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I haven't written a journal entry in a long time. I think it is time to do that. I have not been as active as I like. Many reasons which I plan not to go into, but I am going to bring in a few new things to make up for lost time. So, yes, no worries. I will be updating certain series and I will add a few new one-shots. Thank you all for being so patient with me. :)
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Once Upon A Time

Regina/Fem! Reader


The cartoon played on the large TV with (Name) staring at it in amusement. She was snuggled into the corner of the couch, clad in an over-sized tee-shirt and pajama pants. She shifted comfortably on the couch, waiting patiently for her friend to finish changing her clothes in the bathroom across the hall.


As of now, (Name) was having a sleep over with her best friend, Regina Mills. It was the weekend and nothing 'evil' or 'strange' was going on so the regal woman was left with nothing to do but mope around her house. Now realizing her house was too big for one person, she decided to occupy her time and space with the one person she could call a friend. (Name).


As soon as (Name) received the call from Regina, she was sure to be fast about packing her things. Her heart raced. She was excited to spend the weekend, uninterrupted with the woman herself. It was something she had been dreaming about for ages.


Regina soon walked into the living room with two cups of hot chocolate in her hands. She was dressed in her pajamas as well. Though, her style was a bit different from (Name)'s....not that she was complaining.


The woman walked over to the couch and sat next to (Name), but still kept her distance. “Sorry I took so long. I made some hot chocolate to kick off our night. Here's your cup, dear.”


(Name) smiled, accepting the coco graciously. “It's fine. Thanks for the coco.” She then took a sip before turning her attention back to the TV.


Regina applied her attention to the TV as well. Her eyes were overwhelmed by the bright colors the cartoon displayed as she grew a quick distaste to what they were watching. A quick glance to her side and (Name) noticed Regina's displeasure. She leaned forward to grab the TV remote and clicked onto another channel.


“Why did you change it?” Regina asked, although thankful for the change, she didn't want to feel as if she dictated what they did. If (Name) enjoyed the cartoon then Regina would gladly sit through it.


“Oh, well, I got bored of it. Plus, I want to watch something scary, if that's alright with you.” Regina almost sighed, (Name) was never a good liar, but she let this slide and nodded to the suggestion.


“Alright. What scary movie do you want to watch?” Regina asked before taking a sip of her coco. (Name) hummed in thought, “Uh, I don't know honestly. I was thinking about a zombie movie, but then again, I'm not really feeling zombie's tonight.”


“What do you want to watch, 'Gina?” The younger woman's eyes shifted to Regina with curiosity. Regina looked really nice in her night clothes. Really nice. She was wearing a silk tank top with a matching pair of silk pajama pants. They were a lavender color, but were also sort of see through. (Name) averted her eyes, trying not to cross down that path.


“What ever you want to watch.” She replied in boredom. (Name) sighed before changing the channel to a channel that showed mostly horror flicks. Luckily for her, there was a zombie movie appearing, and from what (Name) could tell it was just starting. She moved and grabbed her hot chocolate, holding it in her hands for heat.


Regina stared blankly at the TV with bored eyes as the movie continued on. She wished she could do something else at the moment besides sitting down, watching jump scares flash through her TV screen. She sighed before turning her head to glance at the woman sitting next to her; who happened to be engaged in the stupid movie. The woman had a crooked smile stretching slowly as each scare popped up.


Regina's eyes traced the woman's features carefully. Fully analyzing (Name). Marking every imperfection, crease, freckle, dimple, and mole on her beautiful face. Regina's mouth parted in awe at the human who sat next to her, amazed that such a person existed. That this woman could forgive and believe in Regina. Someone who could understand her for all her faults, someone who befriended her without fear flashing in those beautiful eyes. Even after two years, it still surprised her that someone so kind could exist.


“Regina, are you alright?” (Name) interrupted Regina's thoughts. Regina was almost startled by the question, but replied smoothly. “Yes, I am fine.”


“Are you sure?” She asked again. Regina nodded before turning back to the TV. (Name) stared a bit longer before shrugging and turning back to the TV as well.


Regina groaned internally, closing her eyes almost painfully. 'What the hell is wrong with me?'

“Ugh, so tired.” (Name) yawned out as she made her way up the stairs. Regina followed closely behind her, mind still running over tonight's events.


“Well, it is 12 o'clock at night, dear.” She pointed out. (Name) turned around, “Okay, but I couldn't help it. Scream 4 just came on and I had to watch it.” Regina rolled her eyes before laughing. (Name) pouted then turned the corner to head over to the guest room.


“Okay, keep laughing.” She said, then opened the door and closing it behind her; leaving Regina in the hallway by herself. She stopped laughing and went to her room as well. She had to admit that she did have fun watching movies with (Name), even though they were boring. It was the only time she had to relax, she might as well enjoy herself and she did. Regina went over to bed, then lifted the comforter before slipping under. Her mind became dull with random thoughts. Tired thoughts, nothing important. Just simple things like what to make for breakfast tomorrow, what outfit she would wear, how she would do her hair.


Her mind banished the thoughts as soon as she heard a loud boom from outside. She blinked before glancing towards the window. Tiny rivulets of water began to outline the outside of her bedroom window. Then, a flash of light appeared next to it followed with another loud boom.


Regina loved rain more than anything. It always calmed her, slowly numbing her mind from the stress of the day. She loved the sound it made when it padded against her window in a rhythmic tone; streaks of water dampening her window, creating their own pattern. Unrefined and wild.


She loved that about rain. The rain didn't have to take orders from others, or be told what to do with their life. They were rain, they were free. Free to rain on whoever, and whatever.


With that, she closed her eyes. Her mind went blank within minutes as she floated off to dreamland. A place where she was free to do whatever she pleased.

Regina awoke to cold fingers pressing into her arm along with warmth enveloping her body. Her mind was still hazy, but she tried her best to wake herself to figure out the sudden warmth she fell captive to. Her mind was becoming clearer as the seconds passed by. She finally opened her eyes, yet all she saw was darkness. It took her a while to figure out that it was still nighttime. Her senses were reacting to her surroundings finally and she heard sniffling under her covers.


