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'Once Upon A Time'


What You Don't Know Can Hurt You”


Chapter 1: Another Stranger in Town








Mornings are the worst. Yes, it's debatable amongst people, some like it, some don't. You were sort of in between. Mornings aren't exactly bad.....but not exactly good either. It's hard to decipher whether a morning will be bad or good, it really all depends on how you slept the night before.


Surprisingly, it wasn't one of those mornings. You woke up well rested and spirits high. It was almost an alien feeling. Its been a while since you've felt this way because being a college student in the past has left you fatigue all the time with barely any time to fully rest.


After waking up and getting dressed, you sprang into action by putting on a jacket and scarf, then started loading your car with your boxes. You didn't have a lot of things, so you didn't need a moving truck. Though, since you were moving into a bigger apartment, you supposed you would have to buy more things to fill up the empty spaces. Also, find a job and such, but that would all come later.


You've saved enough money, plus your parents sent down a couple thousand dollars to help you move. That money will last you a while, luckily.


It was one in the afternoon by the time you finished loading your car. You took a short break and walked towards the gas station near you to get some snacks and a soda. You walked back to your small, empty apartment and sat on the floor. You didn't like eating in your car, so you just ate inside your apartment.


After eating your snacks and chugging your soda down, you cleaned the area you ate at, and scoped your apartment for anything that needed cleaning before you left. Five minutes past and you decided to leave and hit the road. Stopping at the leasing office and dropping off your keys, you felt a wave of excitement. You were finally starting your adventure.







Getting to Maine wasn't a problem, though it was taxing, it was simple. You stopped at a few rest stops, bought some gas, re-cooperated with coffee, some late lunch, and a little bathroom break, then the road. It was almost a cycle for the next two stops.


You have been on the road for a day now, you convinced yourself to not stop so much and tried to make it to Maine at 8 pm or less.


When you reached Maine, it was around 7:46 pm. You stopped at a fast food restaurant and called your parents. You kept them updated on your trip. At the end of your call, they requested pictures of Maine and your new apartment, to which you complied.


You went inside the restaurant to get some dinner and then you left to check out a hotel. Even though Storybrooke probably wasn't that far away, you really just wanted to sleep. Being on the road for two days was very tiring and all you wanted was rest. You had a feeling tomorrow was going to be stressful, with the moving in and all, then getting acquainted with the people and the town.


You sighed as your head hit the pillow. Your thoughts were starting to become fuzzy and incorrigible. The day settled on your mind and your eyes closed for what felt like five minutes. Then, they snapped open, but only to close again because of the bright light blinding them.


You groaned, flipping on your side, away from the light. You felt like you've slept for only five minutes. You also felt tired yet not. It was strange.


You got up slowly. Your eyes quickly adjusted to the blinding light. You yawned and sat there for a few minutes, planning your day.


“Alright. First things, first, take a shower because I smell like ass. I probably look like ass, too. Then.....” You sighed as your brain struggled to come up with precise thoughts.


“Then, I'll get back on the road again. I'll probably skip breakfast and just grab some coffee.... Finding this Storybrooke place is my main priority....Then after I find it, contact the leasing office of that apartment building let them know I'm there. And Bam! I'm in!” You mentally cheered, your brain was finally starting to work. You got up from your bed and went into the bathroom. You showered then got dressed. You grabbed your clothes and toiletries and then packed your bag again and left the hotel.


You did what you planned and stopped at a nearby coffee shop and grabbed a latte then left. You rustled inside of your bag before you left and grabbed the card. You read its contents, trying to memorize them and then drove off.







It took you 3 hours, which was longer than expected to find the place. It was extremely hard. It was almost like the place was hidden on purpose.


You passed a green sign that says 'Welcome to StoryBrooke'. You smiled, finally finding it. Your stomach did flips at the sight of a new place to settle at. You wondered what it's like here and how the people of Maine acted. So far, it wasn't too bad. And as requested by your parents, you have been taking pictures of what you past by so far.


It was a long road with a green forest on the side of the road. You looked around in amazement. No wonder you couldn't find this place. This whole area was covered by thick greenery. It was different from what you were used to, being a city girl and all. You would certainly miss the noise, and the closeness of stores and small shops the city brought.


