I don't want to be friends anymore.” (Name) looked at her, shocked. “W-what do you mean?” The blonde shook her head.


“I mean, I want to be more than friends.” She finished.


(Name) looked dazed. She felt her heart beat even faster as she felt sudden warmth pillowed in her chest. She then smiled at the Queen. “Really?”


“Yes, I do. (Name), I love you.” (Name)'s smile widened into a grin. She grinned so hard, it felt as if her face would split in half. Elsa laughed at her comically. “Well?”


“I love you, too!” (Name) moved fast and smashed her lips onto Elsa's. She felt the blonde smile as she kissed her and moved her lips along with her. (Name) moved her hands and placed them on Elsa's slim waist and Elsa place her hands on (Name)'s shoulders. She held her tightly, and pulled the woman closer to her; deepening the kiss.


A minute or two past and they parted from each other, smiles on their faces. Elsa leaned her forehead on (Name)'s, a relaxed look settled on her face.


“So, what now, my Queen?” (Name) asked. Elsa opened her eyes and leaned back. She turned and looked at the sunset. (Name) moved beside her and leaned onto the railing.


“I guess we head back?” The woman leaned her head on the queen's shoulder and sighed.


“Sounds good to me.”

'Let Down Your Walls' Elsa/Fem! Reader
Author's Note:

Well, Here's the first one to start things off. I like this one a lot so I might do a sequel to it, but I might not either. It really depends. I'm not sure. So yeah, here's Queen Elsa x Fem! Reader. I'm writing more fanfics so be ready for those as well! :)

Disclaimers: I Do Not Own Elsa or the Picture of her.

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Dead Inside


Once Upon a Time AU




Warning: This story contains verbal, physical, and sexual abuse. Also, depression and mentions of suicide and alcohol use are written. If you're easily triggered by these things, do not continue reading.

Regina ground her teeth together as Chaste went on about gods-knows what. Regina didn't know what Chaste was talking about because she tuned her out as soon as she entered the room. Regina sat on the love seat, sipping her apple cider and ignored her fiance.


It was not always like this. Chaste and Regina were the perfect couple. They took each other out on dates, held hands in public, and were seen sharing chaste kisses in public. They were the definition of what true love was, well, besides Snow and Charming.


Anyways, they were always together, sharing smiles and laughs. They brought the best out of each other and Regina was able to be happy for once in her life. Her heart was not a solid piece of concrete in her chest anymore, and it beat fast whenever Chaste was around. She felt alive.


Their love started small as they were friends in the Enchanted Forest. Best friends even. Chaste was the most precious thing to her. Regina didn't have to hide how she felt around Chaste and she was comfortable around her, and she with her.


Chaste was known high-ranking knight from King George's army, but eventually became rogue because she did not agree with his customs. She met Regina in one of her travels; walking along the dirt road only the Evil Queen road on and was stopped. Regina exited the carriage with the intent to kill Chaste, but with a few sassy, yet witty remarks from Chaste; Regina grew interested. After that, it was history.


When they came here from the curse Regina enacted, Chaste did not remember thous moments and Regina was forced to stay away from her, as it was too painful to speak to someone who doesn't remember you.


The curse was broken by Emma 28 years later and Chaste recollected everything. Regina remorse the fact the curse was broken, but quickly put those feelings aside when her friend came knocking on her door and hugged her tightly. That's when Regina decided to take the next step in their relationship.


Now, here they were, bantering about something worthless. It broke Regina's heart that it came to this. She couldn't bare the sight of Chaste upset, and it hurt her to know that she was the root of it all.


“Are you even listening to what I’m saying?” Chaste shrieked. Her vision got blurry as she clenched her fist. She didn't like yelling at Regina, but she felt as if she needed to say what she needed to say. Regina has been acting strange after the second curse was enacted and she had a feeling that Robin Hood was the root of the problem.


She had a theory that Regina was cheating on her. She didn't want to believe Regina was being unfaithful. It made her sick just thinking about it. It could be a possibility though. She started to notice Regina was distancing herself from Chaste and she was 'hanging' out with Robin Hood more doing gods-knows what. She heard rumors around town that they saw Regina and Robin holding hands. It made her heart ache to hear that Regina was sharing herself with someone else.


They were going to get married soon, god dammit! Chaste didn't need this. Another thing she had to worry about was that stupid witch running about causing havoc everywhere. Not to mention, Henry does not remember her, which hurt a lot.


Regina looked up at Chaste, her eyes blank. She set the empty glass aside and stood up. She starred at Chaste before walking away. Chaste stayed silent as she heard the front door close with a thud and Chaste burst into tears.