The brunette was confused as to why she heard noises under her covers. Was there someone under there? She squinted to look next to her, but it was too dark to tell. Her mind was still too slow to figure out what was going on. She then moved her other hand that wasn't gripped harshly and dragged it across her covers next to her. It felt like a body.


Then it came to her, “(Name)?” Regina called out, confusion evident in her voice. Her voice was a bit hoarse from just waking up, but it was deep enough to startle (Name) next to her. The woman started to shiver before answering.


“Y-yes?” (Name) asked in a shaky voice. The rain pounded loudly on the window that Regina's thoughts became absorbed with the sound again. Then, she heard a whimper, which snapped her out of the trance.


The sound of thunder boom loudly, loud enough to even make Regina jump a bit. She heard a yelp and felt the cold fingers move away from her arm. (Name) shuffled closer to Regina's body and clutched her waist tightly. Tears were trailing down her cheeks. Teeth chattering, (Name) spoke. “I-I-I'm... s-s-o-rry.”


Regina was appalled by how broken (Name)'s voice sounded. She sounded scared---no, terrified. Regina connected the dots and figured that (Name) was in here because she was afraid of thunder. The older woman could understand how she could feel that way. Thunder was loud, sometimes extremely so.


“(Name) are you afraid of thunder?” It was silent, as (Name) did not reply for a while. Regina felt a squeeze of her waist, hearing the young woman choke back a sob “I.....Yes...I-I am.” It was silent after that, the only sound between them was the loud tapping of rain.


Regina could feel (Name) start squeezing her waist when the thunder clapped again“I'm sorry!” (Name) replied quickly as she started to release Regina's waist. The warmth around Regina started to slowly diminish and she found herself wanting to reclaim that warmth.


Regina moved the comforter over her head and scooted down the bed until she felt that she was exactly in front of (Name).


“Hey.” Regina whispered. (Name) heard Regina's voice right in front of her. She was about to get out of the bed before Regina grabbed her face and held her face gently in her hands. (Name) gaped, though not visible in the dark, Regina knew that (Name) was shocked by her sudden gesture.


“You know, it's alright to be afraid of things. Especially if that thing is thunder.” Regina soothed. She moved her thumbs upwards to remove the tears from (Name)'s cheeks. She then moved her hands to the back of the woman's head before pulling her to her chest.


“It doesn't make you weak if that's what you think.”


“But it does...I am weak...” (Name) whispered.


“Not to me.” Regina replied warmly.


(Name) was about to reply, but she was stunned into silence. Regina...sounded so sincere. It made (Name)'s heart pound. Her face became red at the former Queen's words. It was...flattering to hear. She had to admit that she loved it. It made her feel important.


“You think so?” She moved her hands with unease and placed them back at Regina's waist. Regina moved her head until she was near (Name)'s ear. “Of course I do.” She whispered into the younger woman's ear. Hot air from her mouth coiled at her ear, making (Name) shiver in delight. She enjoyed this proximity with the brunette. It was intimate and cozy. Perhaps Regina didn't see it that way, but (Name) surely did. She wouldn't mention it though in fear Regina would release her.


The rain started to become less violent and harsh, settling to a calm padding. (Name) inhaled a bit of Regina's scent, savoring it in her mind. She smelled sweet. She smelled of apples and cinnamon. (Name) smiled as the scent comforted her. Calming her nerves which allowed her to think more clearly.


“ still awake?”


“Yes. What is it?”


(Name) contemplated speaking at all. Her thoughts ran to an idea that popped up at the last minute. She wondered if this was the right time. Not only did she wondered if it was the right time, but was it right to tell her at all? It was difficult for her to decide, her mind was split. One part of her told her to let it go, then there was another part of her that wanted to tell Regina how (Name) felt. The part of her that didn't want to say anything was losing and eventually, (Name) made up her mind.


“How....How do you feel about me?” (Name) kept her voice steady, but still felt a twinge of panic. What if this was the wrong choice?


“Well, I think of you as a close friend.” Regina replied simply, yet there was uncertainty to her answer. It seemed as if she was befuddled on how to answer the question.


“T-That's it? That's what you think about me?” (Name)'s heart skipped a beat. Anxiety flared as a bead of sweat rolled down her forehead.


Regina swallowed deeply, “What is this about, (Name)?” There was silence after that. The air buzzed with unknown tension and rain. The rain was now a repetitive noise in the background and it was making Regina go mad, which she was not used to. Usually the rain would be relaxing to her, but at this point, it was infuriating.


“(Name).” Regina tried to get (Name) speak again. Hoping to get some sort of response out of her.


The younger woman huffed after Regina spoke. It was time to spit out the truth. No more hiding, just out with all of it.


“Regina....I like you. Like a lot. Like even more than a lot. I'm really sorry if this is too much.” (Name) breathed out. “I didn't mean to put this on you, but I can't hide it anymore. I really like you and I can't hide it! I can't! I refuse to...and...and it's fine if you don't feel the same way.” (Name) released her grip on Regina's waist before lifting the comforter covers. She shuffled over to the side of the bed before placing her feet on the carpet.


“I'll go, Okay? This may be too awkward for you now, so I think it's best I leave.” (Name) was about to stand up before she felt a warm hand on her wrist stop her. The hand was hesitant, but it reacted quickly and pulled (Name) back into the bed.


“Regina, wha--” She was cut off by a pair of warm lips that were pressed against hers sloppily. It was a wet and sloppy kiss that left (Name) dazed. Regina pulled away, “Did I get your lips? I'm sorry, it's really hard to see.”


(Name) giggled shakily, still trying to make sense of the situation. “Yeah, you did.” Regina released a nervous laugh as she pulled (Name) closer to her. It was silent and the only sound (Name) could hear was her own heartbeat. Her heart hammered in her chest and she wondered if she was having a heart attack. Her face was flushed and her eyes watered. This seemed like a dream to her.


Then, the brunette spoke, “Don't leave.” Regina leaned in to peck the younger woman's lips. “Okay? Please.” It was a simple request, but it was something (Name) took to heart.


“Of course. I won't leave Regina.”




“So...what...what do you feel for me?” (Name) asked.


Regina laughed softly, “I thought I just showed you how I felt.”


(Name) reached to squeeze Regina's hand. “Maybe I need a bit more confirmation.” Regina squeezed back before leaning forward once more and gently placed her lips onto (Name)'s. This kiss had more passion to it and just as much need. (Name) deepened the kiss, moaning slightly.