You past the long deserted road and finally entered the town.


You smiled. “Wow, it's so different here. And small... Yeah, this will definitely take some getting used to.” As you drove down the street, you got stares from the people you passed. They were staring as if they've never gotten a visitor before. Your accusation was probably right. This place was so hard to find that they probably haven't had any visitors. You shrugged your shoulders. They'll get used to it.









You came up to the apartment complex further downtown. This place was surprisingly bigger than you thought. You parked in the small parking lot for guest and got out of the car. You got out and stretched out the kinks in your back. You moaned, feeling better now that you've stretched.


You walked inside the small leasing office, closing the door behind you. You were greeted by wooden floors, tacky wallpaper from what looked like the 80's, a small sitting area, and a bored woman dozing off at her desk in the edge of the room.


Walking up to her, you smiled “Hello, I'm here for the 2 bed 2 bath apartment you have here.” The woman startled awake and looked at you with wide eyes.


“...Um, who are you?” She asked, slightly confused. You tilted your head to the side.


“Yes, sorry about that. I'm (First and Last name), nice to meet you--”




“--Ms. Angelica.” She nodded. “Yes, I heard about you, a man called in for you. He said you were looking for somewhere to stay for a while. Your (name), you said? I'll go get the leasing papers.” She excused herself and went to the back room of the building. You waited patiently for her to come back. Angelica came back two minutes later with a bunch of papers and two folders.


“Okay, I’m going to need you to sign this with your name. This is the contract, it gets renewed every year. Also, I have a paper where you can read our terms, just sign your name at the bottom. I'm also going to need your ID and Driver's license, also a credit card.” You nodded, taking out your wallet from your bag and handing her the things she requested. Then, you took the papers and a pen, and sat down at the sitting area to read over the papers while she looked over your ID.


You finished everything and then received your things back along with your keys to the apartment. You gave Angelica a smile then left the building. As you exited the building, you heard a siren coming towards you. You gulped, knowing the familiar sound of a police siren.


A police car pulled up to the parking lot and parked. You stood there frozen, wondering why the police were here. A man exited the car. A tall one at that. He turned to you and walked towards you.


'So, they're here for me?' You wondered. You didn't do anything wrong. You literally just came to this town! You sighed, waiting for whatever was going to happen, happen.


He came up to you, finally and spoke. “Good day, ma'am. My name if Sheriff Graham. I just came to check out if everything is alright.” You looked up at him strangely. Then nodded “Yes, everything is alright. I don't understand though...I just came here, why are you here?” Sheriff Graham started to speak “Well, this is a small town as you know. We don't get a lot of visitors around here, so it's sort of strange seeing you here.”


You understood that. Finally dismissing the oddity of his visit, you relaxed slightly. You both conversed for a while before he decided to head off. “Well, then, you have a good day--”


“(Name).” You finished.


He nodded, then walked back to his car, then drove off. You slouched after he left, feeling much better now that he was gone. You had a peculiar feeling that he would irate you later on. You dismissed that feeling and finally went inside of your apartment. You looked around your apartment, a pleased feeling welled up inside of you. The place wasn't bad looking at all. There were already appliances in the kitchen, a washer and dryer in your own home, a huge master bathroom and connected bedroom. The guest bedroom and bath wasn't bad at all either.


“Now time to load all my things inside and unpack. Yay....” Thoughts rambled inside your head, with a sudden idea, you took off running.


You entered the leasing building again, then walking towards the desk Angelica sat at.


“Hey, sorry to bother you. Do you know anyone willing enough to unload the stuff from my car for me. It's a bit of stuff and I'm just too tired to do it on my own.”


“Yeah, I think I know someone who is willing to do it, but there is a price.” You nodded, reaching into your bag to get some money.


She waved her hands in front of her “No, no, not me, hun. The person you want to unload your car. You have to pay him for him to help you. He doesn't really like to....volunteer.” She confirmed. “Oh, okay, then. I guess that's fine.” You shrugged.


Angelica went to the side of her desk and pulled open a drawer. She grabbed a white card and a pen. You saw her write down a name and phone number then hand it to you.