The witch turned out to be Regina's older sister, which was a surprise to everyone. Regina and Zelena had a witch-off or magic-off or whatever you call it and Regina lost. She was thrown through the watch tower and Chaste's eyes widened in fear for Regina. She ran towards the watch tower, and sprinted up the stairs. The Charming's followed closely behind her.


She found Regina on the ground, trying to lift herself up. Chaste was by her side in seconds and gripped her gently to lift her up.


“Are you alright?” Mary Margaret asks her.


Regina looks at her snidely, “I’m still alive, aren’t I?”


“Gold disappeared. We thought that meant she-” Charming was interrupted, “defeated me? Hardly.” Regina said.


“You’ve won?” Chaste bit her lip.


“Don’t act so surprised. As it turns out Zelena wanted my heart. It’s a good thing I wasn’t stupid enough to bring it with me.” Chaste starred at Regina. She didn't know Regina took out her heart before battling it out with Zelena. Chaste looked a bit lost as to why Regina didn't tell her.


“Any idea why she wants it?” Charming asked.


“Well, she got your courage and wants my heart. Those are ingredients.” Regina stated in thought.


“For what? A curse?”


Chaste tuned out the rest of the conversation as it still bothered her that Regina didn't tell her about taking out her heart and hiding it. She also wondered where she hid it. Hiding it in her vault would be too obvious and hiding it in her house would be suicide. Where could it be? Chaste was planning on asking this when they got home because she needed answers.

Chaste sat down in the living room across from where Regina sat. Her eyebrows were furrowed in frustration as more thoughts came about. Regina was not telling her things and it bothered her. What did she need to hide? She didn't know, but she was going to get to the bottom of it.


“Regina, why didn't you tell me you hid your heart?” Chaste asked as calmly as she could. She kept her breathing at a steady pace as she waited for an answer from her lover.


Regina did not reply for some time, which only proved to worry Chaste further. “What are you hiding, Regina? I'm your fiance, you should be able to tell me anything, yet you're not. It's bothering me. We barely talk anymore, I'm starting to think you don't want to be with me.” Chaste forced out. Her eyes stung from her own words, but it was how she felt. She couldn't hide how she felt.


Regina froze, processing her words. “I do want to be with you. It's been my dream to finally marry you.” Chaste frowned, “Then why are you keeping secrets from me?”


“I'm not...I'm not! This is private, I can't tell you!” Chaste stood up angrily.


“And why can't you tell me!” Regina stood up as well.




“Because what, Regina?” Chaste spat with venom. Regina bit her lip. She didn't want to continue this conversation and decided that she wasn't going to and left the room.


“You can't always walk away from this! Regina!” Chaste followed her to the door. Regina opened it and slammed the door behind her.


“Regina! Regina come back!”

Chaste remembered clearly the argument she had with Regina two weeks ago. In that time, Chaste busied herself with other things such as protecting Mary Margaret from Zelena as she gave birth. She failed obviously and the baby was taken. She was knocked out from the magic thrown at her. She quickly recovered and followed after Charming and joined up with Regina and Henry.


They were talking about taking Zelena out. Emma was the key to beat her since light magic can defeat dark magic, but Emma couldn't because she lost the ability to cast magic. Henry then came up with an idea that Regina could help in some way even though she had dark magic. Chaste smiled at Regina and Henry and nodded, agreeing with him.


Then, Robin Hood came up and said some words of encouragement to Regina, which in turn made Chaste's insides churn. Yet, she held in her disgust and focused on defeating Zelena.

Hook, Robin, and Charming were thrown to the ground by magic while Chaste stood her ground and thought of a strategic plan to defeat Zelena.“Come for another beating, sis?” Zelena mocked Regina. Chaste stood guard in the back, thinking of a plan. She glared at Zelena and decided to wing it and charge with her sword. She hoped she would at least get close enough to Zelena without getting flung around the room like a rag doll, but luck was not on her side today...or any day.


“No. I came for some jewelry.” She said, then reached out for Zelena’s pendant. Quickly, Zelena magically pushes her sister away from herself. Zelena notices that David and Robin Hood have recovered. “To a present flying monkey Beautiful one, if you will.” Diving, the monkey attacks them. David shoves Robin Hood out of the way. The creature claws David’s shoulder and in turn he groaned in pain. Chaste was still trying to gather herself as everything around her spun. She felt the sudden need to vomit, but she held it in.


Robin hood took aim with his crossbow “Remember, these creatures are our friends.”


“Don’t worry, I’ll use a gentle touch.” David replied, slightly panting.


“Unfortunately, that’s not an option for me.” Using magic, Mr. Gold forcefully pushes both of them back once again.