(Name) had never felt this way before. It was like a spark passed between them. And instead of coming and going, it kept building up. Creating more heat, more need, and more love. (Name)'s heart could almost explode in happiness.


Regina smiled into the kiss, feeling more relieved than ever. She placed her other hand around (Name)'s waist and brought her in even closer to the point where she could feel (Name) on her. Regina opened (Name)'s mouth with her tongue, which (Name) accepted into her mouth graciously, moaning deeply. The younger woman kissed with more vigor and decided to push Regina onto her back. Shortly releasing her mouth before reattaching it again for a few more seconds.


Regina pulled away, cheeks flush and eyes half-lidded. (Name) was smirking at this point, able to hear Regina's panting. “W-well, that was--”


“Amazing?” (Name) finished.


“Yes.” She breathed out. “So, was that enough confirmation for you?”


(Name) hummed to herself. “Hmm, not really. I think you need me more. I still don't believe you entirely.”


Regina smirked, “Yes, of course. How may I be able to show my love?”


“Oh, I think I have an idea.” And with that, (Name) closed the space between them.

'Astraphobia' Regina/Fem! Reader

Requested by: Mossfire25

Okay, so I don't know what's going on with my beta-reader, but she is ignoring me for some reason so I can't fix this fanfic up nicely. I'm so sorry if there are any mistakes, I really am! It's not my intention for this to happen, but it just did. So please bare with me as I try to find another beta-reader.




Who knew that a fear of thunder would be the reason for these two to get together. Weird right? I don't know, I've never written something so cheesy before. It makes me feel sort of accomplished. I don't know really. I like this. I sort of smiled when I wrote it. I feel as if it doesn't make any sense, and yeah, I know I've written romantic things in the past before, but....idk. This one is different in a way. I had to manipulate the situation a lot in this one. Regina also may be a bit OOC. I'm not sure.


Also, thank you guys for reading my stuff, it means a lot to me. I have been really busy lately so I haven't been able to post the things I wanted to, but I will soon. I mean it.




'Once Upon a Time'

'What You Don't Know Can Hurt You'


Halloween Special! (Not Canon to the Fanfic)


“This is Halloween, This is Halloween! Halloween! Halloween!” (Name) sang as she entered the sheriff station. She walked inside the office and sang even louder, catching the attention of the Sheriff himself and the Deputy.


“Boys and Girls of every age,


Wouldn't you like to see something strange?” (Name) she sang as she walked over to Emma. Emma was munching on a bear claw, a baffled expression was marring her face.


“Uh....” She trailed off as the younger woman sang loudly and spun around the room with a grin on her face. Graham turned to Emma with wide eyes. “Do you know...”


“No..” She replied. She didn't exactly understand what was going on, but it was entertaining and confusing at the same time.


“Come on guys, sing with me!” (Name) yelled.


Emma shook her head, “No.”


“Awww, but why?”


“I don't even know what you are doing.” (Name) gasped dramatically and spun over to Emma.


“You....don't...know?” Emma looked around nervously as (Name) moved closer to her. Way too close, Emma thought.


“...Not really.”


“It's Halloween tomorrow!” The younger woman grinned. Her eyes sparkled at the mention of the holiday. Emma came to a realization and smiled.


“Oh, I understand now.”


“Yep! I'm holding a party for it and everyone is invited. Including you Emma, which means you have to come. With a costume, and some sort of food or candy. Preferably candy.”


“What if I don't want to?” Emma smirked at the younger woman. The woman gave a fake look of sadness before perking up again.


“Who said you have a choice?” (Name) smirked. Graham snickered quietly to himself and shook his head. “You too, Graham!” He then sighed, now disappointed in himself for not staying quiet enough.

“Heyo!” (Name) announced as she entered the Diner. The place was practically empty except for Granny, Ruby, and Leroy.

“Hey, (Name) What's up?” Ruby asked with a smile as she cleaned the bar counter.


“Nothing much, what about you?”


“Oh, the usual. Just working.” She replied.


“Well, I have some important information for all of you, so listen up.” (Name) said seriously. Granny and Leroy looked up in unison, now just as serious.


“You are all invited to my Halloween party. Please bring the appropriate attire to wear and also bring food. Preferably candy. Do not be tardy.” (Name) warned gravely, then she giggled. Ruby laughed as well and Granny rolled her eyes then went back to looking at her check book.


“I will definitely be there. What time is it?”

“Oh, yeah... the time will be at 7:30.”


“Alright, (Name) see you soon.” Ruby said. (Name) nodded and looked over to Granny and Leroy because they hadn't said anything.


“I haven't heard you two say anything. So, how 'bout it? Wanna come to my Party?” Granny looked up once again and shrugged her shoulders. “I guess I will come along.” (Name) smiled, “And you?” She glanced over to Leroy.


“I don't know, maybe.” She shook her head.


“Good enough I guess. See you soon!” She said as she walked out of the Diner.

“You busy tomorrow?” She caught up to Archie as he was walking Pongo. He smiled and nodded.


“Alright, well you're invited to my Halloween Party tomorrow, please bring a costume to wear, and food. It's at 7:30, hopefully you can make it at that time.”


“Yes, I will definitely go. So, how is everything?”


“Everything is fine, work is alright and everyone here is friendly to me. I have no troubles at all.” (Name) replied.


“That's good, I was worried that this adjustment would be too much for you. Now I know it's going well.” Archie said. Pongo came up to (Name) and sniffed her pant-leg and she grinned at the dog.


“You're coming too, aren't you boy?” She knelt down to pet him and his tail wagged happily.


“I knew it. You better wear a costume too! I expect you not to be tardy, Pongo.” The dog tilted his head to the side, not really understanding what she was saying, but took her petting as a good sign. He moved his head over and nestled his wet nose to her cheek. She giggled before standing up.


“Alright, Archie, see you tomorrow.” (Name) walked off and waved to both Pongo and Archie.


“Now, let's see who else can go.”

(Name) walked inside the hospital and looked around. She did not come here often, so her sense of direction was a bit off. She walked up to the desk clerk.


“Hey, is Dr. Whale here?” (Name) asked politely.