“Call this number, and affirm you want him to help you. Make sure you say it clearly and in a firm tone or he won't really take you seriously.” Glancing at the card in her hand, you then glanced at her, confused. She sighed “Just do it.” You took the card and thanked her. You walked towards your apartment and sat on top of your counter in the kitchen.


You took out your I phone from your bag and dialed the number. You waited for the line to connect.


Hello?” A gruff voice called out.


“Yes, hello. Is this Leroy? My name is (Name). I have a job for you.”








“So, do you know who it is?” A woman asked. She looked up at the man in front of her. A passive expression on her beautiful features.


“Her name is (Name). She's new to town, she just moved to the Jamel apartments downtown.” The man informed. The woman looked at him in thought. “Is that all you have to inform me?” He replied with a 'yes'.


“She isn't a threat, is she?” She asked. “I do not think so. I think she is just a girl who is curious. She's quite young, too.”


“Well, then, you can go back to your duty, Graham.” She stated, then walked across her office to grab a small jacket. Graham blinked at her “Where are you going?” He asked.


“I'm going to pay Miss (Name) a visit.” The woman smirked, then exited the room, leaving a confused Graham to look after her.







End Of Chapter 1

What You Don't Know Can Hurt You Chapter 1

Another chapter coming to an end. So, let me explain what's going on.

Basically, this all takes place in Season 1 right after episode 1 and 2. I'm going to follow the plot, but only slightly. This is an AU. It will only follow the plot a little bit. There will be changes, but not extreme one's. If you're wondering if the reader is from the Enchanted Forest, you'll just have to wait and see. :) 

That's all for now! Thanks for reading!

Prologue: What You Don't Know Can Hurt You *Prologue*
Chapter 2: Coming Soon!


Book 1 Air: Chapter 3- Money Isn't an Issue

I Do Not Own Legend of Korra! Please Enjoy!

It was early in the morning and the Fire Ferrets decided to train early in the gym. You sat on a bench near the corner of the room, watching Bolin, Mako, and Korra messing around with the medicine ball. Your vision blurred in and out from exhaustion. Lifting your hand to rub your eye, trying to adjust your vision.

Korra caught the ball that was passed to her, irritation was clear as day on her face. “What's the big idea with making me train this early in the morning? The morning is evil.” Korra passed the ball to Bolin. “We're the rookies so we get the worst time slot in the gym.” Bolin then passes the ball to Mako. Mako caught it, “And you're the rookiest of us all. We gotta get you up to speed if you want to survive in the tournament. Deal with it!”

Mako tosses the ball hard to Korra, who winces as she catches it and becomes annoyed.

You deal with it!” Korra tosses the ball back to Mako, who catches it, but then he was knocked completely off of his feet and landed skidding on his back. You smiled tiredly at the scene. Korra also looks quite satisfied and poses confidently.

Butakha then comes walking in the gym towards you. You stand up, reading yourself for this weeks pay.

There are my little hard working street urchins.” You sneered at his comment, but then pressed your lips together. Butakha turns around and looks at Korra and begins to speak. “It's an honor to finally meet you, Avatar.” He puts a hand on her shoulder as Mako and Bolin join the group.

She looks up at him skeptically, a look of doubt flashes through her eyes. “And you are...?” Butakha sweeped his hat off his head in a showman's manner “Butakha! I run this whole Probending shebang.” Butahka then replaces his hat and reached into his coat for a stack of Republic City yuans. Korra walks away with an uninterested slump.

Here's your winnings from last match.“ He hands you the money. You gaze at the money happily. Then you turned slightly, ready to split the earnings with the guys, but Butakha interrupts and wags a finger as you try to divid the money. As he continues to speak, Butakha continues to take back yuans off the top of the pile.

Ah-ah! Not so fast. First, you owe me for the Avatar's new gear, ha, gym and equipment rentals for last month. Ah-ah! Rent on your apartment, and a personal loan for their groceries.” You hold back a growl and just sit and watch as he takes back the money while Mako turns an angry pout on Bolin, who shrugs in response.

What? I'm a growing boy!” Oh, but Butakha wasn't finished ruining everything and continued his 'helpful business.'