Once more Zelena applies her attention to Regina. Lifting her up, Zelena strangles her sister. She looked at her, quite pleased with her work. Chaste sat on the ground, her vision blurring in and out of unconsciousness. She wanted to get up and save Regina, but her body felt too heavy to move. She felt anxiety for being so helpless. How was she supposed to protect her Queen if she couldn't take a simple hit of magic?


“Only light magic can harm me. And you’re as dark as they come. It was your destiny to be this way. And it’ll also be your undoing.” Zelena declared cockily.


“Don’t tell me what I can be.” Regina spoke in a strained voice. Chaste's heart pounded against her chest. She feared for Regina's life. Then, in the corner of her eye, she saw Hook, Robin, and Charming sneak up behind Zelena.


“I tried to be good once, but it wasn’t in the cards. This is who I am and it’s who you are.” Chaste saw Hook move carefully to the Southern bowl, taking Regina's heart. She felt a little relief at that, and promised herself to thank him later.


“You’re wrong, sis.” White magic appeared in Regina's hand and Chaste sat up in shock. When could she do that?


“What are you doing?”


Regina smiled, “Changing,” With a sudden burst of strength, Regina forcefully pushes her sister back. The Dark One’s Dagger falls to the ground.


Zelena looks back at Regina angrily, “How?”


“I make my own destiny.” Chaste felt a sudden burst of warmth for Regina. 'That's the woman I fell in love with.'


Regina takes Zelena’s pendant thus removing her magic. Then Regina turns to the portal. The pendant absorbs the portal’s energy. David is about to look after his son, as the flying monkey shrieks behind him. Ready to fight the creature, David nearly beheads the monkey. Zelena’s spell dissolving the flying monkey. The monkey regains his human form and is revealed to be Little John.


Chaste stood up, shaking a little and walked over to Regina. She heard the Charming's rejoice that their baby was still alive and safe. Chaste stood next to Regina protectively as she spoke to Zelena. Gold was about to kill her, but Regina stopped him. She mention something about being a hero, and hero's don't kill. Chaste starred at Regina, surprised. Then she smiles.


Zelena was now locked in a cell, stripped of her magic. Regina believes she can change and Chaste believes she can too.

After Zelena's defeat, Chaste became curious as to how Regina changed so quickly. She always knew she wanted to change for Henry and Chaste, but she never transitioned so quickly. It was always baby-steps with her. It made Chaste suspicious.


Chaste has also noticed a pattern. So far, this week, Regina is late coming home. Now this wouldn't bother her usually because Regina was late before because of her mayoral duties. Since she wasn't mayor anymore, Chaste saw no reason for her to be outside so late.


Regina never told her where she went and why she was gone so long. Though, she would always come back with a smile on her face, her eyes slightly red and she would be sweaty as if she went out for a run. She knows Regina doesn't run.


Chaste feared the worse as the idea of Regina cheating on her returned. It made her extremely sick, and as soon as she heard Regina close their bedroom door upstairs, she would run to the bathroom near the kitchen to vomit.


Chaste called Emma the next day to tell her about her concerns. “Emma, I'm serious, I think something is wrong with Regina.” Chaste voiced. She held her phone tightly to her ear to hear Emma's reaction.


“What do you think is wrong with her?” Emma asked as she plopped down on the couch. The Charming's in the back ground grew quiet as they started to listen in on the conversation. Snow looked at David with a worried look, and he mirrored her look.


“Regina has been coming home very late. I mean- very late. She barely talks to me anymore, and whenever we do, we argue. She won't tell me where she's going, nor will she answer her phone when I call her. I think somethings up.” Chaste feels her heart pound painfully against her chest. She suddenly feels the need to rip it out of her chest and end her misery.


Emma was silent for while. She thought of things to say to Chaste to ease her mind, but she couldn't think of anything. Emma breathed out a shaky sigh.


“What do you think she's doing...?” Emma asked carefully. Emma then heard a choked sob on the other line of the phone and her heart stung at the sound of her friend crying.


“I-I don't know, Emma...I'm afraid...” She replied back, trembling. She felt warm tears stinging her eyes, she clutched the phone tighter, as if it were a lifeline.


“Look, I'm coming over.” And she hung up. Chaste didn't let go of the phone. She removed it from her ear and held it tightly to her chest. Her breath was heavy and came out in gasps. She tried to hold the tears at bay, she really did, but soon enough they streamed down her cheeks and that’s when she broke down.


In five minutes, she heard the doorbell ring. She moved off of the couch, not willing to wipe her face clean of tears and opened the door.