“Yes, he is, but he is busy with a patient at the moment. Would you like me to leave a message for him?” The desk clerk asked.


(Name) nodded, “Yeah, I would like that.”


“What would you like to tell him?”


“Hmm, tell him I'm holding a Halloween Party tomorrow at 7:30. He is invited and if he is to come, he needs a costume and some sort of food for everyone to eat.”


The desk clerk wrote everything she said down on a sticky note before looking up again, “And what's your name?”


“(First and Last Name)” The desk clerk nodded and wrote down her name quickly.


“Thank you.” (Name) said, before leaving the hospital.

“--And that's why you should come.” (Name) finished with a deep breath. It was extremely difficult to explain why Regina should come to the Halloween party, and now that she finished her little speech, she hoped it was enough.


Regina sat behind her desk, hands clasped together on her lap. She analyzed (Name's) reasons for her party. Pathetic reasons that had no meaning to her.


“No, I will not be attending.” (Name) kept herself from groaning.


“Why not?”


“I am not attending a party just for the sake of this holiday. I have more important things to do.” Regina replied..


“Can't you just...take a break?”




“Why not?”


Regina sighed deeply. This woman will be the end of her. Why did she hire her again? Oh yes, because she would not leave her alone. Just like now, (Name) would not leave Regina alone.


“I am a politician, which makes my job extremely important. I can't miss a day, or the work will pile high for me. You know that already.”


“Even if you are a politician, you still need to take a break. You can't always work!” Regina did not know how to retort to that. In a way, (Name) was right, everyone needs a break from time to time.


“Even if I would take off tomorrow. Why would I spend my free time at a party?” Now (Name) was stomped. She didn't know why she would, nor did she have a reason or explanation.“I....I thought that it would be nice...Just to have fun. Maybe you might enjoy your time there?” She sounded unsure as well as unconvincing. (Name) could tell she was not winning this argument and her proposition might as well crash and burn.


Regina hummed in thought. It was something to consider. She hasn't done anything interesting in her liferecently. She could go and have fun. A part of her wanted to have fun, which was strange. She stared at the paperwork on her desk, seeing it as just regular leasing papers and other unimportant things. Things that she could always do later.


She then sighed, now finally coming together with her decision. When Regina looked up again, she noticed that (Name) was a bit on edge as she waited for Regina's answer. She gave a small smile. It wasn't big enough to be noticed, but (Name) caught it and perked up.


“I will go.” (Name) was now beaming.




“Yes, seeing as I have nothing else I have to do tomorrow, I will attend.” Regina replied. She played it off as if she was bored, but she would be lying if she wasn't a bit excited to go to the Halloween party tomorrow.


“I'm glad that you decided to come. I hope to see you tomorrow, Regina.” And like that, she left. As the door closed, Regina sighed and leaned back into her chair. She mulled over actually going, but decided that she will attend. It would be a chance to do something other than work. A well deserved break, Regina thought to herself.

'No more gas in the rig

(Can't even get it started)

Nothing heard Nothing said

(Can't even speak about it)


All life on on my head

(Don't want to think about it)

Feels like I'm going insane, yeah'


(Name) was happy to see how many people made it to the party. It was surprising that almost the whole town made it. Luckily, she rented out the schools gym for this party or it wouldn't even happen. Now that the whole place was filled, it was time to make an announcement.


(Name) walked up the stairs to the small stage they had. Giving the signal to the stage director to turn on the spotlights, she then spoke.


“Welcome, everyone to my Halloween Party. I'm glad you all could make it. Hopefully, we are all having a....spooktacular time.” She paused to wink at her own corny joke. Some people laughed while others groaned.


“Anyways, there are some awesome refreshments on the table over there, brought to you by Archie the Spooky Cricket--”


“Actually, it's just Cricket.” Archie interrupted. (Name) glanced around nervously, then laughed it off.


“Yes, of course. Also, there is food and awesome music, so please enjoy yourselves! Have fun and don't scare anyone too badly. Boobye~!” (Name) walked off the stage, feeling accomplished in her corny jokes and announcements.


“(Name)!” A little voice screamed out from the loud crowd. Henry came running up to her, clad in a Captain America suit with Emma following closely behind him.


Emma was dressed up as Thor and looked quite nice in her little attire. Too nice, (Name) thought. She had to rip her eyes away from the outfit before she was caught staring.


“Hey, Henry. How are you?” (Name) asked.


“Awesome! This party is great. Though I do have one complaint...”


“Yeah, what's up?” She asked in confusion.


“There's not enough candy!” They both laughed, agreeing with each other. “Yeah, I asked everyone to bring something, sadly, they brought 'normal' food instead of candy. It's just a darn shame.”


“It is a nice party you have here, (Nickname). I'm surprised.” Emma complimented as she looked around.


“Surprised? Surprised that I'm popular enough to have so many people attend? Are you saying that I don't have any friends or something? Emma I am hurt.” (Name) exaggerated a bit. Emma rolled her eyes and punched (Name) on the arm.


“Ow, that hurt.” She held her arm tightly.


“Barely.” Emma muttered with a smirk.


“Well, I'm going to get some candy, be right back.” Henry said, as he sped off to the refreshment table.


“Henry, don't forget to bring me some too!” (Name) yelled after him. Emma laughed at the younger woman's childishness. It was cute and at that thought, Emma's heart fluttered.


'Calm down, Swan. She doesn't feel that way about you.'


“Something on your mind?” (Name) asked.


Emma was slightly surprised, was she that easy to read? She replied a bit too quickly, “I'm fine.”


“You sure?” The younger woman leaned in, looking at the blonde's face. It was quite dark inside the gym. It added a spooky effect to everything. Something that (Name) wanted for a Halloween party.


“Yeah.” The blonde became unnerved by the closeness of her friend. Feeling the body heat seep into her own was making Emma lose her self-control. “I'm going to get something to drink.”


“Alrighty, see you.” (Name) walked off to leave Emma to her drink. Emma sighed internally, a bit glad (Name) backed off. The blonde then walked off to find Henry, who happened to be gorging himself on the little candy that was at the refreshment table.


“You're going to get sick, you know.” Emma pointed out.


“I know, but mom doesn't allow me to eat any candy at home, so I'm taking the time now before it's too late.” He mentioned before shoving a tootsie roll in his mouth.