Oh! And one more small item of business. The Fire Ferrets need to ante up thirty thousand yuans for the Championship pot.” Bolin leans forward and his eyes grow wide “Thirty thousand yuans!?” Your eyes widen as well. How the hell were you guys supposed to pay that?

Sorry, kids. You've got till the end of the week to come up with the dough, or else, you're out of the tournament.” He pats Mako on the shoulder while giving you a sympathetic look, then walks away. Korra approaches the three of you again.

Bolin turns to her “You wouldn't happen to have a secret Avatar bank account, over-flowing with gold, would you?” Korra turns her pockets inside out to show that they're empty. “I got nothing. I've never really needed money. I've always had people taking care of me.”

Then I wouldn't say you have nothing.” Mako picks up the medicine ball, and packs it into an equipment bag. You were about to speak up, but then you back tracked. 'Damn it....'

Sorry, I didn't mean...

No, it's alright. It's just... ever since we lost our parents, we've been on our own.Bolin said. You walked closer to the group and shifted your eyes to Korra. You tried giving her a smile, showing her that it was alright. She didn't return it and looked away. You frowned.

I'm so sorry. I didn't know.”

Mako ignored her apology and zipped up the bag and throws it over his shoulder

So anyway, how are we going to come up with the money?” The whole group looks towards you, waiting for answers.

You put your hands up in defense “Hey, don't look at me!”


Later That Day

Bolin gestured dramaticallyCome one, come all! Come see Pabu, the Fantastic Fire Ferret as he crosses the ladder of peril! Gasp! Upside down.” Pabu stands on a cup next to a wooden plank suspended between two more cups. The ferret is grooming itself and misses Bolin's cue.


Pabu leaps from the cup onto the plank and lands in a handstand. It walks easily across on just its front paws. Bolin coaches the ferret quietly but with excitement, gesturing for it to leap off at the end of the plank.

Big finish, buddy. Stick the landing.” Pabu jumps off the plank onto the sidewalk, landing on its right front paw and posing. ”Ta da!” Several people walk by. The first one throws a single coin in the tin cup that Pabu started on, but the others ignore the scene.

Thank you ladies and gentlemen! You are too kind. Seriously, too kind. You can come back here and put money in this,” Bolin picks up the cup, and his face droops as he shakes the single coin inside. “Okay that's fine. That's fine. One yuan down, twenty-nine thousand, nine hundred and ninety-nine to go.”

A red speedster Sato mobile pulls up in front of Bolin. The window rolls down to reveal a man in a fancy blue jacket, that is known by many as Shady Shin.

Hey, Bolin. Is that you?” Shin asks.

Oh, hey there, Shady Shin.”

He gets out of the car and approaches Bolin. “Heard you're a big time pro-bending player now. Not bad.”

Uh, thanks.”

So listen, I've got an offer for you. Lightening Bolt Zolt is looking to hire some extra muscle.”

Uh, I don't know, Shin. Mako told me to stay away from the Triple Threats.” Bolin looked up at him, unsure.

Shin smirked down at Bolin's nativity “Pft, your brother ain't the boss o'you. It's just a little security work. Nothin' crooked.”

Shin reaches into his jacket and pulls out a stack of yuans, which he throws into Bolin's cup.

Bolin looks at the cup with a mixture of surprise and glee.


He looks down at Bolin with a shady look “You game?”


You stretched while yawning. Walking around the city at night was very invigorating. At the moment, you were heading down the docks towards Air Temple Island. You never thought that one day you would be able to go there.

Few Hours Earlier

You sat down on you raggedy couch at your raggedy house. Your mind buzzed with ideas and plans on how to get the yuans needed for the championship.

I could just work a ton of jobs and probably get some yuans by the end of the week.....Nah! Too complicated.” Your thoughts came to a halt when you heard the door bell ring. Your face twisted in confusion. “I wasn't expecting anyone...”

Hoping off of the couch, you made your way towards the front door. Creaking the door open, you saw a mail carrier outside your door.

You looked down at him, waiting patiently for him to speak.

Uh, You have an invitation from the Avatar to visit Air Temple Island.” That's weird.