Emma looked at her sadly and stepped inside. She moved closer to Chaste to grasp her shoulder and move her away from the door and sit her down on the love seat in the living room. Chaste continued her sobbing and leaned into the blonde's chest. Emma tensed up, but relaxed and clasped her arms around the smaller woman.


“It's alright. Everything is going to be alright.”

To Be Continued!


Dead Inside Prologue

True love was something Chaste never believed in. It just sounded too good to be true. That was until she met Regina, who before was known as the Evil Queen. After the curse was broken, things have gone downhill and now Chaste is filled with the same doubt from before. Will her mind change about true love or will she spiral down the dark road of uncertainty? (After Curse) Season 3 and 4 Regina x Chaste Chaste x others.

Author's Note:


This a new series that I have had on my mind for quite some time. Anyways, the time loops do not follow through with the original series. They happen to slowly go over through weeks to months. Not much to explain whats going on... If there are any questions, please ask away.


Also, thank you to my two beta reader! Great Job guys!




Whispering Atlas

Chapter 4: Exchange

Regina stared at the attire Ethaobeth held in her hands. The outfit was finely tailor with great quality cloth. The outfit came with a tan high-collared undershirt with sleeves that came to mid-arm length. They were cuffed and buttoned on the ends. A vest came with the undershirt, which was sangria colored. The vest was a button up and had a breast pocket on the left side. Then, Ethaobeth put down the vest and undershirt and pulled out a brown colored trousers that was in a similar style to riding trousers and black one inched heeled boots that came up to about mid-calf.


Regina looked up at Ethaobeth in surprise, “Why did you buy this for me?”


Ethaobeth looked at her curiously “I wanted too. Plus, you needed new clothes. Did you want to stay in thous rags forever?” She smirked and Regina seemed unsure. No one has gotten anything for her because they wanted to. Only because they had to.


Ethaobeth blinked at Regina's silence. “Well, I'll leave this in the bathroom near the sink. Wear it whenever you want.” Ethaobeth then left the room to put the clothes down. Regina was too caught up in her thoughts to notice her absence.


Another day has past and Regina was unsure of how to feel about her new allies. She still didn't trust her and it's not like she had a reason to do so. Regina was waiting until Ethaobeth was going to stab her in the back. Regina didn't want to seem like a fool, so she plotted what she would do when she saw the slightest hint of betrayal.


To her surprise, the woman came back from the market with new clothing, undergarments, and food. She also mentioned something about the knives she ordered from the black smith that was supposed to be done in a few days.


Ever since the argument was two days ago, she's been questioning her decision on signing the contract with the being. What made her believe that she could bring her freedom? Regina could never be truly free.


She was trapped in the never ending cycle of false hope. Regina's eyes traced the rivulets of fallen raindrops on the window. Regina stood up and walked over to the window and looked outside. The town was still buzzing with people even in this weather.


The people outside were oblivious to who she is. Who she was. Her short hair and dirty face may have put them off, but soon enough they will catch on that the Evil Queen is residing with them and posing as a peasant. Regina wondered when that moment will happen; when it will be time to run and escape.


She heard the door open and close behind her alerting her of Ethaobeth's presence.

She was drowning in the deep abyss of a bottomless ocean. She held her breathe as she sunk deeper in the blue depths. She moved her arms and legs to try and swim upwards to the surface, but as she did, she felt herself sinking further.

As she sunk further and further in the depths of the ocean, her hopes started to vanish, her dreams tarnished, happiness was filled with emptiness.


Memories of telling a little girl her precious secret, hoping, and praying that she would keep it. Lock it in a box and throw away the key so no one would know. Instead, she stabbed her in the back; told her secrets and plans. Her thoughts in escaping her unhappy life of the past and bringing a new future with her true love and running away, being free, and maybe starting a family were destroyed.


Her heart turned black with hatred for the small girl and it grew with time. Slowly plotting her demise, making her regret everything.


'Snow White'


She thought with bitterness. She sunk deeper into the abyss. The blue waters were losing light from the sun and she soon entered darkness. The waters held no more warmth to them and soon grew cold and bitter, much like herself.


Regina could not hold her breath any longer and took in a gulp of water. Her lungs stung from the unwanted liquid. Her lungs quickly filled with salt water and the stinging increased. It burned so much. She tried to swim again, pumping her arms and legs, but she could not move from her current spot.


Her hope of ever leaving this place diminished. She was going to drown.


After some time, she did not drown. Her death did not come, but she wished it did. The water in her lungs were burning with intensity and it did not stop. The pressure put on her chest made her choke. Her eyes burned from the saltwater and she cried out. Yet, her cries were muffled by the water.




She called out, muffling noises came from her mouth as she took in more liquid.