Emma giggled at the kid's behavior before moving forward and taking a lollipop and popping it into her mouth.

“Hey there, little red riding hood. You sure are looking good.” (Name) grinned mischievously. Ruby turned around, eyes flashing in amusement.


“Why thank you. And what are you supposed to be?”


“I'm supposed to be a skeleton, but I ran out of body paint so I went for a huntress. Well—undead huntress.”


“Ah” Ruby nodded. “Well, it's cute, so I guess your costume wasn't a complete fail.”


“Thanks. So, how is the party? Are you enjoying yourself?” (Name) asked, before leaning against the wall. “Yeah, it's great. I don't get to go to much parties...mostly because of granny. So, this is nice.” Ruby replied. “Glad you like it.” Ruby nodded before taking a sip of her green colored fruit punch.


“, I've been meaning to ask you something.” Ruby spoke up.




“What do you think of Emma? Like—what does she mean to you?” (Name) almost went wide-eyed by the question. It came out of no where. Which was surprising to say the least. (Name) stared at Ruby, and Ruby seemed a bit nervous under the woman's gaze.


“Oh, Emma? She's my friend. Well—best friend. I think of her as someone who I could trust... and well...”(Name) trailed off. She was about to add something else to her sentence, but felt that it was too personal to disclose.


Ruby nodded, taking it in. “That's...nice. I'm glad you think that way. It seems that Emma needs someone like you.”


“What do you mean?” The woman was confused at this point, not seeing the point of this conversation at all. She wondered why Ruby was curious of her relationship with Emma. It also brought to her mind that time with Regina. She was wondering about her relationship with Ruby, yet her mind dismissed her idea; seeing that the situations have no parallel now that she thought about it.


“Emma just seems like the type of person who is always alone. I don't know if she really likes being alone all the time, so by you being her friend kind of makes her not so alone. I don't know if I'm explaining this right at all.”


“No, no, you're fine. I understand. I was hoping I wasn't the only one who noticed this in Emma either. Thank you for bringing it up.”


“No problem.” It was silent between them after that. It wasn't awkward, just the two of them enjoying each others presence. Then, (Name) remembered that this was still a party and that she had somewhere to be.


“Well, it was nice speaking with you. I have to go check up on the other guest.” (Name) mentioned. Ruby smiled and nodded.


“Alright, see you.”

“How original.” (Name) laughed at Whale's outfit. He really didn't put much effort on his costume. It was just his regular getup. Nothing special really.


“I will tell you, it is very original.” He said with a smirk.


“Oh yes, definitely. My mistake. Dr....”


“Frankenstein.” He finished. He didn't really try to look like doctor Frankenstein, at least he could 'try' to put some effort. (Name) shrugged 'Whatever'


“Great.” Then, her eyes caught sight of Mary Margaret. She grinned, “Well, I gotta go. Please enjoy yourself. You know where the food is.” Then she walked off.


“Mary!” She yelled through the loud music. The woman turned her head in the direction of the voice, her face twisted in confusion.




“Yeah, yeah, it's me. Did you miss me?” (Name) ran over to her to hug the woman. She giggled and nodded.


“Yes, of course I have. How have you been?”


“I'm great and you?”


“I've...been well...alright.” She replied a bit unsure of herself.


“You seem unsure. know what still going on?” (Name) asked, trying to not be loud enough for everyone to hear. Since it was personal business.


“ is.” She sighed, looking exhausted by the topic. (Name) took this as a sign to talk about something else. She mentioned her new job, which Mary Margaret tried to discourage her from doing so, but then she backed off the subject. She found the job unsettling, but she agreed to support (Name) in her decision.


“This is a great party you have here. Is this music from 'The Rocky Picture Horror Show'?” (Name) nodded. At the moment 'The Time Warp' played on blast. It was a great song and the movie was awesome in (Name)'s opinion.


“You've seen it?” (Name) asked. It was sort of a dumb question since MM just recognized one of the songs. Then again, the song was kind of iconic.


“Yes, I have. It's a great film. I have it on a VHS.” (Name) rose an eyebrow.


“That's a bit dated don't you think?” Mary looked confused again.


“Not..really. Why?”


“Uhh...never mind. I forgot this was a small town.” (Name) sighed.


“I'm going to get a drink, see yah Mary.” She waved before disappearing in the crowd. (Name) walked over to the refreshment table, getting past all the bodies that were dancing or standing and chatting about. It made (Name) happy that she was able to throw such a big party. She was never successful in the past with these things. She was better at attending parties than throwing them. This time, she was succeeding. So far, all she saw was smiles which made her feel warm.


She made it to the refreshment table and grabbed a cup then walked over to the large cauldron and grabbed the ladle. She mixed the drink before ladling it into her cup. She then spun around, but gasped as she ran into a person; spilling her drink all over the person's costume.


“Oh, damn, I am so sorry!”


The person didn't reply, instead they lifted their head to glare at (Name). The person had brown hair that was covered in a small witches hat.


“Oh shit.” (Name) whispered as she noticed the person was her boss; Regina Mills. Regina was glaring, but then softened her glare as she noticed that it was (Name). She was almost unrecognizable. Her face was painted to resemble a skeleton. She was also dressed in a huntress outfit or something similar to that. It looked nice, Regina had to admit.


“I am really sorry, Madame. If you would come with me, the bathrooms here have towels.” (Name) had an apologetic look on her face. She probably ruined the woman's night by spilling green-colored fruit punch on her witch's outfit. The one night where she probably wasn't stressing about work and was more or so likely conversing with her son on equal terms without the stress of some book.


It was supposed to be a normal night and now (Name) ruined it. She sighed deeply. “Please, allow me to clean it.” She breathed out. Regina was startled by her tone. It sounded---well, she couldn't really describe how it sounded. All she knew was that it was sincere. Regina stared at the younger woman, brown eyes analyzing her expression. It was a bit hard to tell what she was thinking; the darkness of the room was preventing her from reading the younger woman. She sighed, giving up. She nodded and (Name) lead the way to the bathroom.


It was a bit far from the gym. They had to go down a couple hallways before reaching the school bathroom's. When they reached the inside, it was empty luckily. (Name) made her way to the clean towels that were laid out before the party. She picked one of them up and wet a corner of it under some warm water. She then walked over to Regina and lifted her hand.