Now.” He stated, then he backed away from your apartment slowly. Leaving you to stare at the spot he just stood in.






So, now, here you were outside of Air Temple Island waiting for Korra to greet you. A few minutes past and you started to hear the noise of scampering feet. Then a yell. Then childrens laughter.

The door burst open and out came two kids. One of them came towards you, which looked like the eldest one, waved to you and introduced herself.

Hi! My name is Ikki! I heard your Korra's best friend. It's nice to meet Korra's best friend. So, tell me, are you guys--”

Ikki!” A voice rang out from the hallway. Said girl squealed and bolted. The youngest one came over to you in a hurry.

He bowed like a gentlemen “Hi, my names Meelo. I'm the king here, so you'll have to do what I say---”

What was that Meelo?” Korra came up behind him and he stilled. He turned around and smiled cheekily at Korra. “I think I will be going now. Bye Korra's friend!” Meelo said, then quickly ran out, using his air bending to advance his speed.

Why you little...” Korra trailed off, then turned to face you with a smile. You returned the smile.

I'm sorry about that, they're Tenzin's kids. They're a little annoying, but you learn to love them after a while.” She mentioned jokingly. You nodded. “So, why did you invite me?” You asked.

Well...I was wondering if we could hang out. I've never had a girlfriend before, so yeah...”

Okay, that's fine with me. Why don't you start by showing me around Air Temple Island?”

She agreed with your suggestion and showed you around.


And this is where I train with Tenzin and the others.” She gestured towards the training area outside. You looked around in awe at the small details in the area. The stones were craved delicately with slight designs. Nothing too extravagant.

Another girl came over to where you stood with Korra. She looked different from the rest of the kids you met. Yet, not so different. Only slightly older than the others.

Oh, hello. You must be the guest I've been hearing about.” She said, almost as bubbly as the others. “My name is Jinora! Nice to meet you...?”

(Name).” You answered, you reached out to shake her hand which she took courteously.

After greeting Jinora, she decided to stick around you guys, which you didn't mind. It was almost enjoyable having her around. She was much more mature than her siblings.

The sky had gotten darker, and the day eventually transitioned to night. Korra told you about her trouble with air bending. She couldn't quite grasp it like the other elements. Jinora advised for her to try again and Korra finally agreed.

The three of you went over to the training area with the Air Bending panels. Jinora walked closer to the panels and in a fluid motion, bended air towards the panels. You heard squealing again and turned around to see Ikki. She walked closer to Jinora, announcing she was going to help.

You watched in admiration as Korra circle-walks through the spinning panels. She steps and spins through the obstacle course, smoothly avoiding the panels.

Good! Light on your feet!” Jinora complemented.

Korra gets through the Gates, and jumps down to where Jinora and Ikki are standing. She leans to rest her hands on her knees, and pants for breath. You walk over to Korra and pat her back.

Nice one, Avatar.” You praised, grinning from ear to ear.

Thanks.” She looked at you with an emotion you couldn't read, but it made your stomach do flips.

Then you saw Ikki and Jinora shift to look behind the Avatar, where Mako is coming up the path. You moved away from Korra quickly, feeling the need to leave suddenly.

Ooo, he's cute.” Ikki marveled.

Jinora smiles “Korra, is that the handsome fire bender boy that drives you crazy?” She teases. Your eye brows furrow at that comment and your stomach churns.

Korra faces them with an outraged, embarrassed expression as the girls keep talking.

Does he drive you crazy in a bad way? Or does he drive you crazy like you like him?” Ikki leans forward and clasps her hands hopefully.

Korra suddenly Earth bends the ground beneath the girls, flinging them up and off somewhere you didn't know. She quickly turns to face Mako, who has finally reached her. Korra raises a hand and tries to innocently clear her throat.

Ahem. Oh, hey, Mako.”

Have you seen Bolin?”

Nice to see you to. And no, I haven't seen him since practice. Think something is wrong?” She states rather dryly.

I don't know.” He looks to the side “Bolin has a knack for getting into stupid situations.” he sighs “See you guys later.”