'Someone help me!'


She choked again, her chest erupted with a popping noise that splintered pain throughout her whole body. Her muscles cramped and her vision blurred.


'I don't want to die alone...Please...Help.'


Then, a small hole appeared above her. It was bright and almost blinded her. Yet, it caught her attention and she felt relieved. A darkly tanned hand came from the hole and reached out to her. She blinked to clear her vision as much as she could and moved her cramped muscles and pumped them forward.


She lifted her hand upward, trying to grasp the hand. She then felt a pull from the depths beneath her, preventing her from getting closer.




She stretched her arm outwards, almost reaching the hand, yet not enough to grab it. She gulped, forgetting she was under water and she felt another bolt of pain run through her. Her tears surfaced to her eyes, feeling herself sinking further from the hand.




Then, the hand reached further and caught her hand before she could sink further in the darkness. It pulled her upwards and through the hole. She closed her eyes from the brightness. Regina then felt solid ground beneath her and she coughed. The water that was in her lungs came up. She threw it up; emptying her lungs and stomach. Air resurfaced and filled her lungs and she could finally breathe again.


She rubbed her burning eyes with her left hand, her right was in the other persons hand still. After gathering herself, she opened her eyes to see who it was that saved her.


Ethaobeth?” Regina looked at her, dazed. Ethaobeth stared at Regina with a smile and squeezed her hand.


I told you, I will protect you.” Was her reply.

Regina relaxed in her sleep as Ethaobeth squeezed her hand. As soon as her breathing evened out, she released her hand. She didn't bother to move else where, and sat on the other side of the bed.


She stared at Regina, silently pondering something. She wondered what it was like to sleep. To release all of your defenses, and become poorly unaware of the world around you. Then, after the thought, she made up her mind.


She laid her back on the bed, then turned to her side facing Regina. She was careful not to wake her and laid her head down on the pillow. Luckily, the bed was big enough for two people, so she wouldn't kick off Regina when she tried her little experiment.


Ethaobeth made herself comfortable, digging her head deeper into the pillow and having her legs slightly parted. Regina's soft breathing and steady heartbeat made her relax and she understood what it was like to lay on a bed and rest.


It was more than just recuperating energy. It was a way to relax, and take time in doing nothing. She closed her eyes and tried to sleep. It was not easy since she was not used to resting, not was she required to do so.


Sleep eventually did come to her, and the unfamiliar feeling of drifting off to somewhere else took over. She could still hear everything around her, sense everything, and feel. Yet, it was also like she was not there at all.


She did not dream. Nor did she think she could have dreams. So, she just rested and stayed still until Regina awoke.

Regina's eyes fluttered open and she felt well-rested and feeling better than she had in a long time. Her eyes caught sight of the violet headed woman next to her. Regina looked at her, shocked. She almost jolted upright from seeing her. She never noticed her laying next to her, and as far as she knew, she didn't require sleep.


The tanned woman looked strange when she was asleep. She didn't have a knowing smirk, nor were her eyes on Regina, piercing through her, reading her. Just calm and nonbelligerent. Regina was almost in awe; Ethaobeth looked human.

Regina examined the claymore in her hand. It was simple with a small twisted thorn-like design at the hilt. The blade itself was sharp. Sharp enough to cut herself if she was not careful. The blade was 135 to 140 cm in length. The sword was heavy in her hands, maybe five to six pounds.


She lifted it higher to test her strength with it. She flicked her wrist, swinging at the empty space in front of her. Ethaobeth made a displeased noise behind her. Regina rose an eyebrow, trying to keep calm.


“I knew it. You can't weld a sword.” She stated in proclamation. Regina ground her teeth together to prevent her from throwing out a resentful response.


“My mother never thought it was lady-like to learn the ways of the sword.” Regina blurted out.


Ethaobeth was silent, going over Regina's words slowly. She never mentioned her mother before. She would never speak about her past before to her, ever. Ethaobeth guessed that Regina was starting to slowly trust her, which was progress.


“Alright then, I'll teach you.” Regina turned to aspect her, her face was unreadable.




“I'll teach you. It will be key to your survival. You will be no use if you refuse to learn how to wield one properly.”


“I know how to use a swor-”


“Sure you do.” Ethaobeth retorted snidely. Regina's face showed one of irritation and Ethaobeth remained passive. Ethaobeth then sighed and shook her head.


“Come on, I'll teach you. Follow me.” She said and Regina looked her over, wondering if she was serious. When Ethaobeth left the room, she followed closely behind her.