“May I?” She asked permission to touch her. She didn't want to go past her boundaries. Regina was a woman who appreciated her personal space, but not so much of others. Especially when she's trying to intimidate them. Ignoring the intimidation part, (Name) cleared her mind, then looked Regina in the eyes.


Regina had to admit that she was baffled by the situation that she was in. It was unexpected; Unplanned; and dare she say uncomfortable. She didn't like being caught unawares. It was not her thing. She liked planning things, as well as knowing what to expect. This was not what she wanted. She did not want to be here. Yet, shedid at the same time.


Regina frowned before replying. “You may.” (Name) gulped inaudibly before pressing the towel on the top hem of the shirt near her breast. Why she had to spill there? Why? Why? Why? Why did the universe hate her?


(Name) was sweating buckets when she finally had to move onto the breast to clean the stain. She hoped Regina wasn't feeling as awkward as (Name) was right now. The wetness of the rag dried when she was halfway through the stain on half of Regina's breast. The walk to the sink was heavy for her and the walk back was extremely awkward. It was uncomfortable to walk back to this, knowing what she had to walk back to. (Name) did not know why she was reacting this way and she didn't like it.


The young woman tried to clear her mind as she moved lower under the swell of the Mayor's breast. Now the word breast was making (Name) flinch as she had to stare at it more. She felt weird for staring at it for so long, but she didn't know where else to put her eyes. She couldn't look at Regina's face while doing this, that would be....too much. She couldn't look at the wall or the ceiling because she needed to see exactly what she was doing.


She thought she was almost done when she noticed she got some fruit punch on Regina's skirt. She knelt down to wipe it off. It wasn't as bad as before because this time the stain was near Regina's inner thigh. Okay, that sounded pretty bad, but it was a smaller stain so (Name) didn't have to kneel long enough for her to feel awkward. As she lifted herself up she felt a weight lift off her shoulders and she breathed in deeply and relaxed.


Regina gave her an appreciative look. She wasn't expecting (Name) to completely clean off all the stains, but she did. For that, Regina was thankful. It wouldn't be such a trouble for her to wash it at home now.


The whole process was...again strange for her. The whole time the only thing she felt was the warmth of (Name)'s body heat transpiring into her own. Her rapid wipes across her breast were.... intimate. Regina didn't really want to think about how she felt when (Name) did that. It was personal, but it had to be done. She needed the stain off her outfit before it dried and (Name) volunteered to help. That's all. At least, that's what Regina forced herself to think.


“Thank you.”


“No problem. Let's head back, the parties coming to a close.”


“Yes, of course.” Regina followed behind the woman, making sure to keep her distance.


“Thank you all for coming to my party! I'm hoping you all had a good time?”


Everyone who was crowded around the stage yelled a 'yes' which made (Name) grin. She could spot out people individually in the crowd, seeing each one of their faces. All were smiles, which made (Name) feel accomplished.


“That's great! Sadly though, we can't have this party all night. We're closing up. I'm glad you all enjoyed yourselves. Hopefully, none of you overdosed on candy. And again, thank you for coming. Happy Halloween everyone!” The place eventually became empty as people bustled out of the school gym. (Name) sighed as she noticed the mess that was left by others that she would have to clean. She walked off the stage with a tired smile and started to clean.


“You think you're going to do this alone?” A voice spoke from behind her. (Name) turned around to find Emma, Archie, Ruby, Granny, and Graham standing behind her.


“Oh, so you're going to help?”


“Of course.” Emma said. “I wouldn't allow you to do this by yourself anyways.”


“Thank you. Where's Henry by the way?”


“Regina took him home. He's all partied out from the candy.” (Name) nodded.


“Alright then, let's get started! The school needs the gym by tomorrow so we have a lot to clean and not a lot of time. Graham and Archie, you'll take down the ceiling decorations. There's a ladder in the janitors closet down the hall. Granny, you'll take care of disposing any leftover food. Ruby, you can grab a mop and broom and bring them here so we can clean the floor. Emma, can you pop all the balloons and dispose of them please and then come back to help with the floor?” Everyone nodded and followed (Name)'s directions. When everyone dispersed, all there was left was Emma and (Name).


“That was a fine party you had.”


“Thank you. I'm glad you liked it.”


“Yeah, I forgot to tell you earlier..Happy Halloween.” Emma said with a smile before throwing a family sized pack of skittles (Name)'s way. She then stalked off to pop all the balloons in the room.


(Name) looked at the skittles in her hand with a grin. Her eyes a light with excitement as her mouth craved the sugary goodness.


“Yep, best Halloween party ever.” She mumbled to herself before popping a skittle into her mouth.


What You Don't Know Can Hurt You Halloween Special
 Author's note:


I am so tired I don't even think my brain works anymore at this point


Well, that was interesting. Sorry for this being so late. It was difficult to come up for an idea for this, but I got it though! (Sorry for all the mistakes by the way, I know this fanfic isn't as good as all my other ones and it probably doesn't make sense either, but I am really tired) Also I was listening to the Rocky Picture Horror Show soundtrack while writing this and Touch-A Touch-A Touch-A Touch Me popped up while I was writing the bathroom part. It was too much for me, I was laughing the whole time. :D So, yeah I hope you enjoy this. This whole piece of writing is all over the place but I had fun writing it.


I also couldn't go to the Halloween Costume party I was invited to for Halloween because I have Bronchitis sadly. It's been affecting me for the past week now so I've been coughing my lungs up every five minutes, so yeah that fun too. It's not really that bad, but I missed school which means I have a lot of homework to make up so if you don't see any fanfic's updated for a while you know why. Thank you for all your support! I love you all! Bye!


I would also like to thank “DA DEATHBRINGER Nah I'm Kiera” for giving me this idea for the holiday special! Thank you very much, dear! You are fantastic!

 Disclaimer: Picture not mine. Here:…


'Once Upon a Time”


'What You Don't Know Can Hurt You'


Chapter 8: Truth & Lies


Regina picked a simple place to eat at. Granny's Diner. With (Name) closely behind her, she opened the glass door and stepped inside. The familiar chime of the bell from above the door alerted everyone inside that someone has arrived. Everyone stopped what they were doing before and stared at the doorway. It was deadly silent in the diner as the presence of the Mayor filled the room. The cozy interior of the diner soon turned icy.