Mako turns to leave, but Korra hurries to follow him leaving you behind. You felt a sudden wave of dread. You didn't feel wanted or involved in their conversation. Feeling your throat dry up, you swallowed harshly. Maybe it was time to leave?

You tuned out the rest of the conversation. You still heard bits like taking Naga to go track something. You didn't really care anymore to be honest.

Korra turned around as she was about to leave, finally noticing you. She felt a wave of guilt for ignoring you.

Eh, you coming, (Name)?”

You turned around, your back facing Korra. “ guys go without me. I have some business to take care of. Good luck.” You exclaimed in a dead tone. Korra's face twitched, feeling another wave of guilt and confusion hit her.

Well...okay. See you.”

Yeah, see you.”

You stormed off after that. You went inside and thanked Tenzin and his family for having you over. You explained how you had to leave early and that maybe you would be back another time. You left on the fairy, feeling empty and lonely.


End of Episode 3

See You Next Time!

It's Not Femslash It's Just Love PT 3
Hey, sorry for taking so long on this chapter. Honestly, my thoughts have been scattered for the past few weeks. I'm taking my mid-terms for some of my classes and also finals. So, I've been busy with that.

Anyways, if you're wondering why I didn't show the part with Amon's cameo, I cut it off because the chapter was getting too long. I promise that it will show up on the next one, okay? Look forward to that.

That's all, I guess. Oh yeah! Check out my fanfiction story for Once Upon a Time. It's called "What You Don't Know Can Hurt You" Check it out, if you're interested!

Here's The Link: What You Don't Know Can Hurt You *Prologue*


'Once Upon A Time'

What You Don't Know Can Hurt You”


Warning all female characters will be paired up with the reader. Don't like femslash, leave.


It was a cold morning. A rolling breeze wavered through the streets, bitter and unforgiving to toughs who are at its wake. Frost stuck to lamp posts and car windshields. Tiny specks of sleet wedged itself into sidewalks and asphalt. The cold air blew past you as you walked. It was resentful, and caused a shiver to go up your spine.

The morning was uneventful, for you were out on business. Specifically, searching for supplies to move. You recently graduated college and you were just about ready to move on with your life and start an adventure.

Your head turned slightly as you found the small shop you were looking for.

You entered the small building, warm air pillowed your face and cold hands. You sighed, feeling a bit more relaxed in this warm setting.

“Hello, how can I help you, Ma'am?” You turned around to face one of the employees that worked at the small shop-- Who happened to be a tall man with brown hair and a bit of stubble on his face and blue eyes.

“Yes, I was wondering if you sold bubble wrap?”

“Are you moving, Miss?” A bit too much information to share with a stranger, but you nodded. He then waved for you to follow him towards a small section of the store. He lead you to an area with a bunch of stuff for moving. Your eyes landed on a small stack of bubble wrap. Turning to thank the man next to you, you then moved towards the shelf and then reached upwards to grab the material.

“So...where are you heading to?” He asked. You thought that for a stranger, he was getting a bit too curious for his own good, but you decided to indulge him.

“I...don't really know. I just know I’m leaving. I just graduated college, so I just want to leave and travel for a bit.” You shuffled some of the bubble wrap in your hands, counting how much you needed. He hummed in acknowledgment. “Well, if you have no idea where your going, I suggest Maine.” You turned around and looked at him curiously. “Why Maine?” He shrugged “Why not? It's a good place to start. Plus, I know a really good place you could stay at for a while.” The man reached into pants pocket and pulled out a card. “Here.” He gave you the card. You took it and placed it into your bag, perhaps later you will look at it.

“Can I ring these up now?” You asked

“Sure, follow me.”

After you finished ringing up your things and payed, you left the quaint little shop. You walked towards your car and sat inside. Reviving the cold engine again, you waited for the car to warm up. Whilst waiting, you pulled out your bag. You reached inside and pulled out the card the man gave you.

The card was white except for the middle part which had black marker written on it.

“'Storybrooke, Maine'” You read aloud. Your eyebrows twitched. You've never heard of a place like that before. Well, then again, you've never been to Maine, so you wouldn't really know. You sighed, finally putting the card away and drove off.