“Are you really going to teach me?” Regina asked, trying hard to hide the excitement in her voice. She made sure her face was void of any emotions that would reflect her mood. Ethaobeth nodded, she could feel Regina's emotions even though she tried to hide them.


They exited the Inn and entered the bustling town. The rain stopped and all there was left was mist and fog.


“Shouldn't we wait until it's dryer to do this?” Regina asked. They entered the outskirts of the town into the woods. The dew from the rain clung to the trees bark and glistened in the dim sunlight. She stepped over a large pile of wet moss and gripped tightly to the side of a thick tree branch. The grass was wet, so she made sure she was careful not to slip.


Ethaobeth glided easily without the help of leaning on something. She never showed signs of the slippery grass getting to her, nor did the dampness of the woods irate her as much as it did Regina.


“No, I think this is fine. You must learn how to deal with your environment, and adapt. The weather does not rest for any battle.” Her reply was simple, yet it did nothing to unagitated Regina.


Regina then walked a bit too fast, noticing Ethaobeth getting further away from her, and slipped on the wet grass and fell flat on her ass. She hissed as the pain shot threw her. Ethaobeth stopped and turned around.


“You should be more careful.” She said simply. Regina sneered and then gripped the stump next to her to lift herself up. She patted her behind down to remove any dirt and debris. She caught up to Ethaobeth, trying to keep her pace.

“Here.” Ethaobeth threw the wooden sword to Regina and she caught it in her hand. She looked down at the wooden sword curiously.


“I thought I was going to use the claymore?”


“Well, the claymore would be no use to you because you do not know how to use it. Plus, I need to see where you're at with sword fighting.” Regina scowled at the woman in front of her. There was no arguing it, she didn't know how to use a sword properly. She's used swords and daggers before in her reign as queen, but she never used them enough. She would mostly use magic, but now since it's gone, she was stuck with what she has.


“Now, show me your stance.” Ethaobeth said, then she pulled out the wooden sword and went into a simple defensive stance; lowering her sword near her midriff. Regina went on the offensive and pulled the sword above her head. Her legs were next to each other and Ethaobeth showed her displeasure.


“Your stance is not correct. If you are on offensive you need to look like this. Feet apart,” Ethaobeth showed her and Regina widened her stance.


“Not too wide. Remember, offense. Widened stances are for defense. Close you legs a bit, be ready to be a bit loose, you need to move as well. Don't be so tight.” Regina closed her legs so they were closer.


“Alright, so the stance you have right now is Finestra. It's more of an outside move, one typically used to aim at the face or throat. You don't want to start with that.” Ethaobeth informed.


“Then what do I start with?”


“I'll show you.”

Regina panted as she blocked another hit of her opponents wooden sword. She was now on defensive and she was not doing well. Even though Ethaobeth said she was going to go easy on her, her hits were still strong. It was hard to block her hits without crumbling.


Her arms were sore and she wanted to just take a break. Regina was not sure of how long she could hold out. Ethaobeth showed no signs of stopping as she swung her sword near her left side. Regina blocked it and pivoted to her right. Regina breathed out and tried to clear her mind. Ethaobeth then swung above, a move that was aimed towards her face. The sword hit her hard on the jaw and she fell backwards. Regina grunted in pain as blood dribbled out the corner of her mouth.


“You can't let your guard down like that.” Ethaobeth stated. She then took out a handkerchief from her pocket and handed it to Regina. She stared at the handkerchief, anger flaring. She could taste the metallic taste of her blood.


Her eyes burned with rage as her vision switched to the darkly tanned woman. Her face was unreadable to Regina.


“I should probably apologize...” Ethaobeth muttered out.


“You think?” Regina sputtered. She took the handkerchief and wiped the side of her face.


Ethaobeth breathed out as Regina wiped the side of her face furiously. “I'm sorry.” Regina did not reply to her, instead she turned on her heel and walked away. Ethaobeth stood still and watched her leave, then started to follow her.


“Sometimes I don't know my own strength.” Ethaobeth muttered.


Regina turned around suddenly. Her brown eyes locked with Ethaobeth's violet ones. Her gaze was hard and steel-like. The Evil Queen inside of her was coming through.


“Back away from me, monster.” She growled out, her mouth formed in a sneer. Ethaobeth could feel her energy. It was different from before, darker than before. She moved away from Regina, backing away slowly.


She then held out her hand. “Give me the contract.”


Ethaobeth's eyes flashed and Regina's jaw tightened, “That was not in our agreement.” Ethaobeth stated.


“I don't care, hand it to me.”


Ethaobeth held out her hand and the contract appeared in a bloom of shadows. She did not move to give it to her.


“That was not part of our deal, your Majesty.” Ethaobeth's voice turned into the one that Regina heard when she first met her; a chorus of many.