Regina smirked at this; reveling in the tense atmosphere. They feared her, good. She enjoyed their fear. She moved to the closest booth and sat down. (Name) sat across from her. Not soon after, Ruby came by to take their orders. She appeared tense, (Name) looked around worriedly.


“I'll take the caesar salad and a glass of water.” Regina said. Ruby nodded, writing down the order quickly before moving on to the woman sitting across Regina. (Name) glanced at Ruby and flashed a smile. She returned the smile, her eyes glinted at her warmly. Regina watched the exchanged between them and felt oddly annoyed. She rolled her eyes at the two woman.


“I'll have a burger with American cheese, tomato and lettuce. Oh, I also want it well done. Coke on the side please.” Ruby grinned at the large order, “Alright then, I'll be back shortly with your drinks.”


“Thank you, Ruby.”


After Ruby left, there was an awkward silence between (Name) and Regina. (Name) stared at her nails and started to pick at them. She wanted to play with her phone, but she felt that would offend Regina. She did not want to offend Regina, because—well Regina's scary. Frankly, no one wants to displease her in anyway, so she wasn't alone.


“Seems you know Miss Lucas quite well.” Regina brought up. (Name)'s eyes flickered over the brunette in confusion. Regina's features remained neutral, but her tone had a sharp edge to it. She sounded irritated.


“Yes, she's my friend.”


“How long have you and Miss Lucas been friends?” (Name) rose an eyebrow, staring at the Mayor directly now.


“I don't know, quite some time now. Why do you ask?”


“You work for me, Miss (Name). I need to have some background on my employees, do I not?” Regina's answer was simple, but (Name) couldn't help but feel there was more to it.


“I guess.” Ruby then came around with the drinks and placed them on the table. “Here are your drinks, ladies.” The Mayor didn't even acknowledge Ruby placing her drink down next to her while (Name) nodded and popped a straw into her soda. “Your food will be ready soon.”


Ruby left and (Name) decided to take a sip from her soda. The familiar burn of carbonation filled her mouth as the amber liquid slid down her throat with ease. Regina made a move to grab her water; she lifted the cup to her lips and drank the cold liquid. (Name) watched as she did. She didn't know why she was watching, but something about watching Regina drink something was...riveting? Was that the correct term for it? (Name) had no idea, but she enjoyed observing. Just something about it made Regina seem less robotic to her. It made her remember that she was human and not some cold dictator.


“Are you done staring?” Regina asked, yet there was no irritation hinted in her voice. If anything, (Name) was sure she heard Regina's voice dropped an octave and was filled with amusement, which (Name) couldn't understand why. (Name) rubbed her hands together sheepishly, her eyes flickering everywhere else, but at Regina. She quickly apologized for staring, now knowing that it was probably uncomfortable for Regina. Her attention then averted to her soda. She took a large gulp of her beverage. Then, Ruby came around again with the food in her hand. She set them down on the table, smiled then walked away.


The two women ate in silence. Every now and then, (Name) would glance up from her food to look at Regina. She ate with proper manners. Not messily like (Name) did. (Name) then looked at the burger in her hands and regretted ordering it because she felt like a slob compared to Regina. She groaned internally and continued to eat, but at a slower pace. She felt the need to say something. Just small talk, nothing fancy, but she really did not know what to say. She didn't want to overstep her boundaries, but she also wanted to get to know Regina as well.


(Name) took another bite of her cheese burger and cringed slightly as she felt the juices from the burger and tomato stream down her fingers. Not what she was aiming for. (Name) chewed slowly then reached over to her side to grab a napkin. Doing this made her feel self conscious; Regina was probably laughing at her internally at her messiness. (Name) decided to look up. Surprisingly, she found Regina's gaze was directed to Ruby; who happened to be across the room. The brunette was glaring at the woman. For what reason, (Name) did not know.


Then, (Name) decided to speak up, “So, Madam Mayor...what do you like to do for fun?” (Name) cringed at her own question. It sounded like a desperate attempt to gather a conversation, but she hoped Regina didn't catch on. She also hoped Regina didn't think of her as nosy. That would be bad.


Regina stopped eating, then stared at the woman with a strange glint in her eyes. (Name) gulped, now nervous. Regina put her fork down next to her plate and her cunning eyes stared at (Name) with a calculating gaze.


“That's a peculiar question, don't you think? Why are you interested in what I do, Miss (Name)?” Regina noticed the woman shiver and she smirked. She was enjoying herself, finally.


“I—well---Why not? I know nothing about you. I was hoping I'd get a chance to.... get to know you?” She sounded uncertain which she was not aiming for. She wanted to be more assertive, but she did not want to lose her chance of getting to know the mysterious woman in front of her. Everything she knew about the woman was based on speculation and how she interacted with others. For all (Name) knew, it could all just be an act.


Regina was now entertained by (Name)'s answer. She wanted to get to know her? She's never heard that before. Everyone else usually minded their own business, never trying to 'get to know her'. It was new to hear, but she wanted to indulge Miss (Name). Not too much, just a bit.


“What I do for fun is my business. You wish to get to know me, Miss (Name)? Then, go ahead ask away and I'll answer to the best of my ability.” Regina picked up her water and took a sip, her eyes never left (Name)'s slightly shaking form. She watched as she gulped down her own panic and then opened her mouth to ask a question.


“Alright then. Before you we're Mayor of Storybrooke, what did you do?” Regina mulled over the question. She was thinking of a correct way to answer without revealing who she was. Instead of saying anything resembling who she was, she lied. She lied straight through her teeth and said she's had this job for quite some time. Before that, she was studying away at a University out of state.


“What did you study?” (Name) asked, now interested. Regina was thinking over things that seemed normal for a political figure to be studying at University. Her choices were narrowed, but she picked the ones that should suitable for her standards.


“Economics, Environmental Management, and some Basic Finances.” Her reply was simple, yet (Name) seemed to be in awe. Regina's more intelligent than she originally expected.


“That sounds interesting, sadly I'm not as fascinating as you. I took easy courses to get through college as quickly as I could.” She grinned at her old self signing up for classes. She remembered complaining about going through more years of schooling and how she was not going to do it. She ended up doing it anyways, but she picked easy classes and then a few classes she had interest in.