You stopped at a Starbucks and grabbed some coffee then headed home to continue your packing. When you finished packing everything, it was about 12 midnight. You sighed, stretching the kinks in your back. Putting all the boxes in the corner of your room, you moved towards your bathroom to shower away the sweat and stress the day has brought.

After having a nice, calming shower and then slipping into some comfy pajamas, you slipped into your bed. You closed your eyes and waited for sleep to claim you, but it didn't come. You grunt, finally understanding that your thoughts wouldn't stop buzzing. You lifted yourself out of bed and sauntered off to find your bag. You found it on the kitchen counter and lifted it up. Walking back to your room, you plopped back onto your bed. Opening up the bag, you searched through its contents. Your hand struck something paper-like, and you mentally cheered. Lifting the card out of the bag you dropped everything else on the floor.

You scooted back into the bed where your lamp was. The card's back was suddenly visible. You blinked, now seeing words on the back of the card. Flipping it over, you read over the contents.

“'Down the street past Granny's Bed and Breakfast, make a left. There is an apartment for rent. Great price, too. 2 bed 2 bath. You're welcome.'”

“Thanks...?” You said aloud, now trying to figure who this person was and why they wanted you to go to Storybrooke so bad. You sighed, trying to get your tired brain to work. You wanted to look up this Storybrooke place, but sadly your laptop was packed away.

You wanted to go find Storybrooke as well. It seemed interesting, but there was no exact address to where this place was. You groaned, feeling your hope for adventure shatter. You shut your eyes for a bit and opened them again. You then gasped.

In the corner on the card, in tiny hand writing, was a written address and directions on how to get to Storybrooke. You grinned, scooting forward and placing the card back into your bag, then moved back to your pillow.

“Looks like I'm going to Storybrooke.” You stated with a crooked smile. Then you reached over to the side of your bed to turn off your lamp.

End of Prologue

What You Don't Know Can Hurt You *Prologue*
Hello everyone! I have a new series, and here it is. Don't worry I will be still writing the Legend of Korra one, just I've been wanting to write this for a while.
So, basically, if you don't know what 'Once Upon a Time' is, then you won't know what's going on here. Its a TV series, you can watch it on Hulu plus or Netflix. Anyways, this is a femslash. The pairings are undecided. So don't ask!


Chapter 1: What You Don't Know Can Hurt You Chapter 1
My New OTP by Jessie1209
My New OTP
I took a break from writing my fanfictions for a bit and decided to draw. Its a quick one, but it'll do.
Its a picture of my OC with Regina/Evil Queen.

Just a little doodle to end my night.

I Do Not Own Regina Mills/ Evil Queen. She belongs to "Once Upon a Time"

I Do Own Joy

Yuri Fanfiction
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I am an Amateur Artist/Writer. I write every now and then, still trying to improve my writing skills. As for art. I have improved a lot from when I started at DA. I haven't uploaded anything about my recent art yet...maybe soon? Still, there is room for improvement.

What else...? Oh yeah, I've also recently 'come out of the closet' as lesbian. My parents and friends have been very supportive. I couldn't ask for anything more! :)

Plans for the Future? Well, travel the world. I also pray that doctors find a cure for type 1 diabetes-- for my lovely sister. I love you my dear sister :) Umm, I also hope that I will be able to sell my art...maybe make a career out of it? Like, draw digital art for video games and books.

Well, I guess that is all, Cheers~

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katcrunch Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks so much for the fav! I really appreciate it!
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You're welcome. :)
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Thank you so much for the :+fav:'s on several of my stories!  I really appreciate it.
Jessie1209 Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2014  Student General Artist
You're welcome! :)
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Thank you for the favorite on "Light Of Reason" c:
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You're welcome, dear! :)
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Thanks for Fav'ing the "Wait, who is the story's protagonist?!" chapter of Retroactive! :D
Jessie1209 Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2014  Student General Artist
You're welcome! I really enjoy your story so far! :)
CherryInTheSun Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Taiga and Minori (I miss you hug) [V1] 
best greetings and tight hugs!
Jessie1209 Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2014  Student General Artist
You're welcome! Haha. Neptune Wink Icon 

And greeting's, friend! :)

Party Hard! 
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