“That matters not to-” She was cut off.


“The contract states that in return for your freedom, you would owe me something in return. So far, you have not given me what I want. So, no, you may not have this contract.” The contract disappeared as soon as she finished her sentence.


Regina's rage reached boiling point and she saw red. In her burning rage, she took out the claymore from her holster and flicked her wrist with the blade in hand like a lion striking their tail when provoked. The weight of the sword was not a hindrance in her blinding rage as she charged forward to hit the woman. In a flash, Ethaobeth pulled out her tactical knife from her sheath and pulled it in front of her and blocked Regina's attack.


Regina pulled her sword back, then lurched the sword headfirst again. It came in contract with the tactical knife; creating sparks. Regina shrieked in frustration and pulled back, moving backwards, almost slipping on the wet grass, but she caught herself before she did.


Everything bad that ever happened to her flashed before her eyes. Snow telling her secret, her own mother killing her true love, then forcing her to marry an old king, then she was dethroned by Snow and then confined for a year.


“It's all her fault!” She yelled.


She ruined everything!”


Ethaobeth remained silent as Regina fumed. Ethaobeth had an idea of who Regina was talking about and let her rage continue.


She saw an opening in Regina's stance and hit Regina's sword hard enough to knock it out of her hand and saw it land on the ground.


Regina processed what had just happened, her rantings stopped and she looked at Ethaobeth; wide eyed. Regina stood still, shaking. Then, she crumpled to the ground. Her breathing was ragged and Ethaobeth could hear her sobbing. She placed her tactical knife back in its sheath and then kneeled down in front of Regina.


Her eyes were shut; tears were streaming down the sides of her cheeks. Her face was twisted in sadness and pain. Ethaobeth bit her lip, hoping to come up with something that could help stop this. She was not used to being around someone so...well, Ethaobeth did not know how to categorize Regina. Though, she did not know how to categorize her, she knew Regina was broken. She never fully healed from her past experiences. Maybe she never healed at all. Ethaobeth sighed and took a chance.


She leaned forward and wrapped her arms around Regina's shaking form. She felt Regina freeze, but Ethaobeth ignored that, and pulled her close.


“I'm sorry.” Ethaobeth whispered into Regina's ear. Regina didn't reply, just leaned her head on Ethaobeth's chest and continued to sob.


She stroked her dark hair to calm her. She saw humans do this to their crying children to calm them down and she thought it was the right moment to use that now.


“It's alright.” She cooed. Regina clutched tightly to Ethaobeth's button-up and she allowed her to.


“I promise, I will protect you Regina.” Ethaobeth claimed. Regina looked up at Ethaobeth, shocked. She's heard that somewhere before. Regina felt an odd sense of Deja vu as she heard thous words. Yet, she didn't doubt them, not this time. Ethaobeth smiled down at Regina, and Regina gave her a tired smile.


“Good.” Regina replied.

Regina stripped off her clothing and dipped into the bath; shuttering from the hot water touching her skin, Regina relaxed and leaned back. Her thoughts buzzed, going over and reminiscing things that have happened for the past two weeks. She remember the first time she met Ethaobeth. A shadow in the corner of her old cell. A tempting voice became her salvation; to help her be free. Yet, she was not completely free, not yet.


Snow White and her 'Charming' husband were still after her and showed no signs of giving up. It was only a matter of time the townspeople figured out who she was and then turn against her. Regina sighed as she sunk lower in the water.


Her magic was gone. Snow wrapped her hands in magical chains, which were used to drain all of her power. She felt helpless, powerless, and weak. She relied on someone to feed, clothe, and protect her now, and Regina felt like she was a child again.


She rose her head from the water and took in a deep breath. She reached over the side of the tub and grabbed soap to wash herself with.


“At least I can still bathe myself.” She said bitterly to herself. Her predicament was unusual. Being saved by some strange being was not normal. But, then again, when was her life ever normal?


She finished washing herself and stepped out of the tub, then reached down to remove the plug to drain the water. Grabbing a towel from the top of the sink, she quickly dried herself. Then, she heard a knock from the door.


“Regina, we have to get a move on. I went into town and saw King David and his knight's talking to the townspeople in the market.” Ethaobeth's voice vibrated through the wooden door. Regina's heart sunk at her words. She stopped for a second, allowing it all to sink in.


'They're here.' She dropped the towel and reached for her clothing.