“Oh, really? What did you take?” Her curiosity was also peaked. The woman in front of her seemed clever enough, it was a surprise to hear that she took simple classes instead of the advanced.


She was taken a back by her sudden interest, as she never expected Regina to be interested in her at all. “I took the basics, y'know, and I also took a few I liked like Graphic design and an English Literature class for my first two years and then I focused mostly on art for my major for the rest of college.”


“I never knew you were into art.”


(Name) smirked, “Well, there's a lot of things you don't know about me, Madame.” The conversation continued and then eventually melded into something else. (Name) had gotten a chance to get to know the brunette more, yet she felt like she was also holding back as well. Regina gave enough information that they were both pleased with. Regina was glad that (Name) had not been able to catch onto the lies that she fed. She was doing quite well lying to her assistant. She always had in mind that the less she knows, the better.

(Name) was downstairs speaking with the receptionist about a list of papers that needed to be sent to the sheriff station. The papers were records of citizens and their updated criminal records. They were recently updated and needed to be filed away.


“Can you do that for me? The Mayor needs it done, pronto.” The woman was in the middle of packing away her things for the day when (Name) asked her to attend to her request. She stopped and stared at the woman in front of her. (Name) noticed the woman was biting her lip nervously and sighed.


“Are you too busy to do that?” She asked the blonde.


The woman nodded, “I need to take my child to a doctor's appointment. I'm so sorry.” (Name) held up her hand, as if to tell her not to apologize. “It's fine, I get it. You gotta do what you gotta do. I'll send it off myself.”


The woman looked shocked, “Are you sure?”


(Name) nodded and told her to leave before she was late for the appointment. The woman looked relieved and thanked her and then scuttled away. (Name) swerved her head and glanced at the clock on the wall next to her. It was 4:30 pm. Her shift was almost over and she was about ready to leave this place. Except she needed to get these papers out of the way. So, instead of heading upstairs to Regina's office, she called her and asked permission to leave. Regina sounded agitated at her short notice, but (Name) explained to her of her reasoning.


She was then given the okay to leave and she headed straight to her destination. The drive there was uneventful and when she made it to the station, she felt a bit odd. She did not know why, but she did. As she entered the station she was greeted by the sight of Emma sitting at a desk while Graham was looking through some papers. They both looked up in unison at (Name)'s arrival and she waved the papers in front of her face. She walked towards Graham and handed the papers to him.


“Regina wants you to file these right away.” He nodded and went away into a back room. Leaving (Name) and Emma alone.


“Well, you look nice.” Emma complimented, her eyes leering at the gray dress she wore. Her dress clung close to her body, leaving nothing to the imagination. Emma's mouth felt dry at the sight.


“Why thank you, Emma. You look nice as well.” She grinned at the blonde. Noticing that Emma was wearing the same red leather jacket she always wore and tight-fitting jeans and white wife beater. Emma shrugged and laughed.


“Was that sarcasm?”


“Perhaps. Hmm, not really. You do look nice.” She smirked, rhen, Graham came from the back and nodded. (Name) took that as a sign to leave and spun on her heel and was about to leave until Graham spoke up.


“So, how are you settling in?” He asked abruptly. (Name) turned around, confusion written on her face. “Um, alright, I think. Why are you asking this all of a sudden?” Graham rubbed the back of his head sheepishly, mumbling something under his breath.


“I was too busy to ask before...I've been meaning to ask for a while though.” (Name) laughed at the way he was acting and found it kind of endearing. She decided to humor him.


“Well, thank you for asking Graham. This town has welcomed me with open arms and I am glad for that. I like it here a lot, I do plan to stay for some time.”


“Some time?” Emma repeated, she stood up from her comfortable spot at her desk.


“Oh, yeah I forgot to tell you, Emma. I'm not planning on staying here for long.” (Name) gave an apologetic smile, feeling a twinge of guilt that she was going to leave her friend soon. Graham gave a look of surprise, he opened his mouth to say something, but nothing came out. All there was in the small station was silence.


Emma was not one to show her feelings often and this was one of those times where she steeled herself. On the outside she looked passive, but on the inside she was upset, enraged, and maybe even a bit sad.


Her friend, who she grew to love with no trouble at all, was going to leave her. Emma clenched her fists to hold back from showing any emotion.


“I didn't say when I was leaving.” The young woman said, trying to break the uncomfortable silence.


“Well, when are you leaving?” Graham asked.


“I don't really know. Not anytime soon, so don't worry.” (Name) looked over towards the blonde, giving her a worried expression before walking over to her.


“Okay?” The younger woman asked the blonde. She tilted her head to the side before lifting her hands up to touch the taller woman's shoulders.


“Emma..” Emma startled back to reality, finally noticing (Name) in front of her, eyeing her with concern. Emma swallowed harshly before nodding. (Name) smiled and said her goodbyes again, then left.


After the younger woman left, there was another awkward silence that settled over Emma and Graham. Emma was lost in thought and was moving on her own accord. She shuffled behind the desk and sat back down, a deep sigh was released from her mouth. Graham studied Emma's behavior, finding it curious that she was reacting in such a way.


Then, there was the ring of the telephone which snapped both of them out of their musings. Graham walked over to the phone and answered.




Where are you? I've been waiting for 30 minutes now.


To Be Continued!

What You Don't Know Can Hurt You Chapter 8
So sorry for the delay! I never meant for this chapter to come out so late. I've realized that my beta-reader is too busy to look over my work, and I didn't want to put off uploading this chapter another day because I need to upload other things as well. So I apologize for the mistakes. The better version of this chapter will be out around Sunday. Also, thank you all for your condolences and support. It has been extremely hard for me for the past couple of months and you are all so understanding. I am extremely grateful, so thank you. A million times thank you. :)

Chapter 7: What You Don't Know Can Hurt You Chapter 7
Chapter 9:
I haven't written a journal entry in a long time. I think it is time to do that. I have not been as active as I like. Many reasons which I plan not to go into, but I am going to bring in a few new things to make up for lost time. So, yes, no worries. I will be updating certain series and I will add a few new one-shots. Thank you all for being so patient with me. :)


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