Regina stepped out of the bathroom. A cloak was thrown on top of her head, blocking her vision. “Put this on to keep your identity.” Ethaobeth said as she moved swiftly around the room collecting their things and throwing it in a small knapsack. Regina adjusted the cloak so it was tied around her neck. Then, she walked towards the queen sized bed and kneeled down to look underneath. She took grasp of her claymore and sheathed it quickly within her holster. She then took the three small daggers and placed them on the side of her pants-leg and hid them underneath her boots. She took the third dagger and hid it in her sleeve.


Ethaobeth already had her tactical knife on her at all times, so there was no need to check. Regina walked over to the windows and closed the curtains so no one could look inside. She turned around to face Ethaobeth, who was going near the door.


“Do you think it is wise to leave during the day time?” Regina asked cautiously.


“Yes, as long as we don't look suspicious, they should not notice us leaving. Make sure to blend in with the crowd.” Ethaobeth opened the door and Regina followed closely behind her. When they reached the stairs, Ethaobeth turned around and gave Regina a signal to wait there. She nodded and stood patently as Ethaobeth crept down the stairs.


Ethaobeth moved swiftly down the creaky stairs, taking caution to not alert anyone. The desk clerk that gave them the room was distracted and was reading a book. He was too absorbed in the book to notice Ethaobeth creeping behind him.


She made a swift move and hit him square on the head; knocking him out. She caught his head before he went crashing down to alert anyone. She laid him gently on the desk, then went to the front of the stairs and waved for Regina to come down. She did so, and the both of them exited the building.


“Remember act normal.” Regina nodded, her hood was already up to avoid any of Snow's knights from recognizing her. She saw some people holding papers in their hands and hanging them up on bulletin boards and outside of businesses. She didn't know what they said, so she squinted to look at them.


'Wanted: Alive'


'The Evil Queen'


She looked away as soon as she saw 'Evil Queen'. There was a picture of her on the sheet of parchment. Her anxiety flared and the need to run came to her. Instead of doing that, she walked closer to Ethaobeth.


Ethaobeth sensed her worry and flashed her a smile.


“Don't worry, we're almost o-”


“There she is!” Ethaobeth and Regina turned their heads and found a knight pointing at them, informing the other knights. Regina's eyes widened and Ethaobeth glanced at a man nearby them.


He had a steed near him, a strong one by the looks of it. Ethaobeth thought fast and grabbed Regina's hand, pulling her towards the horse. Ethaobeth barreled towards the man and pushed him hard. Ethaobeth threw Regina on the horse; she screeched and held onto the horse, a bit disoriented. Ethaobeth jumped on the horse, seating herself in front of Regina and she set off.


“Hya!” She yelled and pulled the reigns. The horse sped off with Regina clinging to Ethaobeth's waist.


“What the hell is wrong with you!” Regina screamed. She gripped tightly, her nails dug into Ethaobeth's side. She was used to riding a horse, but she was not used to barely hanging onto a horse while it's speeding off from a bunch of knights.


Ethaobeth chuckled dryly. “We have no choice. What is given to us, we must take it. This is how we survive.”


Regina shut her mouth and seated herself correctly on the saddle. She heard the knights behind them, gaining on them. She heard Snow's husband giving them orders to 'Do what ever you can to catch them!'


A sack of arrows and a bow on the side of the saddle caught her eye. She grew curious and wondered if she could use the arrows to slow them down. She was no archer, but maybe she could try to do something. She gripped Ethaobeth's side tighter and leaned down to take the bow and arrows in hand. She set up the arrow on the bow accordingly. She gave a short sigh before turning and aiming the arrow at a nearby knight. She held her breath, then released. Her arrow ended up missing the knight, but hit the horse her was riding on square in the head. She mentally congratulated herself, before she had an arrow whiz past her face.




“Damn it, you shouldn't have done that!” Ethaobeth yelled.


“I had to do something! They were gaining on us!” Ethaobeth sighed loudly before kicking the horses side with her heel to speed it up.


They came down a wide road that was near a large strip of river. It looked quite deep, maybe seven to eight feet deep. Ethaobeth then had an idea.


“Regina, you're going to hate me for this, but...”


“But what--” Ethaobeth then grabbed her waist and jumped off the horse. What Ethaobeth did, did not click right away in her mind and she had no time to scream before her head hit the cold water.


The water was freezing and immediately her body reacted badly to it. She wanted to resurface and get out of the cold water, but Ethaobeth held her down. Regina looked at her, wide eyed. Ethaobeth shook her head and pointed above her.


They stayed under the water for thirty more seconds and then Ethaobeth started to swim forward, still keeping her head underneath water. Regina could not wait any longer and resurfaced. As she broke through the surface she took in a deep breath. She then proceeded to spit out a bunch of water from her mouth.


“God damn it, Ethaobeth!”


To Be Continued!



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